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Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday Was A Demonstration Of Obama's America

You will see no hand-wringing over the injustices done to the Tea Party, 912's and Second Amendment advocates over the past few days. Who would do that hand-wringing anyway? The media? The Democratic Party? They see nothing wrong with threatening the very lives of conservatives with their baseless charges of political violence as they almost encourage their supporters to demonize and trivialize the lives of conservatives.

Hypocritically they worry themselves sick about the violence that these groups might do to others, though there is no evidence that violence had ever been contemplated by such groups. In fact, in almost every case violence has only been done TO Tea Party and 912 groups while protesting government infringement of rights. Where is the hand-wringing on those occasions? Where are the news stories about the violent LEFT? Despite the many instances where Tea Party and 912 individual members or property have been assaulted, there is not one news story, or round table discussion concerning the violence of the left and the messages being sent by the lack of prosecutions.

This is something that has been wrong in America for a long time. The left-biased media is so intent on getting their way politically, they are so accustomed to monitoring the message and editing out anything that might support the right, or be sympathetic to a Tea Party group or individual that they do it without thought or contemplation. They have more than chosen sides, they have put into practice a soft approval of violence if done to the right people and wait breathlessly for some response.

You can hear them say, if you listen closely: Well, maybe now we can get some real gun control laws on the books. Maybe we can make this a showcase in what is wrong with Arizona's gun laws. The gurgling of blood from open wounds does not distract them from their political agenda. They are insensitive to the death all around them. They leap immediately in front of the camera to speculate on the type of Tea Party person this might have been. They want to know where the shooter got the gun, was it from a gun show? Even as victims clutch at their feet for help and First Aid, the liberal reporter is focused on the progress that can be made politically.

The Sheriff of Pima County should have been looking for some hole to crawl into because he had not provided security to a woman who had been threatened and approached by the same man since 2007, instead of promoting his political agenda of destroying the Tea Party. He should now be looking for that same hole when so much of the leftist ideology has been attributed to the killer, but he is unashamed because the message he is still trying to get out there is that the Tea Party is violent and it is only a matter of time before one of the creeps are guilty and why not just prosecute a few in the meantime?

The trouble is this ideology of destroying political opponents is not confined to the media, or to the idiot Sheriff of Pima County, but it goes all the way to the top. Where was the reverence for those killed by the Muslim Major Hasan? Thirteen people killed and not a moment of silence for them? Why? It is all too often the "who" that is killed and by "who" that rates a news story, or doesn't; that rates an investigation by law enforcement, or doesn't; that rates a moment of silence, or doesn't.

This is the political world of the left. It is ensured to turn hatred and retribution upon the conservatives and Tea Party members, while leaving the violence of the left out of the story. It is designed to silence opposition by leaving the avenues to physical harm open to their comrades on the left and discrediting the complaints on the right. It is an effective tool, one we saw employed remarkably during the 2008 election and the New Black Panthers standing outside the polling place. A case dropped by the Obama Administration, because they were allies. It is Barack Obama's America that we see on display from calling a cop doing his duty "stupid" because of his race and position, while taking the side of a professor who was clearly in the wrong, due to his race and position. It is the politics of division, of good and bad, of hatred and love, of worthy and unworthy and all at the subjective opinion of political operatives.


  1. Liberalism is a mental illness, Mr. Davis. Simple as that.

  2. My brother is a raving lefty and he is as crazy as anyone I know (we haven't spoken in over a year)

    I've had a lifetime to study up close and personal how wacky these people are. Everything is the fault of someone else and they live in constant chaos. I could write a book except he doesn't deserve the ink.

    I think you and Blue would make wonderful stand-in brothers for me...

    As Blue always says, "be safe"

  3. Excellent post, thanks to Adrienne for letting me know about it! I shared it at a political information page that I run on facebook & have added you to my blogroll at the Zilla blog.

    The left has been waging war against us and we've been losing because we are prone to turning the other cheek, we need to stop doing that and fight back before it is too late! We have a most powerful weapon in the truth, we need to use it to our full advantage.

  4. Adrienne, you are bringing tears to my old eyes....

    I agree with TL.... Proudly. :)


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