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Friday, January 7, 2011

Now Is The Time For Action

The past few days of the new congress have been interesting to watch. We see the pieces moving to and fro, check and counter-check. We know who is against us, though it will take longer to see who is with us. All of the old forces reveal themselves in new clothes. Is that a hammer and sickle on Nancy's ring? They think it is safe to be anti-American, contemptuous of the Constitution. To them it is a ritual, a religion for which they know only revulsion. Has anyone bothered to ask from what do they draw their authority if the Constitution is outdated and largely irrelevant?

This is a dangerous time. The enemies of liberty and the constitution willingly flaunt their anti-American agenda from within the walls of power in the United States. Our elected officials mock us with their disdain for our values. I have heard things like the siege is a necessary fail. I cling to the hope that it is not while I prepare myself for the fact that it may be.

This is serious business. The rally to be held on 1/21 did not seem to fit the agenda. Initially, I thought it would be a good way to show our appreciation for the hard work people had done to get there. Then, I found myself spending an inordinate amount of time trying to organize it, get speakers for it, evaluate the attendance to it, until it became a distraction from the real agenda, which is to get into the halls of congress and let them know what we think about this anti-American strain of governance.

What became obvious to me was that the siege itself needed to be the focus of attention. That when other organizations came calling to help us they could see the siege for what it was, not the rally, which was largely irrelevant to the actions that need to be taken. I was confirmed in this thought by a frank discussion with a representative of nationally known political organization and another discussion with a large Tea Party/912 contingent.

Let us focus on the siege then. What started out as a good idea has since turned into an absolute necessity. This is a defining moment in our history and it may even take place before we can get there to ensure that it goes our way. But then, the worst that can happen is that we will have trusted allies beside us when actions need to be taken. Hopefully we will be joined in numbers by Tea Parties and 912 organizations, but if not, I will gladly take the few dedicated souls who show up over the thousands who have made mere promises.

Now is the time for action.

Graciously linked and quoted at Green Mountains Homesteading.

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  1. We will be there when and where you need us, TL.

    In this fight for the republic, we must all be flexible as events on the ground change, we must adapt and meet our enemies wherever they try to hide, no matter where they try to run.

    Thank you for having the courage to take point as we refuse to simply accept the chains they have polished for us, expecting us to be pleased by the shine!


  2. My worst fears are being realized. I can only hope that I am up to the task I have chosen and those with me deserve.

  3. Godspeed, TL.

    You, and all who stand against the tide, will pay a price.

    We are here. Your back is covered.


  4. T.L. I think you are up to the job, switching tactics before it even starts. Fluidity in battle!


  5. T.L.,

    Hell brother it sure would suck to die as an old man, having the little woman changing our dirty diapers.

    Stay the course, let me know if there is naything I can help you with for the Siege, banners, flyers what ever you might need help with.

  6. I am so very proud of all of you who are taking a stand! Our thoughts and prayers will be with you!

  7. Thank you all. It's not for nothing that Chicago gangsters surround this administration, union thugs and communists at every turn. It reveals the method of defense: in the street, with knives and clubs.

  8. Posted Verbatim at

    Guardians are the Force Recon.

    The agenda driven groups supporting American ideals are the troops.

    Guardians get them inside the wire, Congress creatures get to hear what they need to hear from the concerned citizens...

    Win/ Win for America!


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