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Saturday, December 11, 2010

When We Stopped Pursuing Greatness

There came a time in the history of Man that he stopped pursuing greatness and sought only survival at the edge of oblivion. It was a backward time, when what was great was scrapped and the broken pieces worshipped for their artistry. All of the important things ground to a halt and began to rust. Those engines of wealth and wonder were no longer marvelled at, but detested for excess in a land of excess that sought meagerness.

Here is the time we have brought upon the earth. Here is the Twenty-first Century.

Every advanced society has begun to devolve. The backward societies have begun to advance into the void. The people of the lands are confused, not knowing what to believe, who to follow, what to pursue. Success is demonized and belittled. What to strive for in this new society? To be less and less is to be more and greater, but with no power or true ability it is an illusion.

All of society is illusion. Lies are told by the honest to avoid ridicule and repudiation. The very truth is detested and reviled as impolitic and crude. And so the lies and fables and dishonest hold power and sway over the masses leading them into contradiction with nature.

We now are poor and ignoble liars and deceivers and say we are happy when we are not; say we are wrong when we are right; say we are honest when that is a lie; say we know when we are ignorant.

In all societies there has been a peak when no further evolution is possible and descent is undeniable. In America, the beginnings were so vibrant, so quick to advance that society evolved at a rapid pace. Liberty fueled speculation, risk and reward. Liberty allowed each to pursue a dream, to go out into the world unrestrained by position, or caste, or birth and build. Sometimes those dreams produced poverty and waste, other times it spawned brilliance and innovation, but each time the magic spark was liberty.

We stand now, as a nation, on the brink of enslavement, teetering precariously between quietly accepting our fate as a people incapable of self-government, or to boldly break free of the societal devolution prescribed for us and to grab hold of liberty and demand our rights from the government so cleverly designed to deny them without saying no.

When now the paths are so clearly defined it is time to choose greatness rather than meager survival. I urge you to guard your liberty with all your efforts and with your last breath. 1/21/2011

Graciously quoted and linked at Green Mountains Homesteading.

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  1. All of society is illusion. Lies are told by the honest to avoid ridicule and repudiation. The very truth is detested and reviled as impolitic and crude. And so the lies and fables and dishonest hold power and sway over the masses leading them into contradiction with nature.
    Ron Paul: Lying Is Not Patriotic

  2. "In America, the beginnings were so vibrant, so quick to advance that society evolved at a rapid pace. Liberty fueled speculation, risk and reward. Liberty allowed each to pursue a dream, to go out into the world unrestrained by position, or caste, or birth and build."

    And so it came to pass that the New Socialists saw what had been done and they wanted it for themselves. They couldn't emulate these successes because that would be too much work and would take too much time so they taught our children that hard work and perseverance was unnecessary and that wealth redistribution was good. Those that had done the work, took the risks, and were successful were nothing but a bunch of greedy white opressors. "Take it from them. They do not deserve so much wealth and luxury. Take it! They are just greedy white men and you deserve the fruits of their labors. Take it!" Our children had not been taught history. They knew nothing of the socialist failures of the past and they rose up and demanded what they had been made to believe was their birth right and they took the wealth of those who had worked hard and succeeded, the wealth of a great nation, and they squandered it and destroyed the richest, most powerful country in the world and led themselves and everyone around them into the dark night of slavery....

  3. Thank you, Kind Sir.... :)

  4. Well said, TL.

    The window is closing rapidly for both sides of this conflict. The Left is watching their numbers in Congress decline and the masses beginning to understand that they are deadly to the republic.

    On our side, we race against the damage that has been inflicted by the Political Class for generations. We hope that we can turn the battleship before she sinks under the weight of the moral corruption and economic frauds that have a firm hold on the country.

    The first full day of work for our new Congress is 1/21 - and I fear it is also one of the few remaining days when we even have a chance to survive before a ruinous implosion.

    See you in DC, for we have no choice but to fight until the vary last moment.


  5. "This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it."
    ~~Abraham Lincoln

  6. I see things like the Hoover Dam, the Interstate Highway System, The Apollo Program and wonder why we don't do things like this anymore. It's not the lack of technical ability, but rather the lack of will to do them. It's truly a sad day in America when the rights of some insignificant little fish causes the farmers in Northern California to lack water, and our once great space program reduced to being run by risk-adverse bureaucrats.

  7. good points Jim. We have turned our backs on progress ironically at the behest of the progressives.

  8. Yeah, and it's become so pervasive. It starts in grade school, or before, when we're taught (or should that be 'indoctrinated'?) to be "fair". No excellence is allowed, if it means someone's feelings get hurt by "failing". No one is allowed to be "strong", as the weak may feel threatened. No one is allowed to be a true leader, as others opinions might be ignored, regardless of how irrelevant/flawed they may be. We must all be made "equal", which results in the strong and the intelligent, and those who excel, being pulled down to the lowest common denominator. And they teach this drivel from kindergarten through college.
    No wonder America has shriveled in the last 30 years, and shied away from greatness.

  9. Thanks to LBJ for his "Great Society". I think that's where it began in earnest... 1965. Sadly, it was destined from the beginning to be a total failure. An exercise in mediocrity. Mediocrity breeds mediocrity. And here we are today. 23rd in the world in math, 25th in science. We do have mad skilz at playing video games, though. And getting fat.

    "And they teach this drivel from kindergarten through college"

    ....and the teachers unions and public school administrations are so powerful that we, the parents and concerned members of society, can do nothing about it. It's part of the plan.

    No ones feelings are hurt. Johnny is happy in his belief that he's as smart and capable as Billy, even though he's not and never will be.

    Pervasive is the correct word.... it's everywhere. It's wrong. It defies nature. It defies logic. Yet, those who were indoctrinated in this environment since kindergarten know no better. And they now have children of their own who are being indoctrinated from birth.


  10. You are 100% correct, Blue. LBJ 'romanticized' it, but it started much earlier. Some people claim it started with FDR, (My Dad absolutely *hated* FDR and his policies. Called him a "GD Commie".) but I think it goes back to the first of the "Progressives", Woodrow Wilson. He had all the attributes, an Ivy League education, a law degree, and not much business experience..

  11. Quoted and linked at

    Sorry so late, been side tracked by the war on food s510 issue...


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