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Monday, January 31, 2011

See Ya In The Gulag

Out in the world today there are indications that America is becoming the target. Every revolution is designed to be aggressively anti-American. We are the enemy whether we like it or not and it is obvious that our president will not protect us. Our government, even with newly installed representatives and senators, is unwilling to do the things that will keep us safe.

The government is not interested in the waves of drug dealers and terrorists coming across the southern border and when any of the states along that imaginary line have moved to stop the influx, they have been taken to court by the Obama Administration. Just to be fair, I think the Bush Administration would have done the same. There is a lack of willingness to obey the Constitution's requirement under Article IV, Section 4 to "...protect each of them [the states] from invasion; and on Application of the legislature [the state's?], or of the Executive [the state's?] (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence."

There is a lack of willingness of the congress to fulfill their obligation to hold their own members accountable for their oaths of office. When everyone is a criminal, who would call the police?

We have watched as the clouds have grown dark. We have heard the thunder roll across the land. We have witnessed the lightening strike with ferocious might. Yet, we remain immobile.

We have watched the Obama Administration take our money, the money of our grandchildren, and give it to their allies in the labor unions who protest against tax-paying citizens. They don't protest government action, they protest citizen groups. Are you listening? The Obama Administration takes money directly from your Social Security account (a debt your children will pay) and puts it in the hands of SEIU and AFL-CIO members like the AFGE (American Federation for Government Employees) through the stimulus bill. These same unions who protested citizens who disapproved of the proposed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) have taken stimulus money to do the protesting and have turned right around and asked for a waiver from the implementation of the act, all the while demanding more money from you for their pensions and salary increases.

Where is the outrage? This should have sparked an Egypt moment if anything would. I guess nothing will.

I don't know what it will take to motivate the average American to demand legitimate government, they don't seem to be interested in it. Right now, I don't expect an American to get out of the chair to vote, much less take a stance on the crucial issues of survival as a nation. Americans don't seem willing to do anything other than bitch about their condition to Hu Jintau, or whoever will run the place next. They are like renters watching the flood waters rise, not bothering to block the door jams or remove the furniture.

Look, I always knew there were speed bumps and spectators as I have termed the Americans who are more interested in episodes of Dancing With the Stars than the Star Spangled Banner, but I am beginning to question the existence of any other. I know there are a few, I have met some, but I wonder if there are anywhere near 3%. I doubt it.


  1. There is no practical bar to any action contemplated by the Government.

    In fact, it would not surprise me that a reaction by the few is planned so as to evoke even greater governmental excesses.

    Americans' ignorance of history will prove to be the undoing of most individuals.

    Those of us who are aware will be shot or otherwise eliminated.

    No worries, though -- after all, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, according to our Han bankers.

  2. As soon as they get rid of the dollar, they can impose the Chinese calendar.

  3. Oh well, always did like huntin an fishin more than anything else. Here soon I'll be doing it full time, along with tending a garden...

  4. The majority of the people I talk to don't really see any problem w/ the .gov. Nor do they seem to think that anything bad could happen here in the USA. Blinders.
    When Dancing with the stars goes off the air, the .gov checks bounce and food becomes short THEN people will wake up and it'll be damned unpleasant for us all. Unfortunately, when all that happens, most will call on the .gov to fix things. Again, damned unpleasant anyway you look at it. I'm with Spud & I'll be in the garden.

  5. I think some very good insite on the make up of popular uprising can shed some light on why no one is in the streets yet. Right now the Students and inner city poor have not been majorly affected by the current situation. Once the rise in food costs and college tuition bgin to really work on them we will see the rioting in the streets. The middle class in the US is just not into protesting. So far the government and the banksters have been very good at spreading the affect out across a larger target. No small group can be said to have received the greatest negetive impact of the collapse. This dilutes the response and prevents groups from forming around them.

    Now the question is do we wait for it to happen on its on or do we push the situation? Do we specifically disrupt a system that currently is in place to distribute that load. Do we produce a situation that will bring people out into the streets.


  6. Granadier, for my money that is the best action. The problems we have are systemic and the solutions are non-systemic. Somehow we have to get out of the mindset that this can all be fixed by the right representatives, or the right election. It is moving way too fast for a 2,4 or 6 year plan.

  7. T.L.
    Agreed we are not going to vote ourselves out of this.
    So lets do some war gaming keeping it hypo of course.



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