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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Being A Dessert Does Not Mean One Won't Be Eaten

I know it is difficult, from the comfort of your recliner, to realize that the cold outside is still warmer than death itself. Death in this instance is the death of liberty, of your life as a citizen in a free society. Freedom, the very word, has been stretched to breaking. It is holding as much oppression as it can and still carry the weight of the letters themselves. Beyond this, there is no word for what we might experience if we want to call it freedom, because we cannot.

Here is the moment that so many others have known. As your mind is allowed to drift back through time, you will find that your peers in the search of liberty had endured much less before committing themselves to suffer much more. See, it didn't use to be just a bloated term that people used as an excuse to avoid the pain of perseverance. When they said things like: "give me liberty, or give me death," they understood that the verdict was imminent. They were brave enough to look at their children and walk into a meat grinder for them. They were honest enough with themselves to know that when they walked out the door that day to confront their oppressors that they would not return. That some did was a miracle, nothing less and I would suggest not to count on miracles.

When you measure yourself against history, you had better take an accurate measurement. The yardstick is not Representative Peter King, ready to throw the Second Amendment to the wind to curry favor with soft-hearted constituents, it is men like John Hancock who was among the wealthiest men in the new world and who wrote his name large enough for George III to see without his spectacles. It is men like Martin Luther King, Jr., who understood the risks when he undertook his mission to claim the civil rights of his race.

We come now to the issue of rights. Rights, Mr. Peter King, are not yours to give and take, to barter with to make peace with the left, or with history. Rights are those acts that are BEYOND government intervention. We see now that all of our Bill of Rights are mere bargaining chips to the ruling class. It is as if the citizen has no voice at all. And, just when the left considers me radical and demanding, they must understand what rights they destroy for me, are destroyed for them as well. Being a dessert does not mean one won't be eaten.  The left may not want their rights, but they are not theirs to give away. Rights are the property of posterity and no others. It is the duty of the citizen to pass them on unscathed by the passing of time.

We have failed them already.

I ask all who read this to join me at the Siege of DC on January 24th. If you are there on the 21st, I will be there as well, to welcome you on the West steps of the capitol, though no event is planned at this time. This is your last chance to regain liberty via traditional political means, but I urge you to consider the next logical step, that of having to brave not one week in DC, but the rest of your life. If you will not give your leisure now, I fear you will be consigned to enslavement, or death, the method of each is of your choosing.

I will not allow others to forfeit for me that which was purchased by the lives of other men. If once we were great enough to establish liberty, I believe that we can be great enough to restore it. Yes, I know how much you have to lose, because I know how much I have to lose. In this, no man is more equal than another. Become a Guardian of Liberty.

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  1. T.L. if the siege goes on long enough I will be there.Just not sure yet if my time will accrue quick enough.Damn Bro you sure have a way with words.I can't state it as eloquently as you but I am giving up no more rights without a fight.I hate to say it but as Rabid and they the way the left is twisting things I am afraid a fight will be here quicker than any would of guessed!


  2. I don't doubt your sincerity, or determination. There is room for people to come for several weeks in a row. Send me an email, btw, to make sure I have it.

    My words are for those who have failed to commit at all and not for those who can't make it precisely on the 24th. Thank you for your dedication and perseverance.

  3. I will be there on the 21st. I have other obligations on the 22nd but will be back as much as I can.

  4. January 24th...that's the day I go back to Ridgeland, SC to fight a photo speed trap speeding ticket. I got the ticket in the mail after I got back from Florida. You can read more about it here as well as comments by other defendants;



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