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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Contemplating The Enormous Mess We're In

First of all, in case you haven't noticed, our Executive Branch is at war with several states and over different issues. The Executive Branch of government is at war with Arizona for having disobeyed the president's edict to allow illegal aliens free rein over the border. Whether in direct connection, or not, Arizona has been the main center for the Gunwalker Scandal where assault weapons have been walked across the border by the ATF (a government agency)to be sold to drug cartels. The Obama Administration is currently in contempt of court over the drilling ban it imposed in the Gulf of Mexico, in direct conflict with the federal judiciary. The Obama Administration is also in contempt of court over the recent ruling that found the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or Obamacare unconstitutional. The Obama Administration is also refusing to reveal information connected with TARP legislation and the Stimulus Bill.

That is all really nothing compared to the wholesale violations of the Constitution by the congress of the United States and the disastrous effect it is having on the American ethic of abiding by the rule of law. It is a suicide gesture. The federal government, in order to gain power and coin, has created mounds and mounds of bureaucracies to solve every problem of the American people, largely with no impact on the problem at all unless one considers (as the government often does) that the problem is really the liberty of the people. The deviations from the Constitution have led to a sense of lawlessness among the government that has not gone unnoticed by the general population, creating a strong sense that the laws are really subject only to the authority of the jungle. The people have watched as the congress has aided every bankrupt industry and banking institution and has left them to pick up the tab. Soon, when the people realize there is no surviving contract with the government, all bets are off. Those with the most guns and people willing to use them will set the new laws.

Economically, we are in a flat spin. It is all a lie. Nothing really has any value to it at all, nothing more than the daily portions consumed by the populace. Unemployment remains high and the government refuses to admit to the actual depth of the problem, but let me, as a small business owner, tell you the facts. No one is going to hire anyone in this economy. The price of labor is going up without the ability to offer higher wages to the workers to make up for the massively deflating value of the dollar as a result of the printing presses. The workers who are not working haven't had to work for a long time and are not motivated to take a lesser job for wages that would only mess up the social program calculations and leave them worse off than they are now. The prospect of Obamacare looming and the attendant economic uncertainties are driving the job-creators into a million corners, hoping to do more with less and hoping someone can stop the impending disaster from being enacted. Millions of jobs that could be added to the economy are resisted by policies championed by the liberals and especially the Obama Administration, jobs in the oil, coal and transportation industries.

Additionally, the entire concept of moral accountability for debt is a joke. There is no reliable ethics in banking at this point and no reason not to stiff the banks with obligations that cannot be met. They have profited from their own unethical lending practices and placed the weight of it all on the shoulders of the borrowers as if the banks hadn't committed fraud, perjury and forgery in the process. Even the most upright citizen cannot view their actions and maintain any sense of honor when dealing with them.

We don't really have an energy plan at all and never really have had one. I spent most of my life in and around the oil industry. But, here is the real problem: environmentalism. Look, no one wants bad air, polluted water or trash overflowing the landfills, but there is a trade off to be made that hasn't been made in decades and we are about to reap the disaster that looms because of it. Others have explained this better, but indulge me. First, coal is the answer, dirty or clean, we need it. More than half of our electric energy is supplied by coal alone. Second, we need natural gas, it is clean and abundant, but drilling rigs are the only way to tap into it and environmentalists hate nothing more than drilling. Even geothermal--a green energy source that actually does what a clean energy source should do, which is to reduce the demand on the electrical grid, reduce costs and operate at high efficiency--is detested by the greenies due to the fact that drilling is the best method to take advantage of geothermal forces. Third, we need oil and will for a long time. There is more oil in the United States than we need to be energy self-sufficient, but we can't do it without more drilling and a lot more refining capacity. Fourth, we need nuclear energy if for no other reason than to be able to take advantage of the large deposits of shale oil that requires a great deal of electric energy to produce. Finally, despite wasting billions on green energy there are a few reasons the current options will never be the answer to the energy question: 1) Both wind and solar rely on a decaying electric grid that is not capable of handling the current demand much less a massively increased demand; 2) The electric cars that would seem to answer the demand for oil would also require more electricity to be delivered across a vastly out-dated electric grid; 3)The unreliability of both solar and wind require that new power plants be built to supply the necessary backup power that can be called into service at a moments notice, but the environmentalist resist any and all traditional power plant construction as they pray to Gaia for "green" energy sources.

In the foreign affairs department we are witnessing the collapse of the world as we have known it for the past five decades. We are on the brink of a second crusade. Europe is slow to awake to the issue, but Britain's Cameron is finally shaking himself awake to the curse of multi-culturalism. There is nothing wrong with many different cultures co-existing as they have largely for hundreds of years in America, there is a problem, however, with keeping them from killing each other. There is a problem with allowing the outright antagonism of one culture for another and expecting them to peacefully co-exist. There is a reason the world has many times devolved into chaos and war, it is to sort out these issues of boundaries, of dominant cultures, of survival. We are entering a bloody phase when the West is forced to tell the Islamic East, NO! We have yet to try that answer and it will be an answer that will cause blood to be shed.

Domestic culture is also at risk. We don't even know who we are as Americans. The left is antagonistic toward anything traditionally American and are dedicated to the re-definition of America along their progressive lines. The right is diametrically opposed to this and seek a greater emphasis on the America of previous generations, when morality, ethics and the rule of law was much more prevalent. The right believes that the restrictions of the Constitution as amended was the key to the success of America and logically the answer to the failures of it. The battleground for all of this is in the public school system and in pop culture. Children are not being educated and it is well known by all. Teachers unions have a good deal to do with this, but again, environmentalism raises its head in this realm as well. The amount of disinformation and indoctrination going on in the public schools to accommodate an environmentalist agenda is displacing valuable teaching time, leaving children wholly unprepared for advancement. This devalues our citizenry on the world market and leads to greater unemployment and a widening skill gap.

On top of all of this, if the people step out to try an fix any of this they are immediately met with union supporters, who in many instances are themselves the direct beneficiaries of the offending programs. They are the employees of government agencies that are committing or responsible for the problems that exist and need to be rectified. Nothing could be more illustrative of this point than the direct and vociferous defense of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) by government employee labor unions, who then turned immediately around and demanded to be given a waiver that exempted them from the law.

There are many, many more issues at hand, but those are the ones that come immediately to mind that bring us to the point right now of considerable risk for the future of this nation. Even trying to grasp this much is a daunting task and worthy of contemplation. I leave you to it. 


  1. You are right on every thing in this posting, But most of the General Population will NOT wake up. Not till they go to turn on the lights and nothing happens, we are nearer to that point than even most of Tea Party Patriots, Campaign 4 Liberty, and even the 3per community realize.

    All WE can do is accept that we are gonna be in a fight and be prepared to win by whatever means necessary.



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