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Thursday, February 24, 2011

From The Trainer

Things are working their way around to 180 degrees of normal. If you are a small business person, you probably know that everything you have worked for is worthless. Home values are dropping harder than a January thermometer. Equipment is worth even less with everyone trying to dump unnecessary trucks and tractors on the market. Specialty equipment is worth even less than normal trucks and such. We have wasted our lives if we cannot return to some semblance of normalcy, a normalcy which is in direct conflict with the aims and goals of this administration. I can say that because I have looked for some reasonable cause for actions of the Democrats, especially Obama. Nothing they do makes sense unless one allows oneself the irrational, but obvious conclusion that our president really doesn't want the economy to recover if it means recovery without endorsing his socialist worldview.

To that end, we need to prepare. Read this from WRSA.


  1. Last week, I had to call in a plumbing contractor.These days I'm the maintenance supervisor for an island hotel in Florida. I had a leak somewhere in the main feeder lines coming to the buildings to the tune of 12k gal. per day. Could not locate said leak also at the same time the hotel was full up with guests. My six guys being too busy just putting out little brush fires. So call in the big boys... I had basically narrowed the search with stethiscope And shovel work and two days labor playing gopher. Had it narrowed to a 100ft. section. The contractor was there with one plumber and two helpers, taking him 12 hrs. to repair the problem. His cost in material was about $600 bucks and the bill was a total of $4250 ! Now I don't know but $300 bucks an hour was a little steep !
    Just an example that todays world is geared toward thievery at all levels private and public...

  2. Dem Union goals: Extortion.

    And Bill Ayers/ Saul Alinksy rules if the victim won't pay up front: Then Burn Baby Burn.

    Having never done anything constructive, they only know how to tear down. And they are doing it.


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