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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Only Thing We Really Have To Fear...Is The Fear Of Reality

The only thing we really have to the fear of reality. There are two posts that illustrate this point well. One is Kerodin's post at Momento Mori. The other is not so much a post as it was an interview with Karl Denninger. Both have one thing in common: the growing frustration with the citizenry and/or Tea Party to take matters into their own hands and stand up for themselves. Kerodin's point was more on the social while Denninger attacked the economic.

The Siege on DC is designed to show individuals the way to employ their efforts with greater effectiveness. But, it is designed to empower and embolden those same individuals. The time for sitting back, waiting on others to do the work, is over. That attitude is what has led to the utter literal bankruptcy of the United States economy.

There is a deep fear of recognizing the issues; that by confronting them they become tangible. Guess what? They are already tangible. Just because you have not experienced a significant downturn in your personal salary, or have not been foreclosed on doesn't mean this tragic, slow-motion train wreck isn't going to pull you into the rubble. It already has, but like an atomic bomb, some are incinerated in the explosion and some are poisoned with radiation and it takes decades to die, but die they will.

We saw the flash in July of 2008 and everything else is just the unfolding of the natural physics. Stop, duck and cover. The concussion of the blast is heading toward us, speeding along and leaving devastation in its wake. Those too close to the blast are frozen in time, imprinted on the walls of Manhattan.

People like Kerodin, Denninger, Pete at WRSA, Mike at Sipsey Street have all been screaming to get into the bunker, to survive the blast and avoid the radiation. Most have taken notice and prepared their survival, but the focus seems to be drifting in the other groups.

There is no safe place to hide. A teacher will have neither the salary nor the retirement promised. The patients will not have the doctors they think they will have. The police will not protect the citizens when they are too busy protecting their own. Today, British students protest a rise in tuition, they have no concept of the hell that is theirs to inherit. One might look at them and see the clear effects of radiation poisoning to which they are oblivious, but infected nonetheless.

The siege is designed to draw out the small percentage that will fight back. It is designed to create connections between groups and organizations that will be able to rely on each other when the winds of that long-ago blast wipe out the present landscape and we are all left to fumble around in the darkness seeking order.

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