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Friday, December 24, 2010

Lame Duck Sell Out

Guardians of Liberty came about out of the frustration and knowledge that the Republicans would not be able to hold their ground against the Democrats, Barack Obama, a hostile media bent on cheer leading for their opponents, and the desire to be like and respected by the nation. Never was this futile desire so on display as during the past few weeks of the lame-duck session of congress. To anyone unsure of whether it is really necessary to show up at DC on January 21st, one need only look at the manner in which we were sold out during this period.

Going into the lame-duck session the Republicans held all the cards, cards we, the tax-paying conservative masses out here in the hinterland, did not want played at all. Is there anyone who can explain to me why the Republicans did not simply refuse to pass any legislation until the new congress was seated? What was the rush? The expiring tax rates? Okay, let's look at that event alone.

The Bush-era tax rates were sunsetted by the Democrat-dominant congress that promised not to pass the tax rate cuts unless they were sunsetted, or would simply expire ten years hence. Bush did not have the power, back then, to make the rate-cuts permanent. So, those who held the tax rate cuts hostage the first time, did it again. They tried playing class-warfare politics with them, but found out that the people wanted the rates to remain in effect to a point that they were unable to stick with it. How did our representatives and senators respond to this admission of weakness? They caved in! THEY caved in and gave Obama and the Democrats a class-warfare win by extending unemployment benefits for a third year. I am as sympathetic as anyone to the unemployed, as most know this year my business has been teetering and I might easily have been one of them, but THREE YEARS? And, whose policies have kept them unemployed while Don't Ask, Don't Tell dominated his agenda? When stimulus bills that robbed the small business of relief were used to prop up government worker union pensions?

The message was easy: Ten years ago the Democrats refused to recognize economic facts and sunsetted the Bush-era tax rate cuts, refusing to let them stand as the positive economic move they were and are. Today, the President admits on one hand that they are necessary to the middle-class economic survival and on the other hand claims that they cannot be afforded to stand for longer than two years. It is this type of economic illiteracy which has led to 9.8% unemployment, to 99 weeks on the dole, to claiming that Obamacare would REDUCE the deficit. This administration has ignored the obvious answers before it, choosing instead to impose regulations and restrictions on business and promoting continued reliance on government to solve all problems without proving even once that his policies do anything other than the opposite.

Instead, what did the Republicans actually say? They said: Yes, Mr. President we will work with you to show that we are good people and the media should like us. For personal advantage, they refused to take our side and stand tall, stand strong. It is the constant and recurring demonstration that the Republican leadership will not hold out for our values and our principles that have made Guardians of Liberty necessary and your participation crucial to getting from these representatives actual REPRESENTATION.

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