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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last Stop on the Freedom Train

It is clear from the rhetoric coming out of Washington DC, by the liberals/socialists/communists, that they think the repeal of PPACA, or Obamacare is a waste of time, ridiculous, silly politics, etc. What does this mean? They are scared to death of it. It terrifies them. Why? Because they know that if this is repealed, it proves two things: 1) that the people can reverse bad law (a thing they desperately refuse to acknowledge); 2) it would establish the power of the people.

See, the battle being fought is not between Obama and the Republicans, it is being fought between the government and the people. If Obamacare is repealed, the people win, a thing NEITHER of the political parties want to happen. Trust me, this is about power and NO ONE will ever relinquish power willingly. Right now the people have the Republicans over the barrel and they know it, but they are looking for ways to get off the barrel, too. They want this repeal to be dealt with in the house, but they also want a brick wall between the repeal and the Senate.

Shortly, we will hear from the Republicans in the Senate trying to moderate expectations for a repeal, instead of pushing hard to get the votes for repeal. They would be talking about getting the bill to the President, rather than casting doubt on the outcome of any vote they might make. To them ALL it is a show, nothing more. Obama has even given his blessing to the House members to do what they have to, because he KNOWS that they are just doing what they have to after the election. The code: I'll let this mutiny go, but don't piss me off.

Right now, today, we need to be making phone calls to our senators, getting appointments to visit with them or their staff and discuss the repeal of Obamacre. The House will vote on January 12th to pass the bill on to the Senate. This is when we need to be in DC making sure that we control the message, which is: "Why won't the president do the will of the people?" "Why does the president resist the will of the people?" "Why is the president the president of NO?" "As a member of the Senate, we urge you to give the president the opportunity to act in concert with the will of the people, do not deny him that opportunity."

Please confirm your commitment to the siege. EMAIL me and let me know that you ARE coming. This is it. We need to know who is coming and who is not.

Let me lay this out for you. If you have read this far, you are somewhat committed to the idea of peaceful change, of a reassertion of the American people into politics, of a re-dedication to the Constitution. so let me explain something. THIS is the fight we have known was coming for a long time. There is no tomorrow on this deal. We either accept the power of the government, or we spend the rest of our lives returning this nation to the principles on which it was founded.

I know everyone thinks there will be a huge Constitutional challenge to the Second Amendment that will kick off the "put up or shut up" aspect to this engagement, but that is not true. Everything rides on this repeal. If this should become implemented, it will never be gotten rid of and we will, as a people, have been convinced that we belong to the state to do with us as they please. We will have simultaneously agreed to every egregious piece of legislation ever passed, or we will have proved that we can refute and repeal ANY legislation passed by any previous congress. It is ours to choose.

We have already seen what they have done to Fourth Amendment protections; what they have done to Second Amendment protections; what they have done to First Amendment protections. What more do we need to know? Never before have the people been this motivated to reinforce the Constitution. If Obamacare is allowed to stand, it will signify the worst defeat of the American people. It will take all of the momentum created by the Tea Party and dash it on the rocks of political reality. We need to alter political reality, not abide by it. This is the start of the repeal of every other right-restricting law, or the beginning of the end of liberty.

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  1. God Bless ya, TL for taking on this job. It would be nice to be able to meet you & all the others in DC but no can do. I have a little donation to Bill Nye going out in the mail tomorrow and will send a little your way to help with this project asap. I put up a post on my little site, too. Not many visitors, but who knows?

    Again, God bless & Be careful.

  2. All efforts are appreciated Unk, I will throw your site up on the GoL site as a supporter. Thank you. Are you anywhere along the path between Colorado and DC? Maybe I could stop on my way.

  3. Linked and posted verbatim at

    I will be introducing the Guardians of Liberty to the Vermont campaign for Liberty at their convention this weekend. Lets hope some of your readers can see the need to reach out and support this great step forward in asserting the right and responsibility of the citizen to be involved up close and personal in the political process. For too long We the People have been content to let these dogs lie. No longer...

  4. Impressive, Toaster, thanks. Brief me via e-mail when you can.

  5. I truly hope this is the Start maybe people have finally had enough. You have probably seen from BW's I can not make it no vaca left. I am truly sorry, if I had picked up on this earlier in the year I would be with you'all. I sent a little to one Bro next check your next!

    No joke man feel I really bad I know we need all the body's we can get! But I am spreading the word far and wide and will do what I can financially! You an Bw have my proxy you speak for me!


  6. TL, check your email for bsa 71 lightning AT hotmail reply.
    Love to have ya.

  7. "we will, as a people, have been convinced that we belong to the state to do with us as they please. "

    I agree with your article with the exception of this.

    If every person in this country voted me into slavery, I would resist.

    We will, as freedom loving patriots, be convinced that the will of the people does not matter to our government, and that we are indeed living under a tyranny worthy of active resistance. Sic Semper Tyrannis.

  8. That was the "or else" part of the article. I'll be honest with you and everyone else, it will never get that far for me. As they say, I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

  9. Crotalus (Dont Tread on Me)January 5, 2011 at 10:23 AM

    I think you're right, T.L. GMA just reported that the newly elected Republicans are scaling back (reneging, in my book) on their promises to cut back spending. Reminds me of when Clinton took office. After saying his "middle class tax cut" was non-negociable, he told us, with no repentance whatever, that he was going to raise our taxes. And he did.

    Democrats, Republicans... What's the diff, these days?


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