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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Tomorrow is the 24th and if the lack of participation is anywhere near the same as on the 21st, which I highly expect it will be, then the idea of a siege, or holding our representative's feet to the fire and making them battle through the trials of ripping Obamacare out of the lawbooks will largely have been for nothing. I know, I know, we accomplished something, yes, I agree. No effort is without result, either good or ill.

The 24th will not be the end of anything, or indeed the start, but a necessary stop along the winding path of justice and liberty. On the long, rising grades of a steam engine in the mountains, a good dose of water is needed. While maintaining the momentum would seem to be the wisest choice, going up the hill without sufficient water for steam is insane. There can be no good outcome of that. So, like the locomotive, I have stopped here in DC as a moment of necessary taking on water for the grade ahead.

My efforts to reach out to the concerned citizens of the nation has been accomplished. Perhaps I needed to take that step in order to take those further along. From here on out I will be seeking other means and methods of doing what I have tried to do this way. If I cannot reach those on the periphery of necessary action, perhaps I can find the few willing to put it on the line for what they know is right and solidify my role in their company.

I will not lay down, I will not relent, but I will not beat a dead horse. If indeed this is the outcome of my efforts, then so be it. If it is the outcome of so many others who have done the same as I have, or better, then we had better buckle up, because the inevitable showdown is just that much closer to taking place.

The one thing I keep coming back to is this: If indeed there is no use in what I have been trying to do, then why aren't we all doing something else? I started Guardians of Liberty based on the fact that there seemed to be no active resistance to TPTB, nothing I could rally to, so I assumed that it was not yet time to act, but from where I sit, if things are such that talking will no longer do any good, where is the action that should be taking place in its stead? Keep in mind, I am not calling for action, I am curious as to where it is. What form has it taken?

Tomorrow evening, when I have settled in my mind that I have done everything I could do to peacefully seek the restoration of justice and liberty, I will embark on a different method of achieving the same. I will ask no one to join me, nor will I seek the company of others. I have tried that method to no avail. I know what needs to be done and I don't need help in achieving it. Each man is 1, times that by an act that is 1x1, times that by an outcome and you get the equation: 1x1x1. That is the way to freedom. That will be my rally cry.


  1. I am sending you a e-mail,as what I have to say is better said in private.



    Go get'um TL!

    They thought Bull run would be the end of the struggle.

    They thought the Great war would be over by the first Christmas.

    No plan survives initial contact.

    We cannot play small ball. We have to go for the big win. Often that meas extra innings...

    Semper Fi.

  3. ..."but i will not beat a dead horse" beat that dead horse lets the other horses know your serious...


  4. Now is not the time. 1x1x1 is not the way. Keep the powder dry. The battle of ideas is well engaged and the tide is turning, favorably.

  5. Anon, perhaps good advice, though the source is always important when evaluating such.

  6. Not good advice. The tide is not turning. The pedal is to the floor and we are heading right down the hill.
    TL, I think you have learned the futility of trying to get the liberty movement to organize outside of their own head. Keep moving forward. The simple fact of the matter is that we are all waiting for someone else to start it up. No one wants to be the one to take the first step no matter how small. Most everyone is convinced that they are just waiting for the REAL action to start. I admit that I myself fall into this bucket. I dont think that simple gathering and protesting is going to put the breaks on. I am convinced that we will have to break things. I myself and sttanding on the edge waiting to talk myself into that first step. But I have to think of a direction first. I need to figure out which way we are going to walk and how that path will look.


  7. I would suggest that it looks like 1x1x1. You are one person, you can perform one act and you can get one outcome. Look around your AO for an opportunity, then do it. Start small. Understand you are training yourself for steps to come.

  8. ...all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

  9. I, for one, have suffered enough and were it working backward, I would be also.

  10. Mr. Davis,
    Perhaps your attentions are focused on the wrong governing body? Does it make sense to ask the same jacka**es who got us into this mess to get us out?

    The real power resides much closer to home. Perhaps your efforts will be rewarded at your state capitol. What is our federal government, if not an agent of 50 sovereign states? What can it do if they withdraw their consent?

    Something to think about. Good luck and health to you.


  11. AZC, I don't deny the importance of acting locally, to pursue some nullification, yet budgets are dictated at DC, not locally. The 10th Amendment, while I believe is the key to liberty, cannot be enforced without making that case in DC. That is my point. Yours is well taken.


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