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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Criminalization of Politics

The union thugs in Wisconsin are not there just on their own, they are the extension of the Obama Administration. This is the open declaration of hostility by the President of the United States against a duly elected government of a state. The President is already disobeying the courts on the drilling ban and the implementation of Obamacare. He is engaged in a legal war with Arizona, with Florida, with Louisiana and now Wisconsin. Before long he will have a chance to go to war with Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

How long will the American people tolerate this criminal behavior from the president? When does it go too far, even for Democrats? Are there no nation-loving Democrats left with the ethical obligation to call it for what it is, treason?

Look, terms like treason and war are not easy to speak in this nation, but are we all blind? Is it not obvious that after this president has taken the support of unions in his election as well as the opposition to the Tea Parties, who stood in the way of Obamacare, that he then funneled billions of taxpayer dollars into their accounts, paid off teacher's unions with stimulus dollars and then sided with the unions against the State of Wisconsin and against all of the citizens of that state who voted to install Republicans? If this isn't gang behavior, what is? This makes Nixon look like a doofus.

This is more important than just Wisconsin, this is the criminalization of politics. Is that what we want? Why not just get a bigger gang and overthrow the city, or state government? Tell me how this is different? Is this the sanctioned approach to politics now? Gangs? Thugs? We don't like a law we threaten to kill the governor? We pretend that there is a connection to Hitler and just do what? What are they proposing? Is the president complicit in these threats by backing those groups making the threats? Should we break some legs to get our political will done?

It is the responsibility of every able-bodied citizen to protest this in the greatest possible way. When the teachers unions stand in solidarity in your state, where will you be? I will be right across the line from those thugs. I will be prepared. I will be capable of self-defense and I will be there. I will not succumb to threats of violence, of the criminalization of my state. Will you?

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  1. I agree...
    Impeach the ba$tard!

  2. It seems there is little out of bounds action for the political spectrum right now. That means that the last line, that of political violence, is the final Rubicon to cross. We all know from past experience that the leftists have no problem crossing that line. We all know of incidences that have taken place in the past. I am speaking of organized, directed action at the behest of visible leaders.

    What then? How many hits do We the People "absorb" before???

    Forget 1984. It is 1934. Clear the streets, the SS marches.

    When they say never again, do they really mean it? Does it apply to us all? When is enough, enough?

    We are not there yet. But every morning I expect to see headlines announcing we are...

    When, not if

  3. "Without a rifle you are nothing, worthless, you are waiting for death, any minute, any second."
    -- Aron Bielski

  4. Well then.... Let us not procrastinate any further! There be Dragons ahead, shall we slay them?

  5. Linked and quoted.

    Good piece, TL.


  6. You can bet your sweet ass that obama is advising these clowns on "how to prevent a good crisis from going to waste" all the way....

  7. Thanks AP. Yeah, Blue, his fingerprints are all over these union thugs. I'm sick of it. I saw it in the beginning. My only hope is he suffers for it.

  8. Hey correct me if I am wrong but have we not been saying all along that we dont like a lot of the laws dont make us use our rifles to "fix" them?
    Lets not condem them for activity that we ourselves should have no problem with. Lets condem them for being leaches moochers and parasites demanding that others sacrafice for them to get more. I dont have a problem with them getting in the streets and protesting. I have a problem with THEM PERIOD! In fact I hope this spreads as it presents us with the opportunity to confront them head on and get this thing moving.


  9. Grenadier, the only difference I would say is that when a law is unconsitutional, it isn't just that we don't like it, it is because the Constitution doesn't allow such laws.

  10. We live in frightening times.

    Linked and quoted

  11. Another breach of the will of the people is Obama's NLRB in South Carolina against Boeing. Thousands of jobs will be lost if Obama and the NLRB gets their way.

    Good post T'L.

    Mike G.


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