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Monday, February 21, 2011

A Betrayal of the Public Trust

Americans have, in the past, been rather cordial about their rights. They knew they were listed in the Bill of Rights and that if one were to run afoul of the law that one would be afforded certain rights during the process. It was a  sort of comfort blanket for the worst of times, but little else.

At different times in the history of the nation certain bills have been passed that went directly against the rights of the people. The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 come to mind. These Acts, primarily the Sedition Act, were used in the tumultuous times when fear of war with France was in the air to quell political opposition by either deporting vociferous opponents or incarcerating people like Benjamin Franklin Bache (Ben Franklin's grandson) for publishing unflattering articles about John Adams.

Economic turmoil and war hysteria have always served the oppressors well. Consider the Patriot Act in our own time and the Department of Homeland Security. As Rahm Emanuel so clearly iterated, no crisis should go to waste and it doesn't matter whether one is well-schooled in the Gramsci or Alinsky school, the results are the same. The very fact that the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security were products of the Bush Administration ensures us all that there is no politician or political party who are safe repositories for our rights.

Yet, there is one step further that one might take as a President that is beyond any other act or bureaucracy and that is direct confrontation with the people to deny them the benefits of their votes and actions of their elected officials. Barack Obama took that extra step out of contempt for the people and loyalty to his union base in Madison, Wisconsin. It is clear by the confessions of the Democratic National Committee and Organizing For America that Barack Obama himself sought to de-legitimize the duly elected representatives and governor of the state for no other apparent reason than to show solidarity with the unions to whom he has contributed greatly with tax dollars and to whom he owes a political debt.

I know that with the press in Obama's back pocket, with the absolute abdication of responsibility of the free press that this, while acknowledged, will never raise the alarms that it should. This is a betrayal of the public trust, a violation of Obama's oath of office, a hostile action of the federal authority against a state authority. By supporting the fugitive state senators through his own political organization and the actions Organizing For America took to inspire, enhance and facilitate the protest along with a failure of Obama to denounce the threats of violence against the governor and the Republican legislators attempting to do the people's business, Barack Obama has himself benefited from these threats of violence and should be rightly implicated in their issue.

In order to clear Barack Obama of complicity with these threats one would have to believe either that he doesn't know the tactics of unions to issue and even act upon these threats or that he was not a community organizer at a time when such tactics were used. He can deny neither. These actions are hostile to the peace of the union and border on treason.

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  1. Quoted and linked at

    So, when do the impeachments start?

    The core of this post ties in nicely to the attempt in Vermont to shutdown political criticism. Sound off when you see tyranny folks. It is our only chance.

  2. White House/DNC Disavow Involvement With WI Union Protests: Twitter Busts Them :)

  3. If you view this "Union Uprising" on a national level it shows the intent much clearer.. every state attempting to fix their economic wounds created by the Domestic Enemy, presently misrepresenting civil servants, is being targeted by these Unionist Domestics to prevent them from stopping the administrations attempts in destroying this nation financially.. the "collective bargaining" claim is a ruse and a misdirection.. they would do these illegal and corrupt deeds anyway to support the progressive marxist traitors presently infesting the people's houses. Its is my belief that this Unionist Uprising will progress to bloodletting which will give the domestics the reason they seek to declare martial law or some equally sinister act..
    We must always look at the actions of our domestics from the point of view that they want total control nationwide.. only then does the big picture show itself and make sense. Remember that Hitler used his brownshirts and the Obamunists have the Unions.

  4. I can think of no President in my life that has not committed treason while in office, and I've been around since 53.The last four having been the worst yet. Not that the current one is any better. I doubt that we will ever learn...


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