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Friday, January 14, 2011

Surviving To Be A Survivor

It occurs to me that I have not made my case. I don't expect any man, or woman, to fight a battle I will not fight, or ask them to give of themselves in ways that I would not give of myself. The siege is not some plan to cash in on the patriot/Tea Party/912 action out there. I see it from a different perspective, one that suggests I have a hell of a lot more to lose and really nothing to gain. Nothing. Think about that. What could I possibly gain? I have spent thousands already. This was not an investment toward a bigger payday, it is lost, gone, never to be seen again. Any funds that come into Guardians goes right back out and about another thousand of my own dollars has to go along with it to make things work.

I am a small businessman. I am in a losing proposition all the way around. I know that. I am the sacrifice that must be made. My business now survives on the labor and money I put into it, too. It would not exist without both. Where do I get the money? From the jobs I do and the last of my retirement. I realized one day that if things are left to go along the way they have been there won't be any retirement, that nothing the government has promised will be true in another generation. Even your 401k's look like a big, fat juicy union bailout to the political class, who I believe intend to let this election idea run a few more laps before it is decided that elections don't matter, that there is no money left to divide and what was the point of elections in the first place, but to decide who got the money? Like most people, I feel that it is a done-deal, there is nowhere to go from here.

Here's the Sitrep: What finagling the politicians can do to keep the economic collapse a secret for a few more months, they will do. They will borrow and borrow to pay those they think they will need to defend them (the unions, police, fire, government workers, etc) until all of the money is gone. They will take whatever is in a bank account and confiscate gold and silver and guns. Okay, that might come with some sparks, but they are ready for that, they will wait until most of us are starved and could care less about money that is worthless.

Even if that doesn't happen, the Muslims will slowly integrate our society using our own Constitution as cover until it is obvious that two forms of laws cannot be maintained and the default will be the Muslims, because they are an oppressed minority. A lot of people will see it as deserving after the things we did to them after 9-11. (Arctic Patriot, these are not my desires, these are the facts as I see them) No more homosexuals, feminists, laws against beating women or raping girls. They will probably shoot all the current politicians for their role in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Mohammed will plant his crescent on the White House and all will be good.

Even if that doesn't happen, Russia, China and North Korea will take advantage of our debt to push through agreements in the U.N. that forfeit U.S. sovereignty and serve basically as a de facto occupation without the necessity of warfare.

Even if that doesn't happen, left to the current trend, America will cease as a functioning republic due to lack of a Constitutional basis. The poor and homeless will be encouraged to go get theirs from the rich and those who have homes. Chaos.

My pathetic attempt at reversing these trends by making the representatives aware of the people's hand and eye on their activities, to encourage them to do what they are otherwise incapable of doing, which is to fix some things and give us back some liberty, is at best just that, a pathetic attempt.

But, you understand what it means to give up on that option, don't you? Kerodin wrote a great post today on Restoration and Genocide. I feel the same as he does and about the same people. You realize where this all goes if I am wrong, if I am asking too much, if I am unreasonable, don't you?

Maybe there is no America, maybe, as BashingWilliam suggests, there hasn't been for a long time. So, where do you live? Are you just lost in a land apart from a rudderless nation slowly unraveling before your eyes? Are you hunkering down with your loved ones determined to see that they survive? For what? When you come out of your bunker, what do you see? Everyone is alive, you saved them all. Now what?

That's what I have been trying to figure out. I can save my business. I can save myself. I can save my family. I can make the poor bastard that comes for me pay with his life and the one after that and after that, but even if I wade through them all and they ultimately leave me alone, where am I? Have I gained liberty? Can I go back to running my business after that? What if I am the only one to survive with my family, will I have any chance out among those who failed, who gave in, who sided with the government? It's a gigantic loop of logic.

So I come back to this question: "If we do not stop it here and now and reverse the liberty-thieving practice of the politicians immediately and use Obamacare as a method of undoing legislation, then what is there left to live for?" I don't want to be alive in a gulag, a refugee camp, a labor camp or a re-education camp. I don't want to be a citizen of the United States of Soviet America.

I understand people don't want to go to DC. I understand that they think it is a waste of time. I understand that they don't think anything will change. I wonder if they realize what they are giving up. It is nothing but the very foundations of liberty, the greatest gift to Mankind. I find it difficult to believe that people are so dedicated to life and liberty and yet would just walk away, praying for a safe trip...but to where? This is the only nation built on the concept of individual liberty and value, everything else is collective. I just can't buy that it is too inconvenient to sustain it. I know it has all been stolen from us by politicians, I get that. Yes, they run everything. They can have us arrested. I just can't get it through my skull that liberty and justice isn't worth fighting for, because merely surviving to be a survivor without helping the system to survive is meaningless. At least to me.

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  1. Quoted and linked at

    I merged this with Radiowave's blog post at Guardians of Liberty.

    Take heart good Sir, you are never alone.

  2. Yes, you are not alone. Our forefathers lived the same dilemma and finally after exhausting every avenue, resolved that war was the only solution.

    We are in an even worse situation then they. Our financial system is bankrupt and corrupt as our political system is corrupt, rotten to the core. What will a march on Washington accomplish when viewed by deceitful, corrupt, thieves and vermin.

    I would agree with Bashing William. Our efforts are futile. Only our last efforts will be effective and then only to prolong our own lives and liberty at a cost so great, we as a nation, as a society my not survive it. Just my view.

  3. Then we'll die as FREE MEN, and not slaves....

  4. Right on. Linked and commented on @ AP.

    Time is short.

    Welcome to the insurgency.



  5. Aw, hell.
    If the situation is THAT bleak?
    (Which I kinda doubt, sounds like you are having one of those days that *I* also have often, but recover from.)
    Then, all I have to say is that none of us ever expected to live forever.

    Onward into the fray! I WELCOME it!

    (Of course, we all know the S is gonna HTF. I am of the opinion that WE will dictate our own levels of fatalism and appropriate response to that series of events. I think people will survive to build something great once again until a buncha morons come along and screw it up all over again. History shows that.)

    AW, screw it. People never learn...


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