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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hate Mail, Exposure and the Price of Liberty

Hate mail, exposure and the price of liberty are what one considers before opening one's mouth in America today. There are vindictive little Internet squirrels who will ferret out every little flaw in your nature, where you live, how you live, where you shop. I am afraid of none of this. I am unafraid of the truth, or the lies. I am not perfect. I opened The Constitutionalist: Rights to Die For with a confession that I might be flawed, but that things need to be said and done. No matter what will be said about me through the siege, I can handle it.

All of this does is expose them as the sympathizers with our would-be rulers, the very cretins they claimed to be protesting against in times past. They are the willing Germans pointing out the Jews to the Nazis. They are the whisperers of Soviet Russia. They are the rats and snitches of any totalitarian system necessary to make societal compulsion successful. I do not feel lessened by being attacked by these, I am emboldened.

Here's what happens. Once a person realizes all the naked truth will come out, they become resigned to it in a peaceful way, a comforting way. I continue to rely on the people who have known me throughout my life, who know I would not lie, even when anyone else would and that no one would blame me for it. My wife knows not to ask the question about the dress and her rear-end. (She has nothing to worry about, but if it does, don't ask me!)

For the better portion of my life I have worked on political matters through one route or another. Some of what I had to say I said through novels. For some of it, I went about organizing a group. Mostly, I have failed to get what I have wanted, but I have been able to contribute to the debate in some important ways. But, there was a time when I wanted nothing to do with it, didn't understand it and didn't care.

My evolution came about through personal experience and reading books like the Gulag Archipelago, where the nature of the Internet squirrels was revealed to me for the first time. There is a connection between those who would expose even the slightest error for personal gain and those snitches in the gulag. That the Internet squirrels would do it for much less than survival, but because they are nothing less than small, vindictive, socially perverse rejects of a capitalist system only reduces their stature in my eyes.

This is the cover charge for politics in today's world. This is the sacred honor I have pledged to this cause. The treasure is wilting every day, which leaves only my life left to give. So, if they think they are going to frighten me away with exposure of things everyone in my circle of life already knows, understands and where necessary have forgiven, go right ahead.

I have never understood the perverse pleasure they get out of it though, of trying to tear someone down personally, criticizing every aspect of their nature. I would never consider doing such a thing to another in order, but then, I believe in freedom and privacy, they are not just catchphrases to get what I want. Were I as weak in thought, so otherwise talentless, I think I would prefer to go back to my job at Wendy's and not rock the boat for fear of being exposed as a hypocrite. Hypocrisy, however, has long been embraced by these people. Having given up on the moral fortitude it takes to be right and criticize wrong, they simply accept the moniker of hypocrite and let fly. This what has taught me that liberalism is the method of being a despicable human being while taking the moral high ground for recycling.


  1. Hi T.L.
    I am a relatively newcomer to your blog, and I have to say I am impressed with you. I do not always agree with you, (99% of the time I do). I share your disappointment at the "progressive's" inability to be "tolerant" of differing beliefs, while at the same time screaming for "tolerance" for theirs. I do not believe this will end well or peacefully (That should cement my place on the list). Keep trying to persuade them, but keep your powder dry.

  2. They're just the Internet version of the schoolyard bully or the teacher's pet tattletale. Simply "anonymous cowards" hiding behind their keyboards.
    Keep the faith, and keep posting!

  3. I've found the biggest, hardest talkers tend to be the biggest, fastest cowards.

    It's not even mildly interesting until they show up with sticks & stones...then it gets fun!

    Liberal garbage can't even ding the paint on a real Patriot. They envy your strength and are bewildered by a man of Principle.

    Invite them to the Siege!


  4. Any man who is not afraid to face a corrupt Govt has no fear of scared little internet squirrels. Squirrels act tough but always get scared and run,usually right before the tires of the car go thump thump on their head!


  5. Thank you all for your encouragement. You know that if I gave rat's ass I would not be worth the confidence you all have shown in me thus far.

    A million might stand against me, all that really matters is not how many stand with me, but the character of those who do. I take comfort in that.


    Welcome David, comment when you disagree too. I enjoy a debate as well as hear my own voice rattle. Sometimes I am convinced, but not by Internet squirrels.

  6. My take on it is if your being trolled, your winning the argument.

    Happy new year Sir. Batten down the hatches and stand the hell by... : )

  7. Keep it up. We're with you.

  8. Thanks. It is knowing it that is the comfort.


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