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Friday, January 7, 2011

Of Oaths and Loyalties

This website has been getting hit a lot by Federal Law enforcement of late. I understand their curiosity and interest and I certainly appreciate their visits. It gives me an opportunity to broach a subject long left unaddressed. We live in a republic based on laws that are reliable, not serving only the powerful or the corrupt, but the average citizen. That definition includes them as well. I know they feel more powerful than that, but they aren't. When the worm turns against them, all of the previous law enforcement experience will do them no good, except to help them accept their fate at the hands of a tyrannical government.

But, they have a choice. They can go along with this unconstitutional government right up to the end, when the government decides to cover their tracks by eliminating the stooges they used to do the dirty work, or they can embrace the legal and proper scope of the Constitution. When you have representatives of the people, who have sworn oaths to the Constitution bray and swear at the reading of it in public, spitting their disgust at the sound of it being read, you do not live in a Constitutional Republic as designed by the founders and I suppose you know that already. Don't you? That republic no longer exists and those who wield the power of it do so illegitimately as surely as if they walked into the station house and started barking orders to kill civilians. Would you stand up to that? I doubt it more and more everyday.

There is a moment to decide where one stands, behind the barricades of totalitarianism, or in front of the citizens one is sworn to protect. There is an oath and it doesn't mean much to people today. It means nothing to more than half of the civilian government. They are just words they hide behind when they commit their crimes against the people and the only thing that allows them to do it is the cowardice of the law enforcement personnel who tolerate it.

One might ask oneself a simple question: Which way should the guns be pointing? If in one's good conscious it should be at the shopkeepers, the day laborers and the nurses for seeking a peaceful change in their government and demanding that the law be followed and obeyed, then fine. No one can argue with a person's perspective and if that is what they believe, then by all means line up as many citizens as you care to and do with them what you want. They are willing victims to this madness for their failure to revolt.

But, if one sees oneself as a champion of legitimate government, of true representation and one who takes the contract with the people as legitimate, then some soul-searching should take place directly. We are moving past the point of decision. The leaders, the ones who have decided to turn their backs on everything lawful and right, are in control right now and they are giving you their orders. But, you are not a Nazi, you do not have to follow orders from people who show no regard for the oaths they have taken, or the loyalties they have sold for the comfort of power.

Ultimately though, you must ask yourself: At whose behest am I reading this blog and why? Is that freedom of speech? Is that freedom of expression? How long before I start enforcing Sharia law? These questions have probably already defined your patriotism, the validity of your oaths and your loyalty.


T.L. Davis
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  1. T.L.,

    You can count on me!!! I am behind you 100%

  2. Thanks, almost without being said.

  3. TL-

    Same here. LOTS of hits from LEO/DHS/DoD/DOJ, etc.

    Glad to see I'm not alone. Good company and all.

    Make your choice now, people. All of you.


  4. LOTS of hits from LEO/DHS/DoD/DOJ, etc.

    The cooks are taking the temperature of the boiling frog, er, citizen, and trying to figure how long they have before the lid from the pot blows clean off. I think they are telling the great chef to turn down the fire, but the powers that be keep turning up the outrage and try to contain the frog by piling bricks; ie "security" measures on the lid, adding to the goading of the citizen frog. Some, especially those in urban areas are used to being treated like livestock. Even though savagery lurks one meal under the citidiot facade. More worrying is the fly over types who have been pushed into a corner, mocked, stripped of their wealth and are getting REALLY tired of getting poked with the elitist stick. LEO's know this, they are concerned, rightly so. No one want's to chose between a pension and doing what is right. Especially if it is going to cost you your retirement. Note; the 40 somethings mundanes realize that we will not have the Social Security retirement or paychecks have been looted for since we were children. The First Kenyan and company has seen to putting a fork in the "lockbox". Needless to say we are not impressed by those who would put a pension before duty, God and country. But We the People are old fashioned like that. Hence the whole Constitutional "fetish".

    But if you choose not to decide Mr. Law Enforcement, you still have made a choice.

    Choose wisely.

    We will.

  5. Posted In Verbatim at

  6. Not a lot of hits at The Cliffs. I have really been slacking. I have remedied that with a link to yours and some thoughts of my own.

  7. Cross posted verbatim.

    TL, I am grateful for your efforts.

  8. I highly recommend Linking to the Cliffs of Insanity for the "Warning to Collectivists" article for any LEO out there, then before you interpret this as any kind of threat look back at Historical Facts. Then think. Now which way You Face is up to You. Difficult Decisions are to be made by all of US.


  9. If memory serves, T.L., you're a strong supporter of the federal War on Drugs. Would you care to tell us where the authority for that federal undertaking appears in the Constitution of the United States? Especially given that a federal ban on the manufacture, importation, and sale of alcoholic beverages required a Constitutional Amendment?

  10. A pension is worthless if you are not around to enjoy it.

  11. "The contract with the people." This supposes the existence of a contract. An aetherial "social contract" written with invisible ink, that nobody signed and nobody notarized. A "contract" that is somehow still whole when the other side grossly violates it. There is no social contract. I do not consent to the rule of State politicians. If I do not have the right to take money from my innocent neighbor at gunpoint, then I can't give that right to a politician. Neither can you. Neither can "we," which is just another way of saying "you and I."

  12. Good points made by all. I will snag that link. But Francis, I don't recall being a strong proponent of the War on Drugs since I have long struggled with that very concept. I am strongly against the use of drugs and the predatory nature of selling drugs to children before the age of consent as with many other things a child might not be allowed to do prior to a certain age. Age limits are certainly recognized in the Constitution based on the age limits required prior to service in the legislature.
    But, where I see drugs differently from other modes of expressing individual liberties is in their highly addictive nature. One decision, in some cases, is the last decision the individual is allowed to make, all subsequent decisions are made by the drug and the physiological need for it.
    If you would like to take me to task for my distaste for the drug trade, please do so via e-mail as it is much too complicated for the comment section of a blog. Then we can go on ad infinitum.
    But, I will say that I am distressed by the idea that these drugs and the decisions to use them are made illegal without basis in the Constitution. Given pure Constitutional principles and if asked, I would have to say that the War on Drugs is wrong, which is not to say that selling highly addictive drugs to irresponsible people who would either allow those same drugs to fall into the hands of children, or actively engage their children in its use is not the same thing.

  13. Rosenfeld, my recitation of "the contract" was the literal contract of the Constitution, not the social contract. But, your points are well made either way and for the same reasons. Our response to the broken contract is what matters here.

  14. Francis: I believe you are thinking of Irish Cicero, TL's co-blogger at Washington Reb.

  15. Found via Sipsey Street. Copied & reposted w/ credit given. Thanks!

  16. Thanks A&C, I appreciate the link.

  17. More than a few of us are playing our roles as "Citiots" and Grey Men. Good jobs for us are Bus Driver, Ambulance Man, Meter Reader, Cable Installer, Postal/package Delivery, these are jobs with a view. They are "essential" jobs in a free or a police society, with good mobility.

    At some point, people will come to the understanding that "owning" a unenforceable piece of paper or a bookkeeping entry with a bankrupt/corrupt/looted entity based in NYC/DC is not especially valuable. At that point, "early" withdrawal will be impossible, and "regular" distributions will be restricted in quantity and taxed as "excess wealth" to help with the redistribution plan and propping up .gov payments (likely through The Gold Man Sacks and Fourth Bank of the United States authorized by the Chinese-run International Monetary Fund enforced by the Army of the United Nations wearing Multi-Cam and enforcing Serbian
    ROE). Folks with private annuity checks on the way will be particularly squeezed during our near-term "mild inflation" even if "hyper-inflation" is somehow avoided.

    Owning a garage dental clinic or a trailer medical suite along with the ability to power and resupply it during a period of shortage will be very attractive to the right kind of medical personnel, even if you don't know them right now. Hospital auctions are where to get the gear for a heavy discount before it is shipped overseas.

    The 401K and IRA's have been liquidated, fines paid for not being old enough (40-sumthin'? You-all is skee-rood!). cue Olivia Newton John track "Physical" as background for discussing illusion/seizure economy and the best defense.

    I hope to support a security unit that will be respected by the locals, and is "defensive" in strategy, if not in tactics. If my supplies/sources are politically useful for me, my friends and family, all the better.

    I have never been released from my Oath to the US Constitution (renouncing Citizenship might be a release for otherwise un-obligated persons, but you have to live somewhere... and being named a traitor is not desirable anywhere among humanity), nor is there an expiration date before the grave.


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