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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

America As It Was Supposed To Be

Everyday it seems that congress is looking for another way to slip liberty out of our grasp. It is a common thing to bring problems to Washington today. As if there is a magic wand held in the capitol where all things might be fixed. And, maybe that is true, depending on who you are. This is why the average liberty-loving American has been distanced from liberty, because they aren't seeking to inhibit anyone else's liberty. They have no grand scheme that only a few laws will secure to them some advantage. The actual liberty-loving citizen is too busy enjoying liberty and letting others do as they please to worry much about Washington, or even the state capitol, but those who see liberty as a flaw, as a thing to be overcome and bent to serve another master, they congregate in centers of political influence to get their way. Liberty does not reside in Washington, it cannot be procured there. But, if one's goal is to secure for oneself an advantage over other businesses, or people, Washington is the place to go.

There is a big push on to work at the state level and I am all for it, but one must realize that until the federal government is taken out of the state budgets there is little that a state can do to right its own ship. The way it is supposed to work is that the states handle all manner of medical care, pass laws reflecting the needs and desires of its citizens and the Federal government works to make sure that each state is playing within in the same basic guidelines. In other words, the feds are there to make sure no one violates the Bill of Rights while providing the care and services required.

The idea that the federal government is supposed to be a catch-all for every whim of the populace is insane. The states are uniquely qualified to serve their people. Where a socialist strain runs strong the state government can provide all with homes and cars and whiskey bottles and nothing is harmed by it as a citizen is always free to leave. The federal government is a different story. In order to leave the United States one must certainly accept a greater degree of socialization. Were, in fact, a nation more well versed in capitalism and liberty it would probably be enjoying great and sincere growth by all of those in America who feel abandoned and betrayed.

Right now, though, there is nowhere else to go and it is ours to try and bring sanity back to an insane and upside down system. As I see it, as citizens well-versed in the true political nature of America, it is our duty to try our very best to restore the system as it was designed. The first thing is to reverse this idea that states are incapable of serving their people with the type and form of government they choose (within the guidelines of course, which includes a "republican" form of government). One state cannot go communist and install a governor for life, that is outside the Constitution, but it might certainly implement as much socialist policies as it can afford. The lesson here is that any state delving deep into socialism will certainly soon go bankrupt and become abandoned. That is the very point of a state government left to operate by the will of the people, to expose flaws and insanity before it infects the entire populace. In this regard America has failed.

I leave soon for DC, in hours, and I don't know what I will encounter there, or what the Guardians of Liberty will become over time. Perhaps the Guardians will turn out to be nothing more than an expensive memory, but before I raise my flag of insurgency, I must first try every avenue open to me to turn the ship around. I cannot do it alone and I never really have. People are behind me in every conceivable way and they are in front of me, leading me along as well. I am doing nothing by myself.

Join me if you can, support me if you will, but remember that it is not one man, or even a group you are supporting, it is the idea of America as it was supposed to be and I believe can be again. How that is to be achieved is another question for another day.

Cannon office building, 9:30 am Monday January 24th, 2011

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  1. Well said. States cannot say no until they are weaned off federal funds. My own state of Alaska is a perfect example.

    You're right, TL, we must try every peaceful means available to us to bring Restoration. I think that whether or not you consciously raise the flag of insurgency, your actions so far have ensured that there's already been one planted squarely on your back.

    But you already knew that...


  2. It's all about taking the fruits of my labors and redistributing them to someone who hasn't earned them.

    Be safe, my friend.

  3. T.L. well said Bro! Best of luck to you and all who make it to D.C. I am with you in spirit and support if not in person!


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  5. Oh my, I have missed a lot! I have some catching up to do.


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