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Monday, January 31, 2011


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See Ya In The Gulag

Out in the world today there are indications that America is becoming the target. Every revolution is designed to be aggressively anti-American. We are the enemy whether we like it or not and it is obvious that our president will not protect us. Our government, even with newly installed representatives and senators, is unwilling to do the things that will keep us safe.

The government is not interested in the waves of drug dealers and terrorists coming across the southern border and when any of the states along that imaginary line have moved to stop the influx, they have been taken to court by the Obama Administration. Just to be fair, I think the Bush Administration would have done the same. There is a lack of willingness to obey the Constitution's requirement under Article IV, Section 4 to "...protect each of them [the states] from invasion; and on Application of the legislature [the state's?], or of the Executive [the state's?] (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence."

There is a lack of willingness of the congress to fulfill their obligation to hold their own members accountable for their oaths of office. When everyone is a criminal, who would call the police?

We have watched as the clouds have grown dark. We have heard the thunder roll across the land. We have witnessed the lightening strike with ferocious might. Yet, we remain immobile.

We have watched the Obama Administration take our money, the money of our grandchildren, and give it to their allies in the labor unions who protest against tax-paying citizens. They don't protest government action, they protest citizen groups. Are you listening? The Obama Administration takes money directly from your Social Security account (a debt your children will pay) and puts it in the hands of SEIU and AFL-CIO members like the AFGE (American Federation for Government Employees) through the stimulus bill. These same unions who protested citizens who disapproved of the proposed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) have taken stimulus money to do the protesting and have turned right around and asked for a waiver from the implementation of the act, all the while demanding more money from you for their pensions and salary increases.

Where is the outrage? This should have sparked an Egypt moment if anything would. I guess nothing will.

I don't know what it will take to motivate the average American to demand legitimate government, they don't seem to be interested in it. Right now, I don't expect an American to get out of the chair to vote, much less take a stance on the crucial issues of survival as a nation. Americans don't seem willing to do anything other than bitch about their condition to Hu Jintau, or whoever will run the place next. They are like renters watching the flood waters rise, not bothering to block the door jams or remove the furniture.

Look, I always knew there were speed bumps and spectators as I have termed the Americans who are more interested in episodes of Dancing With the Stars than the Star Spangled Banner, but I am beginning to question the existence of any other. I know there are a few, I have met some, but I wonder if there are anywhere near 3%. I doubt it.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Seat Belt Issue Better Defined

My initial reaction to Dedicated Dad's rather brusque and obnoxious comment on the post: The Insanity of Nine Kings and Queens was to be angry and brusque right back. I thought I had seen Dedicated Dad on some sites I liked, so I stopped by his blog. A Threeper, an Oathkeeper, and a fan of the seat belt law. What?

So, I decided that he at least deserved a better response to his comment than the one I made, so I deleted mine and wrote this post all to the issue of seat belt laws.

First and foremost, my family mostly wear seat belts. I have instructed them that they are better off wearing one than not, that statistics bear this out. I have also pointed out that I DO NOT and the reason for this is in protest to stupid laws that need not be laws at all. It is the moment they passed the seat belt law that I recognized their intent was not to make me safe, or to protect my little brain from damage, but to provide another means by which the average cop could gain access to my vehicle on fishing expeditions for illegal drugs, or weapons, or candy canes for all they cared, as long as they were gaining access.

If my little brain were the issue they would require not only seat belts, but also helmets because everyone knows that despite seat belts, the largest single cause of death in an automobile is head injuries. Where are the helmets? It would make more sense for the reasons listed below that seat belts not be used and helmets required. I'm sure Mr. Dad, by his arrogance, will share with us pictures of him and his family driving along with seat belts secured and helmets on EVERY damn time they take a drive, because safety really is the only criteria on which to base intelligence.

Also, I did not like their method. Why not just put it up for a vote? They didn't do that, they imposed it largely by federal coercion.

Now, here is the crux of my objection to the LAW, not the BELT. Seat belts do not always save lives, they make survival more likely, but there are side impact crashes that trap individuals between the seat belt and the vehicle, crushing the individual body between them when otherwise they would be thrown to the other side of the vehicle. If you don't think seat belts provide enough resistance to crush a body, a tow truck driver told me that he rights upended cars using the left and right front seat belts as a sling to lift the car back onto its wheels. He doesn't wear a seat belt either and he has been on plenty of crash scenes, so spare me the "I'm a cop and I've seen the results" bs. The results largely would have been the same. And, there are no statistics being kept when a seat belt has caused the loss of life, so the argument being made by Dedicated Dad is faulty at best and fraudulent at worst.

Seat belts make escape from a vehicle much more difficult and perhaps impossible when the vehicle is on fire or submerged. Seat belts trap people in cars when they would have been better off had they been thrown clear. The random and sheer luck aspect to this event cause me to want to leave it all in God's hands anyway.

For mountain driving on windy roads (I live in Colorado) next to raging whitewater rivers, not wearing a seat belt gives me a bit more comfort because tourists tend to run us off the road quite a bit as they gawk at the beautiful scenery and there is nowhere to go but in the water, where not minutes but split seconds count.

Then, there is the time-imposition aspect to it. The government, by passing the law, instructs me 10-15 times a day to perform an act of clicking the seat belt together. 10-15 x 365= 5,475 times a year on the off chance that I will be in an accident that required a seat belt a 30% chance by the way.

In my younger days things were a lot wilder and I was involved one way or the other in numerous accidents, two rollovers and other serious crashes. I was never injured, nor was anyone else in the vehicles none of us wore seat belts back then. No one was thrown out of the vehicle, either. Since then, over the past 30 years, I have never been involved in an accident. So, what good has a seat belt ever done me? Just think of it rationally, instead of going off on a "Only idiots don't wear seat belts" tirade. What a useless waste of time.

I will reiterate: seat belts mostly reduce the possibility of death or injury, but they do not prevent it and they damn sure do not prevent it every time and therefore it should not be a law. A law should be something where the percentages are not figured, that the outcome is absolute. For example a law against stealing is just, why? Because it is ALWAYS wrong to do so, it is always a crime against someone else's property.

For my part, I think seat belt laws were designed by statists to satisfy a statist mindset. I am fully capable of making that decision every time I get in a car, EVERY time. My ability to discern for myself what is best, whether I am on a windy, mountain road next to a raging whitewater river, I want to decide NOT to wear the damn thing and removing THAT decision is where I personally find the damn crime.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Taming the Second Amendment

The effort of the federal government is to tame the Second Amendment. Instead of honoring its original intent, for obvious reasons, they seek to tame it. Like the Justice Breyer quote of a few weeks ago wherein Breyer suggests that DC gun owners can go to Maryland to shoot targets and the like it is a red flag signalling their intent.

There is and always has been but one purpose of the Second Amendment, self defense against an oppressive government, especially to counter a standing army. The real definition in question is not what constitutes a "militia" as they try to claim, but what constitutes "a standing army." I suggest that what our founders thought constituted a standing army we would now consider a modern police force.

With that in mind, let us take a look at some quotes of the founders of the nation. Much of what is quoted is from my book The Constitutionalist: Rights To Die For. In every case the right to keep and bear arms is a COUNTER to a standing army, rather than the means of establishing a militia, or a standing army.

Now, much has changed since the birth of this nation and I think few would argue that a standing military force is a necessity born of technological advancements and the advancements in oceanic and air travel, but the attendant oppression is also undeniable.

Madison wrote: "A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty."
Samuel Bryan, a member of 23 Pennsylvanians who refused to sign the Constitution until it contained greater protections against oppression wrote: "...the people have a right to bear arms for the defense of themselves and their own state, or the United States, or for the purpose of killing game; and no law shall be passed for disarming the people or any of them..."
Virginia's Convention to ratify the Constitution made numerous suggestions for improvement and offered this: "That the people have a right to keep and bear arms; that a well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people trained to arms, is the proper, natural and safe defence of a free state; that standing armies, in time of peace, are dangerous to liberty, and therefore ought to be avoided..."

Hamilton's view was for a force made up of citizens to react to emergencies. He wrote: "(the force) will not only lessen the call for military establishments, but if circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while there is a large body of citizens, little if at all inferior to them in discipline and the use of arms who stand ready to defend their own rights and those of their fellow citizens."
It seems to me that there is no question that the purpose of the Second Amendment is to defend the people's rights from oppressive government, a standing army being the logical extension of governmental power. One cannot stress too much the environment under which these quotes were written, they were drafted in response to those things they knew had been obstacles to their own ability to secure liberty.

To assume anything else is intellectual dishonesty, but then when have liberals, statists, collectivists or Marxists ever been concerned with the truth? Theirs is a method, a tactic, to achieve disarmament. The current tactic is to ridicule the desire for gun ownership, to present it as a ridiculous fetish as easily satisfied by providing them with air guns. This is their method, beware and be prepared. It will come down to a contest of visions.

Sporting Purposes?

The enemies of liberty love that term, it nullifies almost everything important about the Second Amendment. If I must, I will quote the many, many references to the right to keep and bear arms and "sporting purposes" is not among them, for "game and self-defense" yes, but not sporting purposes.


Friday, January 28, 2011

The Insanity of Nine Kings and Queens

I am incapable of seeing anything other than a consortium of kings and queens when I look at the Supreme Court. Despite their objections, they act as often irrationally and insanely as they do rationally. One good ruling that seems to represent the Constitution is obliterated by another that is pulled out of thin air or over-reliant on the vaguest clauses.

The Constitution was not vague, it was specific. Those few instances where generalities were employed have been given undue weight and importance to give legitimacy to the congress and gravitas to the president. Since the Supreme Court is the last stop in the legal process it is given the power of all forms of government combined. Being insensitive to the electorate, they operate impervious to the voices of the people whose lives they affect with their random rulings.

Nowhere in the Constitution is there an establishment of Stare Decisis, that is an invention of the courts themselves. Case law is useful in many ways, but to establish case law as a precedent to override a clear and common understanding of the English language is an abuse of power rectifiable only through nullification, or mass rebellion.

To better understand the insanity of these nine kings and queens, let us examine seat belt laws. I have never seen a legitimate argument for the imposition of a seat belt law. There is some mention of the state having a defined interest in the health and welfare of the individual and were seat belt laws uniformly and perfect in their solution to injury and death they might have a point, but where a seat belt can be the cause of death and injury even in a minority of cases, it is too vague to override an individual's personal judgment.

Also, where the court has ruled that a woman has a right to end the life of her child in order to honor her personal judgment about her health and welfare, it seems in direct conflict with the previous ruling on seat belts. The question comes down to whether an individual has the right to make decisions about their health and welfare, or not. In one case the court has ruled that it is so and in another ruling they have held that it is not.

This is only possible where clear definitions and intentions are abandoned in favor of government control and social engineering. Roe v. Wade is also insane when considering gun laws. In one instance a right unmentioned in the Constitution is discovered in the shadows of other rights where the whole body of intention is taken as gospel, but the clear and concise language of "...the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" is somehow an all too vague and ill-defined clause to be faithfully upheld. It is clear from the whole Second Amendment that it is not the "well-regulated militia" that is the object of the action of the amendment, but the people's right to keep and bear arms is the object and the requirement of a "well-regulated militia" the means to "the security of a free state" the security being the responsibility of the people.

I ask you: how has the security of a free state ceased to be the responsibility of the people? The police act as the one thing all of the founders feared: a standing army at the behest of a government hostile to the liberty of the people.

You have the right to employ the 1x1x1 doctrine.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vigilant Defense

There is one irrefutable fact: I was born in America and I was born with rights given to me by God and recognized by the Constitution of the United States of America. There is no question as to the veracity of that statement, but to atheists they might consider that their rights come from nature. Each is free to believe what they will as long as they recognize that rights are not privileges, conditional luxuries or rewards for good behavior. Also, however, rights are not self-enforcing; they are the product of vigilant defense.

What does that mean? It means that every time they pass a restricting gun law or speech law and you do nothing about it, you verify the legitimacy of it. We see in Tunisia and Egypt the result of injustice, but not here in America. I know, you are but one person against a whole government, what can you do? If there were a protest, you would join. If there were a riot, you would engage. Hmmmm.

Here is the doctrine of 1x1x1. You are an individual, you are 1. You can do 1 act as a means of rebellion against that law. You can produce 1 outcome from your act.

This is minor. This is the start. This is the very least you could do. It is anonymous, perhaps even spontaneous, but better if well planned for effect. Look around your AO, what is vulnerable, what is a message that can be sent as protest? If you demand to act as an individual, then for God's sake, act! Here is your chance, embrace the doctrine of 1x1x1.

There are those of us who are willing to stick our necks out, to break laws if necessary, it is an American tradition. Sitting at the "white" counter was breaking the municipal codes, it was breaking the law. Any law, in contravention of the Constitution, is no law and since the government will not enforce the Constitution, it is itself illegal. There is not one representative, or senator alive who has sworn to uphold the Constitution who is not right now in violation of the law. To obey a law handed down by an illegal government to restrict the liberties issued by God is no sin and it is not illegal. But, even if it were, you have that right as an American as a form of protest. Throwing tea into Boston Harbor was an illegal act committed by criminals against a legal authority, yet it inspired those jealous of their rights to act. Today, that act is revered for its inspiration to form a new government, one that now has forgotten the lessons of those times.

What is the price of our inaction? $14 trillion of debt and counting. The futures of our children. Lost liberty (a value incalculable through the avenue of price). The violations of our sovereignty, our borders, our security and our rights. That ain't much, why all those things are trivial to the comfort of yourself as a "law-abiding" citizen. The trains were full of "law-abiding" citizens and the streets ran with the blood of the righteous. What else would an illegal government bent on the subjugation of its people do?

The three who showed.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Tomorrow is the 24th and if the lack of participation is anywhere near the same as on the 21st, which I highly expect it will be, then the idea of a siege, or holding our representative's feet to the fire and making them battle through the trials of ripping Obamacare out of the lawbooks will largely have been for nothing. I know, I know, we accomplished something, yes, I agree. No effort is without result, either good or ill.

The 24th will not be the end of anything, or indeed the start, but a necessary stop along the winding path of justice and liberty. On the long, rising grades of a steam engine in the mountains, a good dose of water is needed. While maintaining the momentum would seem to be the wisest choice, going up the hill without sufficient water for steam is insane. There can be no good outcome of that. So, like the locomotive, I have stopped here in DC as a moment of necessary taking on water for the grade ahead.

My efforts to reach out to the concerned citizens of the nation has been accomplished. Perhaps I needed to take that step in order to take those further along. From here on out I will be seeking other means and methods of doing what I have tried to do this way. If I cannot reach those on the periphery of necessary action, perhaps I can find the few willing to put it on the line for what they know is right and solidify my role in their company.

I will not lay down, I will not relent, but I will not beat a dead horse. If indeed this is the outcome of my efforts, then so be it. If it is the outcome of so many others who have done the same as I have, or better, then we had better buckle up, because the inevitable showdown is just that much closer to taking place.

The one thing I keep coming back to is this: If indeed there is no use in what I have been trying to do, then why aren't we all doing something else? I started Guardians of Liberty based on the fact that there seemed to be no active resistance to TPTB, nothing I could rally to, so I assumed that it was not yet time to act, but from where I sit, if things are such that talking will no longer do any good, where is the action that should be taking place in its stead? Keep in mind, I am not calling for action, I am curious as to where it is. What form has it taken?

Tomorrow evening, when I have settled in my mind that I have done everything I could do to peacefully seek the restoration of justice and liberty, I will embark on a different method of achieving the same. I will ask no one to join me, nor will I seek the company of others. I have tried that method to no avail. I know what needs to be done and I don't need help in achieving it. Each man is 1, times that by an act that is 1x1, times that by an outcome and you get the equation: 1x1x1. That is the way to freedom. That will be my rally cry.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Liberty Is Worth It

I've had to do some soul-searching over the past few days, working toward the siege. There are a lot of things that still need to be done. I continue to think it is a good idea. In my heart I know these Republicans, no matter how dedicated they might seem, are incapable of backbone when confronted with the press corps hell bent on supporting any Democratic congress and destroying any Republican congress. The  media are the worst sorts of bullies, given the protections of the nation and supported by the people they pursue their own, narrow, selfish goals and our representatives are sent out to face that every day. It is easier to give in than to fight it. This is something I have come to understand myself.

Regardless of the numbers involved, whether none show up at all, I will pursue this idea of making visits to DC more accessible to the legitimate lobbyists, the people. Our voices have long been absent from the shouted demands on Congress. Ours is but one message: Give Us Liberty.

At times one gets wrapped up in success and failure, of doing something worthy, or being a fool. I am no different. I want the things I do to work and be a success. Sometimes, it doesn't go according to plan and I am left to decide whether to embrace the failure or reassess my position and carry on in a different direction. This endeavor is still worthy of my time and I will carry on. Liberty is worth my time. I hope it is worthy of yours.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Big Fed Chill

If you want to know what oppression looks like, you need to look no further. The situation with TJIC, well known by now, is just one. The accumulative effects of having every website this one is connected to being hit by FedGov for the past two weeks is another. I have gotten independent sources inside the federal government telling me that they have received from their bosses warnings about the siege and many of these employees have hit the website and gone to others from there.

I am not saying that they had no right to hit the site, when you put something out on the web, it is for anyone to see, but the chilling effect of getting so many hits from the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the DEA, the DOI, for heaven's sake means something, it is the tangible effect of chilling free speech. In reality, how many of you, the readers of this blog, have tempered your speech since knowing that the feds are hitting my site with the frequency that they have in the past few weeks? How many of you are more unnerved by the fact that it didn't slacken in the past few days, but intensified? I am right now getting more than a thousand hits a day by FedGov.

I want the truth here, because it makes a point about the conditions of liberty under which we survive at this moment.  

Now, I am not going to lay the blame for what looks to be a miserable turn out on just this aspect alone, but it had to play some part in it. Sure, the weather, the time of year, the fact that no one seems to realize without forcing a vote in the Senate, Obamacare will be fully implemented barring only Supreme Court ruling.

The fact is, BashingWilliam was right, there is no America if no one is willing to stand up for it when it needs us the most. Now, don't get me wrong, I lay a lot of blame for whatever is going to happen on the 24th square on my own shoulders. I am not the leader I should be, or would like to be. I am a leader only of men and women already decided to do what they think is important. I am not a cheerleader, or a swashbuckling hero, I am just a guy with an idea that seemed to make sense some time ago, but now just looks like a money pit into which I threw my last buck.

I blame no one. I do, however, recognize much more about my fellow citizens about whom it pains me to know so much.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

America As It Was Supposed To Be

Everyday it seems that congress is looking for another way to slip liberty out of our grasp. It is a common thing to bring problems to Washington today. As if there is a magic wand held in the capitol where all things might be fixed. And, maybe that is true, depending on who you are. This is why the average liberty-loving American has been distanced from liberty, because they aren't seeking to inhibit anyone else's liberty. They have no grand scheme that only a few laws will secure to them some advantage. The actual liberty-loving citizen is too busy enjoying liberty and letting others do as they please to worry much about Washington, or even the state capitol, but those who see liberty as a flaw, as a thing to be overcome and bent to serve another master, they congregate in centers of political influence to get their way. Liberty does not reside in Washington, it cannot be procured there. But, if one's goal is to secure for oneself an advantage over other businesses, or people, Washington is the place to go.

There is a big push on to work at the state level and I am all for it, but one must realize that until the federal government is taken out of the state budgets there is little that a state can do to right its own ship. The way it is supposed to work is that the states handle all manner of medical care, pass laws reflecting the needs and desires of its citizens and the Federal government works to make sure that each state is playing within in the same basic guidelines. In other words, the feds are there to make sure no one violates the Bill of Rights while providing the care and services required.

The idea that the federal government is supposed to be a catch-all for every whim of the populace is insane. The states are uniquely qualified to serve their people. Where a socialist strain runs strong the state government can provide all with homes and cars and whiskey bottles and nothing is harmed by it as a citizen is always free to leave. The federal government is a different story. In order to leave the United States one must certainly accept a greater degree of socialization. Were, in fact, a nation more well versed in capitalism and liberty it would probably be enjoying great and sincere growth by all of those in America who feel abandoned and betrayed.

Right now, though, there is nowhere else to go and it is ours to try and bring sanity back to an insane and upside down system. As I see it, as citizens well-versed in the true political nature of America, it is our duty to try our very best to restore the system as it was designed. The first thing is to reverse this idea that states are incapable of serving their people with the type and form of government they choose (within the guidelines of course, which includes a "republican" form of government). One state cannot go communist and install a governor for life, that is outside the Constitution, but it might certainly implement as much socialist policies as it can afford. The lesson here is that any state delving deep into socialism will certainly soon go bankrupt and become abandoned. That is the very point of a state government left to operate by the will of the people, to expose flaws and insanity before it infects the entire populace. In this regard America has failed.

I leave soon for DC, in hours, and I don't know what I will encounter there, or what the Guardians of Liberty will become over time. Perhaps the Guardians will turn out to be nothing more than an expensive memory, but before I raise my flag of insurgency, I must first try every avenue open to me to turn the ship around. I cannot do it alone and I never really have. People are behind me in every conceivable way and they are in front of me, leading me along as well. I am doing nothing by myself.

Join me if you can, support me if you will, but remember that it is not one man, or even a group you are supporting, it is the idea of America as it was supposed to be and I believe can be again. How that is to be achieved is another question for another day.

Cannon office building, 9:30 am Monday January 24th, 2011

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Surviving To Be A Survivor

It occurs to me that I have not made my case. I don't expect any man, or woman, to fight a battle I will not fight, or ask them to give of themselves in ways that I would not give of myself. The siege is not some plan to cash in on the patriot/Tea Party/912 action out there. I see it from a different perspective, one that suggests I have a hell of a lot more to lose and really nothing to gain. Nothing. Think about that. What could I possibly gain? I have spent thousands already. This was not an investment toward a bigger payday, it is lost, gone, never to be seen again. Any funds that come into Guardians goes right back out and about another thousand of my own dollars has to go along with it to make things work.

I am a small businessman. I am in a losing proposition all the way around. I know that. I am the sacrifice that must be made. My business now survives on the labor and money I put into it, too. It would not exist without both. Where do I get the money? From the jobs I do and the last of my retirement. I realized one day that if things are left to go along the way they have been there won't be any retirement, that nothing the government has promised will be true in another generation. Even your 401k's look like a big, fat juicy union bailout to the political class, who I believe intend to let this election idea run a few more laps before it is decided that elections don't matter, that there is no money left to divide and what was the point of elections in the first place, but to decide who got the money? Like most people, I feel that it is a done-deal, there is nowhere to go from here.

Here's the Sitrep: What finagling the politicians can do to keep the economic collapse a secret for a few more months, they will do. They will borrow and borrow to pay those they think they will need to defend them (the unions, police, fire, government workers, etc) until all of the money is gone. They will take whatever is in a bank account and confiscate gold and silver and guns. Okay, that might come with some sparks, but they are ready for that, they will wait until most of us are starved and could care less about money that is worthless.

Even if that doesn't happen, the Muslims will slowly integrate our society using our own Constitution as cover until it is obvious that two forms of laws cannot be maintained and the default will be the Muslims, because they are an oppressed minority. A lot of people will see it as deserving after the things we did to them after 9-11. (Arctic Patriot, these are not my desires, these are the facts as I see them) No more homosexuals, feminists, laws against beating women or raping girls. They will probably shoot all the current politicians for their role in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Mohammed will plant his crescent on the White House and all will be good.

Even if that doesn't happen, Russia, China and North Korea will take advantage of our debt to push through agreements in the U.N. that forfeit U.S. sovereignty and serve basically as a de facto occupation without the necessity of warfare.

Even if that doesn't happen, left to the current trend, America will cease as a functioning republic due to lack of a Constitutional basis. The poor and homeless will be encouraged to go get theirs from the rich and those who have homes. Chaos.

My pathetic attempt at reversing these trends by making the representatives aware of the people's hand and eye on their activities, to encourage them to do what they are otherwise incapable of doing, which is to fix some things and give us back some liberty, is at best just that, a pathetic attempt.

But, you understand what it means to give up on that option, don't you? Kerodin wrote a great post today on Restoration and Genocide. I feel the same as he does and about the same people. You realize where this all goes if I am wrong, if I am asking too much, if I am unreasonable, don't you?

Maybe there is no America, maybe, as BashingWilliam suggests, there hasn't been for a long time. So, where do you live? Are you just lost in a land apart from a rudderless nation slowly unraveling before your eyes? Are you hunkering down with your loved ones determined to see that they survive? For what? When you come out of your bunker, what do you see? Everyone is alive, you saved them all. Now what?

That's what I have been trying to figure out. I can save my business. I can save myself. I can save my family. I can make the poor bastard that comes for me pay with his life and the one after that and after that, but even if I wade through them all and they ultimately leave me alone, where am I? Have I gained liberty? Can I go back to running my business after that? What if I am the only one to survive with my family, will I have any chance out among those who failed, who gave in, who sided with the government? It's a gigantic loop of logic.

So I come back to this question: "If we do not stop it here and now and reverse the liberty-thieving practice of the politicians immediately and use Obamacare as a method of undoing legislation, then what is there left to live for?" I don't want to be alive in a gulag, a refugee camp, a labor camp or a re-education camp. I don't want to be a citizen of the United States of Soviet America.

I understand people don't want to go to DC. I understand that they think it is a waste of time. I understand that they don't think anything will change. I wonder if they realize what they are giving up. It is nothing but the very foundations of liberty, the greatest gift to Mankind. I find it difficult to believe that people are so dedicated to life and liberty and yet would just walk away, praying for a safe trip...but to where? This is the only nation built on the concept of individual liberty and value, everything else is collective. I just can't buy that it is too inconvenient to sustain it. I know it has all been stolen from us by politicians, I get that. Yes, they run everything. They can have us arrested. I just can't get it through my skull that liberty and justice isn't worth fighting for, because merely surviving to be a survivor without helping the system to survive is meaningless. At least to me.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Being A Dessert Does Not Mean One Won't Be Eaten

I know it is difficult, from the comfort of your recliner, to realize that the cold outside is still warmer than death itself. Death in this instance is the death of liberty, of your life as a citizen in a free society. Freedom, the very word, has been stretched to breaking. It is holding as much oppression as it can and still carry the weight of the letters themselves. Beyond this, there is no word for what we might experience if we want to call it freedom, because we cannot.

Here is the moment that so many others have known. As your mind is allowed to drift back through time, you will find that your peers in the search of liberty had endured much less before committing themselves to suffer much more. See, it didn't use to be just a bloated term that people used as an excuse to avoid the pain of perseverance. When they said things like: "give me liberty, or give me death," they understood that the verdict was imminent. They were brave enough to look at their children and walk into a meat grinder for them. They were honest enough with themselves to know that when they walked out the door that day to confront their oppressors that they would not return. That some did was a miracle, nothing less and I would suggest not to count on miracles.

When you measure yourself against history, you had better take an accurate measurement. The yardstick is not Representative Peter King, ready to throw the Second Amendment to the wind to curry favor with soft-hearted constituents, it is men like John Hancock who was among the wealthiest men in the new world and who wrote his name large enough for George III to see without his spectacles. It is men like Martin Luther King, Jr., who understood the risks when he undertook his mission to claim the civil rights of his race.

We come now to the issue of rights. Rights, Mr. Peter King, are not yours to give and take, to barter with to make peace with the left, or with history. Rights are those acts that are BEYOND government intervention. We see now that all of our Bill of Rights are mere bargaining chips to the ruling class. It is as if the citizen has no voice at all. And, just when the left considers me radical and demanding, they must understand what rights they destroy for me, are destroyed for them as well. Being a dessert does not mean one won't be eaten.  The left may not want their rights, but they are not theirs to give away. Rights are the property of posterity and no others. It is the duty of the citizen to pass them on unscathed by the passing of time.

We have failed them already.

I ask all who read this to join me at the Siege of DC on January 24th. If you are there on the 21st, I will be there as well, to welcome you on the West steps of the capitol, though no event is planned at this time. This is your last chance to regain liberty via traditional political means, but I urge you to consider the next logical step, that of having to brave not one week in DC, but the rest of your life. If you will not give your leisure now, I fear you will be consigned to enslavement, or death, the method of each is of your choosing.

I will not allow others to forfeit for me that which was purchased by the lives of other men. If once we were great enough to establish liberty, I believe that we can be great enough to restore it. Yes, I know how much you have to lose, because I know how much I have to lose. In this, no man is more equal than another. Become a Guardian of Liberty.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday Was A Demonstration Of Obama's America

You will see no hand-wringing over the injustices done to the Tea Party, 912's and Second Amendment advocates over the past few days. Who would do that hand-wringing anyway? The media? The Democratic Party? They see nothing wrong with threatening the very lives of conservatives with their baseless charges of political violence as they almost encourage their supporters to demonize and trivialize the lives of conservatives.

Hypocritically they worry themselves sick about the violence that these groups might do to others, though there is no evidence that violence had ever been contemplated by such groups. In fact, in almost every case violence has only been done TO Tea Party and 912 groups while protesting government infringement of rights. Where is the hand-wringing on those occasions? Where are the news stories about the violent LEFT? Despite the many instances where Tea Party and 912 individual members or property have been assaulted, there is not one news story, or round table discussion concerning the violence of the left and the messages being sent by the lack of prosecutions.

This is something that has been wrong in America for a long time. The left-biased media is so intent on getting their way politically, they are so accustomed to monitoring the message and editing out anything that might support the right, or be sympathetic to a Tea Party group or individual that they do it without thought or contemplation. They have more than chosen sides, they have put into practice a soft approval of violence if done to the right people and wait breathlessly for some response.

You can hear them say, if you listen closely: Well, maybe now we can get some real gun control laws on the books. Maybe we can make this a showcase in what is wrong with Arizona's gun laws. The gurgling of blood from open wounds does not distract them from their political agenda. They are insensitive to the death all around them. They leap immediately in front of the camera to speculate on the type of Tea Party person this might have been. They want to know where the shooter got the gun, was it from a gun show? Even as victims clutch at their feet for help and First Aid, the liberal reporter is focused on the progress that can be made politically.

The Sheriff of Pima County should have been looking for some hole to crawl into because he had not provided security to a woman who had been threatened and approached by the same man since 2007, instead of promoting his political agenda of destroying the Tea Party. He should now be looking for that same hole when so much of the leftist ideology has been attributed to the killer, but he is unashamed because the message he is still trying to get out there is that the Tea Party is violent and it is only a matter of time before one of the creeps are guilty and why not just prosecute a few in the meantime?

The trouble is this ideology of destroying political opponents is not confined to the media, or to the idiot Sheriff of Pima County, but it goes all the way to the top. Where was the reverence for those killed by the Muslim Major Hasan? Thirteen people killed and not a moment of silence for them? Why? It is all too often the "who" that is killed and by "who" that rates a news story, or doesn't; that rates an investigation by law enforcement, or doesn't; that rates a moment of silence, or doesn't.

This is the political world of the left. It is ensured to turn hatred and retribution upon the conservatives and Tea Party members, while leaving the violence of the left out of the story. It is designed to silence opposition by leaving the avenues to physical harm open to their comrades on the left and discrediting the complaints on the right. It is an effective tool, one we saw employed remarkably during the 2008 election and the New Black Panthers standing outside the polling place. A case dropped by the Obama Administration, because they were allies. It is Barack Obama's America that we see on display from calling a cop doing his duty "stupid" because of his race and position, while taking the side of a professor who was clearly in the wrong, due to his race and position. It is the politics of division, of good and bad, of hatred and love, of worthy and unworthy and all at the subjective opinion of political operatives.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Tragedy As A Leftist Tool

To the left, every tragedy is an excuse, every life lost is a reason, every act of violence is justification for their constantly flawed ideology to pursue policies of restriction and oppression. Saturday's shooting is no different. They did not have the decency to let the flow of blood cease, before they began to profile the shooter as a disgruntled Tea Party conservative. They immediately landed upon the self-confession of the shooter as an Afghan veteran, though he was never admitted to the armed forces. They immediately highlighted the passionate and heartbroken statements of a father who had just (as he must have thought) lost his daughter and his blame for the Tea Party.

The Tea Party, to them, is code for conservative, for Christian, for gun rights activists, for Constitutionalists, all of whom they hold in absolute contempt as was demonstrated clearly by the leader of their party, Barack Obama, who defined these people as those who "cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them." Those are the words of division, of demonization. Time and time again, when his policies didn't work he blamed the people, the owners of businesses, for "wrecking" the economy by failing to hire, or failing to buy goods.

They push the fragile minds of supporters and opponents alike who take their words to heart and believe that there is an excuse to take physical action to obtain a political outcome. When Barack Obama also famously encouraged the Latino population to "punish its enemies and reward its friends." These are the words that set events in motion. These are the words that steer those barely capable of discerning right from wrong toward a pathway of action, rather than further intellectual discernment.

The words of division demonizing those who might be righteously penalized such as the rich, the Tea Party, the military veterans. It was not so long ago that Janet Napolitano named anyone resisting the TSA screenings as "domestic extremists" and labeling those who could be dangerous as those who believe in the sanctity of the Constitution, or military veterans.

Clearly this act was one of a mentally disturbed human being, whether right or left. His reasons and justifications are as confusing and indecipherable as anything could be. I could not, from his ramblings, exhort a point of view of any kind with any certainty. The fact is: nuts get guns, bombs, razors, knives, and when they do, they are capable of almost anything. Most actions of the mentally disturbed are horrific and nonsensical, but the delight with which the media first reported, without any substantiation AT ALL, that this individual was an Afghan veteran and by association probably a conservative gun nut with a Tea Party affiliation was disgusting and revealing of their intent to divide, demonize and ultimately regulate any and everything valuable to people who hold similar values and points of view. The fact that none of their speculation was true or accurate has not diminished their zeal for regulations that could effect their political enemies.

This should indicate to the general population that the government continues to target and demonize political opponents and that the news media is not to be trusted with any degree of credibility.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Of Oaths and Loyalties

This website has been getting hit a lot by Federal Law enforcement of late. I understand their curiosity and interest and I certainly appreciate their visits. It gives me an opportunity to broach a subject long left unaddressed. We live in a republic based on laws that are reliable, not serving only the powerful or the corrupt, but the average citizen. That definition includes them as well. I know they feel more powerful than that, but they aren't. When the worm turns against them, all of the previous law enforcement experience will do them no good, except to help them accept their fate at the hands of a tyrannical government.

But, they have a choice. They can go along with this unconstitutional government right up to the end, when the government decides to cover their tracks by eliminating the stooges they used to do the dirty work, or they can embrace the legal and proper scope of the Constitution. When you have representatives of the people, who have sworn oaths to the Constitution bray and swear at the reading of it in public, spitting their disgust at the sound of it being read, you do not live in a Constitutional Republic as designed by the founders and I suppose you know that already. Don't you? That republic no longer exists and those who wield the power of it do so illegitimately as surely as if they walked into the station house and started barking orders to kill civilians. Would you stand up to that? I doubt it more and more everyday.

There is a moment to decide where one stands, behind the barricades of totalitarianism, or in front of the citizens one is sworn to protect. There is an oath and it doesn't mean much to people today. It means nothing to more than half of the civilian government. They are just words they hide behind when they commit their crimes against the people and the only thing that allows them to do it is the cowardice of the law enforcement personnel who tolerate it.

One might ask oneself a simple question: Which way should the guns be pointing? If in one's good conscious it should be at the shopkeepers, the day laborers and the nurses for seeking a peaceful change in their government and demanding that the law be followed and obeyed, then fine. No one can argue with a person's perspective and if that is what they believe, then by all means line up as many citizens as you care to and do with them what you want. They are willing victims to this madness for their failure to revolt.

But, if one sees oneself as a champion of legitimate government, of true representation and one who takes the contract with the people as legitimate, then some soul-searching should take place directly. We are moving past the point of decision. The leaders, the ones who have decided to turn their backs on everything lawful and right, are in control right now and they are giving you their orders. But, you are not a Nazi, you do not have to follow orders from people who show no regard for the oaths they have taken, or the loyalties they have sold for the comfort of power.

Ultimately though, you must ask yourself: At whose behest am I reading this blog and why? Is that freedom of speech? Is that freedom of expression? How long before I start enforcing Sharia law? These questions have probably already defined your patriotism, the validity of your oaths and your loyalty.


T.L. Davis
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Now Is The Time For Action

The past few days of the new congress have been interesting to watch. We see the pieces moving to and fro, check and counter-check. We know who is against us, though it will take longer to see who is with us. All of the old forces reveal themselves in new clothes. Is that a hammer and sickle on Nancy's ring? They think it is safe to be anti-American, contemptuous of the Constitution. To them it is a ritual, a religion for which they know only revulsion. Has anyone bothered to ask from what do they draw their authority if the Constitution is outdated and largely irrelevant?

This is a dangerous time. The enemies of liberty and the constitution willingly flaunt their anti-American agenda from within the walls of power in the United States. Our elected officials mock us with their disdain for our values. I have heard things like the siege is a necessary fail. I cling to the hope that it is not while I prepare myself for the fact that it may be.

This is serious business. The rally to be held on 1/21 did not seem to fit the agenda. Initially, I thought it would be a good way to show our appreciation for the hard work people had done to get there. Then, I found myself spending an inordinate amount of time trying to organize it, get speakers for it, evaluate the attendance to it, until it became a distraction from the real agenda, which is to get into the halls of congress and let them know what we think about this anti-American strain of governance.

What became obvious to me was that the siege itself needed to be the focus of attention. That when other organizations came calling to help us they could see the siege for what it was, not the rally, which was largely irrelevant to the actions that need to be taken. I was confirmed in this thought by a frank discussion with a representative of nationally known political organization and another discussion with a large Tea Party/912 contingent.

Let us focus on the siege then. What started out as a good idea has since turned into an absolute necessity. This is a defining moment in our history and it may even take place before we can get there to ensure that it goes our way. But then, the worst that can happen is that we will have trusted allies beside us when actions need to be taken. Hopefully we will be joined in numbers by Tea Parties and 912 organizations, but if not, I will gladly take the few dedicated souls who show up over the thousands who have made mere promises.

Now is the time for action.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last Stop on the Freedom Train

It is clear from the rhetoric coming out of Washington DC, by the liberals/socialists/communists, that they think the repeal of PPACA, or Obamacare is a waste of time, ridiculous, silly politics, etc. What does this mean? They are scared to death of it. It terrifies them. Why? Because they know that if this is repealed, it proves two things: 1) that the people can reverse bad law (a thing they desperately refuse to acknowledge); 2) it would establish the power of the people.

See, the battle being fought is not between Obama and the Republicans, it is being fought between the government and the people. If Obamacare is repealed, the people win, a thing NEITHER of the political parties want to happen. Trust me, this is about power and NO ONE will ever relinquish power willingly. Right now the people have the Republicans over the barrel and they know it, but they are looking for ways to get off the barrel, too. They want this repeal to be dealt with in the house, but they also want a brick wall between the repeal and the Senate.

Shortly, we will hear from the Republicans in the Senate trying to moderate expectations for a repeal, instead of pushing hard to get the votes for repeal. They would be talking about getting the bill to the President, rather than casting doubt on the outcome of any vote they might make. To them ALL it is a show, nothing more. Obama has even given his blessing to the House members to do what they have to, because he KNOWS that they are just doing what they have to after the election. The code: I'll let this mutiny go, but don't piss me off.

Right now, today, we need to be making phone calls to our senators, getting appointments to visit with them or their staff and discuss the repeal of Obamacre. The House will vote on January 12th to pass the bill on to the Senate. This is when we need to be in DC making sure that we control the message, which is: "Why won't the president do the will of the people?" "Why does the president resist the will of the people?" "Why is the president the president of NO?" "As a member of the Senate, we urge you to give the president the opportunity to act in concert with the will of the people, do not deny him that opportunity."

Please confirm your commitment to the siege. EMAIL me and let me know that you ARE coming. This is it. We need to know who is coming and who is not.

Let me lay this out for you. If you have read this far, you are somewhat committed to the idea of peaceful change, of a reassertion of the American people into politics, of a re-dedication to the Constitution. so let me explain something. THIS is the fight we have known was coming for a long time. There is no tomorrow on this deal. We either accept the power of the government, or we spend the rest of our lives returning this nation to the principles on which it was founded.

I know everyone thinks there will be a huge Constitutional challenge to the Second Amendment that will kick off the "put up or shut up" aspect to this engagement, but that is not true. Everything rides on this repeal. If this should become implemented, it will never be gotten rid of and we will, as a people, have been convinced that we belong to the state to do with us as they please. We will have simultaneously agreed to every egregious piece of legislation ever passed, or we will have proved that we can refute and repeal ANY legislation passed by any previous congress. It is ours to choose.

We have already seen what they have done to Fourth Amendment protections; what they have done to Second Amendment protections; what they have done to First Amendment protections. What more do we need to know? Never before have the people been this motivated to reinforce the Constitution. If Obamacare is allowed to stand, it will signify the worst defeat of the American people. It will take all of the momentum created by the Tea Party and dash it on the rocks of political reality. We need to alter political reality, not abide by it. This is the start of the repeal of every other right-restricting law, or the beginning of the end of liberty.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hate Mail, Exposure and the Price of Liberty

Hate mail, exposure and the price of liberty are what one considers before opening one's mouth in America today. There are vindictive little Internet squirrels who will ferret out every little flaw in your nature, where you live, how you live, where you shop. I am afraid of none of this. I am unafraid of the truth, or the lies. I am not perfect. I opened The Constitutionalist: Rights to Die For with a confession that I might be flawed, but that things need to be said and done. No matter what will be said about me through the siege, I can handle it.

All of this does is expose them as the sympathizers with our would-be rulers, the very cretins they claimed to be protesting against in times past. They are the willing Germans pointing out the Jews to the Nazis. They are the whisperers of Soviet Russia. They are the rats and snitches of any totalitarian system necessary to make societal compulsion successful. I do not feel lessened by being attacked by these, I am emboldened.

Here's what happens. Once a person realizes all the naked truth will come out, they become resigned to it in a peaceful way, a comforting way. I continue to rely on the people who have known me throughout my life, who know I would not lie, even when anyone else would and that no one would blame me for it. My wife knows not to ask the question about the dress and her rear-end. (She has nothing to worry about, but if it does, don't ask me!)

For the better portion of my life I have worked on political matters through one route or another. Some of what I had to say I said through novels. For some of it, I went about organizing a group. Mostly, I have failed to get what I have wanted, but I have been able to contribute to the debate in some important ways. But, there was a time when I wanted nothing to do with it, didn't understand it and didn't care.

My evolution came about through personal experience and reading books like the Gulag Archipelago, where the nature of the Internet squirrels was revealed to me for the first time. There is a connection between those who would expose even the slightest error for personal gain and those snitches in the gulag. That the Internet squirrels would do it for much less than survival, but because they are nothing less than small, vindictive, socially perverse rejects of a capitalist system only reduces their stature in my eyes.

This is the cover charge for politics in today's world. This is the sacred honor I have pledged to this cause. The treasure is wilting every day, which leaves only my life left to give. So, if they think they are going to frighten me away with exposure of things everyone in my circle of life already knows, understands and where necessary have forgiven, go right ahead.

I have never understood the perverse pleasure they get out of it though, of trying to tear someone down personally, criticizing every aspect of their nature. I would never consider doing such a thing to another in order, but then, I believe in freedom and privacy, they are not just catchphrases to get what I want. Were I as weak in thought, so otherwise talentless, I think I would prefer to go back to my job at Wendy's and not rock the boat for fear of being exposed as a hypocrite. Hypocrisy, however, has long been embraced by these people. Having given up on the moral fortitude it takes to be right and criticize wrong, they simply accept the moniker of hypocrite and let fly. This what has taught me that liberalism is the method of being a despicable human being while taking the moral high ground for recycling.