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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Big Fed Chill

If you want to know what oppression looks like, you need to look no further. The situation with TJIC, well known by now, is just one. The accumulative effects of having every website this one is connected to being hit by FedGov for the past two weeks is another. I have gotten independent sources inside the federal government telling me that they have received from their bosses warnings about the siege and many of these employees have hit the website and gone to others from there.

I am not saying that they had no right to hit the site, when you put something out on the web, it is for anyone to see, but the chilling effect of getting so many hits from the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the DEA, the DOI, for heaven's sake means something, it is the tangible effect of chilling free speech. In reality, how many of you, the readers of this blog, have tempered your speech since knowing that the feds are hitting my site with the frequency that they have in the past few weeks? How many of you are more unnerved by the fact that it didn't slacken in the past few days, but intensified? I am right now getting more than a thousand hits a day by FedGov.

I want the truth here, because it makes a point about the conditions of liberty under which we survive at this moment.  

Now, I am not going to lay the blame for what looks to be a miserable turn out on just this aspect alone, but it had to play some part in it. Sure, the weather, the time of year, the fact that no one seems to realize without forcing a vote in the Senate, Obamacare will be fully implemented barring only Supreme Court ruling.

The fact is, BashingWilliam was right, there is no America if no one is willing to stand up for it when it needs us the most. Now, don't get me wrong, I lay a lot of blame for whatever is going to happen on the 24th square on my own shoulders. I am not the leader I should be, or would like to be. I am a leader only of men and women already decided to do what they think is important. I am not a cheerleader, or a swashbuckling hero, I am just a guy with an idea that seemed to make sense some time ago, but now just looks like a money pit into which I threw my last buck.

I blame no one. I do, however, recognize much more about my fellow citizens about whom it pains me to know so much.


  1. TPTB are the ones who fear, they realize that a judgment-day is fast approaching and their crimes are many. That is the why as to so many hits from the Federalies. People have spoken at the Polls and made Two of the Biggest Changes in American Political History, 2 Cycles in a Row. First by misguidedly electing B.O. and a democratic majority in both the House and Senate because of legislation such as the Patriot Act and the creation of the D.H.S. and TARP One. And then We changed course again when We saw what the Dem's and B.O. where doing with TARP Two and the Stimulus Bill, H.C.Reform and the almost passed Disclose Act. Enlarging and Strengthening Government Power, Instead of the "Change" we wanted, a change back to what our founders intended for U.S. to be a country of Free men and women, not a people under the control of a Tyrannical Master/Keeper.

    Many of these DHS,DOJ,DOI,etc will be out of jobs with a smaller less controlling Government they will become surplus employees and set out in a very competitive job market in which they basically have No Skills to sell. And if they can find jobs it will not have anywhere near the benefits that they have enjoyed up till now. So yes, of course they watch with fear.

    And as far as your worries about a lousy turn out please keep in mind that you are not alone that many people have and continue to keep in contact their represinatives in D.C. and various State Capitols around the country and there Is Action Everywhere even if we don't always see it,or even know about it.


  2. Points well made, Dennis. I fear only that time and action are factors and regardless of Guardians of Liberty, it is a win for the forces that be, who have suffered many defeats. I hate to hand them the win, I guess.

  3. To the individuals who make up the federal government's enforcement arm:
    If you employ various indirect methods (hundreds or thousands of hits on a website like this one), or by more direct methods (IRS audits, pressuring banks to call in loans, and the like), or by the most direct physical methods, which I assume might happen below the radar for now (unless I have been reading too many Robert Ludlum novels)-- what makes you think the same thing couldn't happen to you, or your son, or your grandkids, or someone you care about if they do something to piss off the federal government?
    What then, really, differentiates you from the secret police of the eastern bloc that we grew up hearing about?

  4. Quoted and cross posted.
    Godspeed, TL.

  5. Activity at my place has slackened. I must be not doing half as good as you. ;-)

    I'm not shutting up though, neither should anyone.

    BashingWilliam was right in a way, America WILL BE dead if we all slink off to our holes and shut up to save our skins.

    But for now, America dead?


    This fight isn't over yet.




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