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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Power of Percentages

As American lore has it, only 3% of the population of the then British Colonies took part in the American Revolution. Add another 10% who supported the effort in some way and the whole of the world was turned on its head for the next few centuries due to roughly 13% of a small, otherwise insignificant, band of rebels.

As you let that sink in for a moment, consider every other nation on earth. Where else has this taken place? Cuba? Not really, if it weren't for the Soviet Union's paternalistic support the coup would have been short-lived. Even then, Cuba had nowhere near the impact on the world as has the United States. And, while there are rebellions every day, coups and attempted coups every couple of years, where has one been more successful or impactful? I say there is nowhere else.

In these days of constant usurpation of power, of the changing nature of our government, we will have to rely on the understanding of what made America the nation that is was, and I say "was" advisedly, because it is no longer the nation that was able to grow into the superpower status that it enjoyed for the past century. It is today being weighed down by the chains of social burdens. This is not what the purpose of the American government and it wears the cloak of social administrator with poor posture.

The American ideal was one of enabling the citizen to do for themselves and each other. It is not a government designed to be the answer to everyone's problems, it is designed to let people formulate and implement the answer. It is a government that is not meant to be creative, but to enable creativity. Where these lessons were lost is debatable, but not deniable.

We have lost our way in the dreams of socialists. The ripe cherry of American ingenuity and wealth was too great of a fruit to go unplucked by the social planners. We find ourselves now at the crossroads, where deals are being made for our future. Those in Washington have given up on the people, they have lost faith that we have the will to govern ourselves and are quickly ensuring that we will not have the power.

The purpose of the Siege of DC is as much a vindication of the stamina of the American people as it is to repeal any specific legislation. It is as much a statement of will as much as it is a statement of goals and objectives. The Guardians of Liberty will lead the effort but only individual commitment will decide the outcome.

Just as in the birth of the nation when a mere 3% took to the fields, the rebirth of the republic will require only a similarly small percentage of true believers to deliver liberty. Join us at Guardians of Liberty.

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  1. A couple of my very good friends are leaders in the Tea party movement the Republican party here. I have forwarded the links and info. They are both going to share the info with their respective groups.

    "Those in Washington have given up on the people, they have lost faith that we have the will to govern ourselves and are quickly ensuring that we will not have the power."

    Again, that is quite generous of you. Rather than having lost faith, I think they are HOPING and counting on us not having the will. Semantics, perhaps.

  2. Semantics, but I'm sure it is that way. I guess having given up is generous, too. I just don't want to give them too much credit, either. I think mostly they are selfish children who want it their way, who want power and money and adoration and take advantage of anything, any system that will give them that of from which they think they can take it.

  3. You're doing a good and mighty thing here, T.L. I'm glad we're on the same side. I wouldn't want to have to face you as an adversary. : c )


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