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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Speed Bumps and Spectators

In America we are all free to do as we please. There are those who concentrate on bringing others under their sway, to use their consent to obtain things they are not due. There are others, who focus their attention on obtaining the rights for themselves and to expanding their freedom to the greatest extent. Still others focus on pop-culture and can tell you every winner of American Idol from the first season on.

Okay, I am in the second group. I have no interest in your liberty and what you might do with it as long as it doesn't involve the diminution of mine. But, I have seen enough of my liberty taken by the stupid acts of others to take it personally. These, I consider speed bumps and spectators. These are the huge masses of Americans who are in the third group. They fill their lives with nonsense and personal relationships rivalling only a Woody Allen film.

The first group is the one with which to be concerned. These are politicians and worse, people like George Soros who spend their time trying to manipulate the electorate, or politicians, who recognize the avenue to greater wealth and influence is through our own elected representatives. They seek collectivism for some reason I have not completely been able to comprehend. It comes from a desire to rule in the collectivist world, but so many are just fodder that I have never quite understood it. In other words, I can see how a few could conceivably think they might be the ONE leader of the collective, or at least on the staff of the ONE. But, I don't see how the masses can be interested in collectivism, it is a damned miserable existence for the masses. But it is a fact that collectivism, through some misplaced desire for equality at all costs, or something ignorant like that, is a growing, not a diminishing trend.

America is the only espouser of liberty. Even when it can not live up to the billing, it is the only one I know of which espouses the virtue of individuality and liberty. That is a dangerous concept to the would-be rulers of all humanity. It is a genie that is unable to be put back into the bottle where there are those of us who believe in it. This is why liberty is under constant attack. Kill liberty once and for all and it might never rear its head again.

Are you aware of your value in that regard? You are a vessel, a container of a dangerous idea of liberty and rights to enforce it. They have to come after you, kill you, to kill the idea. Only with the death of liberty might people like George Soros thrive and control this last great stallion among nations.

Never mind the idea of majorities, they don't matter in a nation where the majority is hooked on television and narcotics, on tattoos and piercings, on discussing their sexual orientation or their commitment to saving the planet. Those are just speed bumps on the way to liberty, the spectators who will watch you march through Washington with a bag of popcorn and a solar-driven radio. They have no dog in the fight and seek only the easiest path to the coroner's table.

You are the carrier of liberty, the guardians who will protect not only the ideal, but the rights that secure it. Focus on being that vessel, not those who have neither eyes to see nor ears to hear.

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    As always Sir, Top Shelf Thinking!

  2. Toaster, you always have better headlines. I should check with you first. Thank you for the compliments and linkage.

  3. With the greed and egocentrism of the first group and the apathy of the third making them nearly as dangerous, I fear the guardians are greatly outnumbered. Good thing they're the smartest, no? Last two phrases - perfect.

  4. The American Revolution was fought, it is said, by only 3% of the population. They suffered the same issues at the very beginning, but it is not the amount of people on your side, but the rightness of your cause.

    Were I trying to do something devious, I wouldn't expect it to work.


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