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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Tragedy As A Leftist Tool

To the left, every tragedy is an excuse, every life lost is a reason, every act of violence is justification for their constantly flawed ideology to pursue policies of restriction and oppression. Saturday's shooting is no different. They did not have the decency to let the flow of blood cease, before they began to profile the shooter as a disgruntled Tea Party conservative. They immediately landed upon the self-confession of the shooter as an Afghan veteran, though he was never admitted to the armed forces. They immediately highlighted the passionate and heartbroken statements of a father who had just (as he must have thought) lost his daughter and his blame for the Tea Party.

The Tea Party, to them, is code for conservative, for Christian, for gun rights activists, for Constitutionalists, all of whom they hold in absolute contempt as was demonstrated clearly by the leader of their party, Barack Obama, who defined these people as those who "cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them." Those are the words of division, of demonization. Time and time again, when his policies didn't work he blamed the people, the owners of businesses, for "wrecking" the economy by failing to hire, or failing to buy goods.

They push the fragile minds of supporters and opponents alike who take their words to heart and believe that there is an excuse to take physical action to obtain a political outcome. When Barack Obama also famously encouraged the Latino population to "punish its enemies and reward its friends." These are the words that set events in motion. These are the words that steer those barely capable of discerning right from wrong toward a pathway of action, rather than further intellectual discernment.

The words of division demonizing those who might be righteously penalized such as the rich, the Tea Party, the military veterans. It was not so long ago that Janet Napolitano named anyone resisting the TSA screenings as "domestic extremists" and labeling those who could be dangerous as those who believe in the sanctity of the Constitution, or military veterans.

Clearly this act was one of a mentally disturbed human being, whether right or left. His reasons and justifications are as confusing and indecipherable as anything could be. I could not, from his ramblings, exhort a point of view of any kind with any certainty. The fact is: nuts get guns, bombs, razors, knives, and when they do, they are capable of almost anything. Most actions of the mentally disturbed are horrific and nonsensical, but the delight with which the media first reported, without any substantiation AT ALL, that this individual was an Afghan veteran and by association probably a conservative gun nut with a Tea Party affiliation was disgusting and revealing of their intent to divide, demonize and ultimately regulate any and everything valuable to people who hold similar values and points of view. The fact that none of their speculation was true or accurate has not diminished their zeal for regulations that could effect their political enemies.

This should indicate to the general population that the government continues to target and demonize political opponents and that the news media is not to be trusted with any degree of credibility.

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  1. Yes, they never "Let A Crisis Go To Waste" when it comes to pushing their communist agenda.

  2. A lot of the Comments at MSN blame Sarah Palin and her "Lock and Load" statements, They readily forget Obama saying "If they Bring a Knife we Bring a Gun", kind of two faced as usual.
    There is some rumor about this nut being close to the American Renaissance Movement,a more or less Nationalist Organization, but like I said RUMOR.


  3. linked at

    They are lying to our face, and are expecting We the People to take this pablum hook line and sinker...Revolting.

  4. Linked and quoted at

    Mr. Davis, I always enjoy reading your articles. I'm learning a lot and that's saying something because you know the adage about old dogs and new tricks.


  5. The way this was immediately picked up, w/o any facts at all and used as a political weapon by the Left is almost as shocking as the actual shooting was. And in the end, it is likely to cause more, real world bloodshed than this one deranged individual could have ever achieved.
    If it were possible, I would deny that folks who would stoop to such were my countrymen.

    But in reality, they really AREN'T my countrymen.

    TL, check your email regarding your trip. Would love to host you on your way to or from DC (or both) & sent mail regarding same the other day.

  6. Unk, I think I got that and earlier and I had intended to contact you in the days to come.


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