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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tour Of Duty

This is a time of societal upheaval. If I were more poetic I might suggest that it was a time that tries men's souls. It is a time when we define the nation, more spectacularly now than ever before because the last time there was a moment such as this the nation turned to socialism and the New Deal. They abandoned, as George W. Bush suggested we do this time, capitalism to save it. That is impossible and I took Bush's words as the most insulting thing I had ever heard him say. I felt he weakened the nation when it needed strength, the strength to go through the rough times, no matter how dire, and rectify the disaster of the New Deal.

Franklin Roosevelt, instead of calling on the greatness of the people to hold together, to rely on one another, to be giving in all things and to help one's neighbor, he called on the worst of us. It was known in my household that during the depression my family never turned a man away hungry. If you knew the extent of my family's poverty at the time, you would understand that as the soul of America, before it was ripped out by Roosevelt.

To the socialist, every crisis is an opportunity as so clearly laid out by Rahm Emanuel when he said: "Never let a crisis go to waste." Okay, they didn't and now we are faced with Obamacare, a runaway Federal Reserve, chronic unemployment, bailouts and giveaways and purchased votes. We have social programs galore and no way to pay for them. Billions have turned into trillions and they are looking for another, greater means of counting our debt and obligations. All of this based on the idea that one person owes another a living and a retirement.

I have often said that when a person is kind and charitable and giving it is virtue, when a government does it, it is vice. The reason I say that is there is no government money. When a person takes their hard-earned money, the profit from their sweat and gives that to a person or a cause it is virtuous. When the government demands that same amount in taxes from the worker to give to people or causes it deems worthy, it is robbery. This act is the very destruction of charity.

The ultimate price for government largess is not only capitalism, but the republic itself. When representatives and senators go to Washington to divide up the spoils of a welfare state, they are not doing the work of the American people. At that point they have become mere arbiters in the way that the citizen is robbed. Their long-forgotten job is to figure out how to give the citizen the most liberty for the least cost, nothing else. They were sent there to defend our rights and protect the Constitution in its entirety.

In a recent interview on a radio station the host compared Guardians of Liberty with our armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and while I know he did not intend to make the comparison on a heroic level, he did intend for us to consider what we are about as being as much a service to the nation as those brave troops in the field. It is our tour of duty to go to Washington starting on 1/21/2011 and serve our nation, to restore what was great and to demand the rights and liberties every American deserves. If you will give of yourself for your nation in any of the many ways Guardians of Liberty offers, you can consider it your tour of duty.

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    On you feet!

  2. Beautifully written!
    My Dad hated FDR. He called him a "GD Commie". Both of my parents grew up during The Great Depression, and were very charitable people. I'm sure if they were still with us, they'd be as sickened by the welfare entitlement menatlity that's running rampant as I am.

  3. I came across an interesting article on the protests at Belarus. Thousands of people gathered to demonstrate against rigged elections. These people were beaten by Lukashenko’s jack boot thugs. There’s nothing new here about protesters being beaten, except that there are 40,000 of them. “It was the largest opposition rally since mass street protests against Lukashenko in 1996, but it was over within hours”. Wow. 40,000 freedom loving people beaten and cleared within hours. How does that happen?
    From Wikipedia: “Belarus has been called “the last true remaining dictatorship in the heart of Europe” by the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. He and other Belarusian officials are also subject of the sanctions imposed by the European Union for egregious human rights violations”.
    From Wikipedia, another Lukashenko quote: “I am sure that it is the Belarus people who are the masters in our state." He warned that anyone joining an opposition protest would be treated as a "terrorist".
    From AP in Minsk: Speaking about the US President-elect Barack Obama, Lukashenko said he sorry for him. "I look at Obama, a young man, a good-looking person. That is my first impression, I feel sorry for him. He looks 100% like Lukashenko, when I came to power after the downfall of the Soviet Union. The store shelves were empty, a severe financial crisis."
    SO, how do you beat and disperse 40,000 people and get away with it? A short hop down the article reveals a clue: "We had a peaceful protest and it is the authorities who used force.." Ah! They had a peaceful protest, but I’d say they had little choice. Let’s take a look at gun laws in Belarus. First, there are only 3,680 rifles in civilian possession reported in Belarus. Civilians are not allowed to possess handguns (unless awarded for military service). This is out of a population of around 9.6 million.
    On the other hand, the defense forces of Belarus are reported to have 1,739,7124 firearms. Police in Belarus are reported to have 36,0245 firearms. Do I detect a pattern?
    "How can we counter a dictator who created a police state in the past 16 years?" said 21-year-old student Artur Makayonak, who was among the activists heading to the square. "Only our protests, our strive for freedom and a peaceful rally."
    Sorry guys and gals, but you cannot counter such a dictator, because that 16 year old police state has been waiting for you to arrive with your peaceful protests. They’ve been preparing for all of that “peace” you are flinging down range at them. “Some tried to hide in the courtyards of nearby apartment buildings, but were bludgeoned by troops waiting inside the courtyards”.
    And the alternative to being bludgeoned is not additional peaceful protest, I can guarantee. But 40,000 people still showed up to get rid of the murderous Communist dictator, with their spirit as a shield. Their spirit is all they have left to shoot with. They will become another asterisk and footnote to the history of collectivism in Europe.
    We in America have no such excuse, but to be certain, the bastards are waiting for us also. Will we be running into courtyards and hiding under bushes, hoping to escape tasering, bludgeoning or worse? Of course not. We trust that we have the liberty of peaceful protest. And the enemies of our Republic also trust that we have that liberty. In fact, they are counting on it. Because even if our only weapons are our spirit, we as Americans still tend to show up unwilling to fight with that spirit. There is no reason to suppress an ineffective group of protestors. They do not fight us, because we simply pose no threat. So why do they club them in Belarus? Because the people of Belarus showed up to throw out a dictator, and this time they did not leave their only weapons at home.

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    Thanks buddy!

  5. Excellent post, Mr. Davis.

    Radiowave.... Bravo!

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  7. My mother never really recovered from the scars of growing up during the depression. I worked hard to break that cycle. I'll let my children decide whether or not I succeeded. Like I always told the kidlets, everyone deserves the opportunity to serve.

  8. Oh yeah, I'd like to third that Bravo

  9. My dad as well, Scribbler. Wouldn't spend a dime.


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