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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Fight Has Come To Me


I think we can all agree on the fact that America, as we have known it, is facing some drastic changes. I don't care if you are a wild-eyed leftist, that fact seems apparent. Now, for the leftist, the point is to force the change. This is their opportunity to destroy the capitalist class and establish socialist utopia in America. That's why Barack Obama jumped square in the middle of the Wisconsin fiasco, because he seeks this upheaval as a means to securing power and, more importantly, putting all of us capitalists in our place.

We are on the brink right now. The long march of the socialists has taken decades, perhaps a century. They have gained a lot ground, but without much resistance. Their plans and advancements were done in stealth, while waving the flag and chanting U.S.A. But, now they have dropped the pretense of a patriotic effort. FDR's talk of saving the union while instituting the seeds of socialism have been exposed. Crisis after crisis was used as a demonstration of the purpose of socialism, of the utility of it. The answer was always more power to the government and the people slowly lost faith in capitalism as a means to handle such emergencies.

That all changed in 2008. While the leftists want to continue the obfuscation of the issues and show us that socialism is the answer to the inequalities of capitalism, it is capitalism that is shining brighter. Socialism with its programs and enrollments and state control have proven to be no more equitable than capitalism was and much more restrictive and dangerous to liberty. Socialism is now being exposed as the cause of the new emergency and that is a real problem for the Utopians. Capitalism might have been blamed for economic emergencies, but America's experience with socialism is now the direct cause of the worst economic emergency in the nation's history (default).

The question before the people is how to respond to this emergency. Everyone seems to be taking different routes as they see fit for them and their own. The unions are solidifying their membership, consolidating gains and actively directing their efforts against the political winds that have blown against them. This is the battleground on which they have chosen to fight, right here and right now. They have dispatched the purple buses across the nation in an effort to create widespread chaos. They are flexing their muscles and expect the citizenry to cower in fear. Their method is simple: intimidation pure and clear. It is a thug tactic employed by thugs. It is mob rule. We resist it here and now or bow to it and inspire a thousand more events.

If your response is to hunker down, to protect your own, then so be it. If your response is to turn away, to not see what is apparent, then so be it. If your response is to send letters and e-mails to congressmen bucking them up for the fight ahead, then so be it. All of us must handle the situation in their own way, with their own tools and reliant upon their own conscience.

I prefer to engage whenever and wherever they appear. I will go out to fight them in the streets, in the parks, on the steps of the capitol, because I know that if I don't I will soon be fighting them on my lawn. The fight has come to me.

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  1. T.L. - you are correct, the fight has come to each of us on our home turf.

    Yesterday I drove to the NC Capital to confront SEIU membership who came to Raleigh to consolidate power in NC (through their agent State Employees Association of NC - SEIU/SEANC).

    We heard a statement of "solidarity" between public employee unions and the NAACP against private industry and capitalism. We heard the socialist mantra of social equality and social justice.

    Videos of the SEIU speakers are available on David's new site

    Article titles:

    Workers' Rights Are Human Rights

    North Carolina Is Out of Compliance with International Law

    Rev. Barber Outlines the People's Budget

    The Jasmine Revolution Comes to North Carolina


    Yesterday, 25 or so of us confronted this evil as the bulk of NC citizens continued their long nap.


  2. Government Employees are not a valid Special Interest Group.

    They are paid to serve us, and probably should refrain from voting, since that will lead to candidates promising raises to gov employees as an election tactic.

    Oh wait, the current president did just that.

    Lets try it a different way.

    They are paid to serve us, so they should work in our best interests, not theirs. Yet they demanded an exemption from ObamaCare, after using their GovEmployee Unions to force it into law...

    Yet again, there is a problem.

    Simple answer - No Unions for Government Employees.

  3. TL,

    Excellent post. I will like to it, as it is right in line with my thoughts today in my posting.

    Good job.

    I would say stay safe, but I won't. Instead I'll say "Stay effective".



  4. *I will it...*

  5. Thanks AP.
    Knight, the problem I have always had with public employee unions is that the people involved in the collective bargaining are not the ones required to pay the bill. The employees get what they want from their bosses who don't have to come up with the money. The people with the money, they don't get to sit at the table.

  6. If you are going to go out and confront don't forget that the pen (and video) is more powerful than the sword. Qik ( is a little app that allows you to stream real-time video from your phone. Capturing something interesting on your phone is no good if some thug smashes it before you get it uploaded, qik neatly solves that problem.

  7. Thanks, I thought about that while there and it would have been good to have looked into it before hand.

  8. I've got no use for socialism. But please don't talk to me about "capitalism shining brightly". Not after the last twenty years of it:
    - Almost every decent paying job in this country shipped overseas because of the imperatives of global capitalism.
    - Illegals let in by the tens of millions to do any formerly well paying job that they can't ship out for lower wages or cash. Again, capitalism at work.
    - The economy looted and left to crash by the capitalists, national and international, at the top, who walked off with all the cash, plus bailouts, and left the rest of us to discuss "shared sacrifice".

    I've got no use for socialism, but don't expect me to fight for capitalism. I'm not that much of a chump.

  9. Well, if you weren't wrong about almost everything you just said I might buy it. First of all, you have never been alive when capitalism existed, because since the early Teens it has been bastardized by the government.

    Next, good paying jobs going overseas should have been replaced by others keeping pace with technology, but you wouldn't understand that unless you realized that the government, via the EPA has destroyed many more jobs than it has shipped overseas, again, not the fault of capitalism.

    Bailouts were done by the government, how has that worked out? Capitalism is when these things fail and are allowed to, again government stepped in to bastardize the process.

    Now, let's talk.

  10. But, you have to be courageous enough to use your name.

  11. your website invites comments, gives those who comment the option of anonymity, and then you accuse me of cowardice when I exercise that option. Let's talk about that.

  12. It gives you the option of anonymity, it doesn't make you courageous to exercise it.

    If it bothers you pick a fake name. At least I don't have to keep calling you anonymous.

  13. baiting me accomplishes nothing. the issues I posted are real. goldman sachs and friends raped us, blackmailed the gov't into the bailouts, and walked with the loot. that's 1870's Robber Baron capitalism, 21st century update.
    Tech jobs, my ass. I'm one of tens of millions of guys of mine and my father's generation who made things, built things. those jobs are gone because they went to where people make .50/hr. capitalism. I and those like me are now entitled to the standard of living of a bangledeshi peasant. capitalism. nothing counts except higher stock prices. capitalism.

  14. That's nonsense. What do they make per hour in Bangladesh? Don't make foolish statements. The government never should have bailed any of those businesses out, that isn't capitalism. You can't use the excesses of socialist thoughts, Keynesian practices and then blame capitalism for it.

    Yes, the EPA is responsible for the lack of tech jobs, when was the last time a nuclear reactor was built in America? Why not? You mean nuclear technology is not a valuable commodity that cannot be transferred overseas?

    What about refineries, when was the last one of those built?

    What about the oil exploration? This may not be High Tech, but they are dependent upon technology and they are non-transferable oversears. Is that capitalism that has stopped these things? Nope, sorry.

    Where have these things gone? EPA. They are currently working on demolishing the

  15. The unions are directly responsible for many jobs fleeing this country.

  16. Government Regulations (see EPA) and Taxation(see Excise Tax, Employer Contributions)are what has cost this country it's JOBS. Anyone who can't see that is either Blind or STUPID!
    (or both)


    ya see it ain't hard to put your name(picture also follow link)on the line. it's time to stand or S.T.F.U.


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