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Monday, December 13, 2010

Justice Stephen Breyer, The Master's Face

Do we really need any further justification for revolt than the interview on FOX News with Justice Stephen Breyer? The condescension was thick in the air of one who rules, yet denies to rule; one who snarkily suggests that if one wants a weapon to shoot at targets one might go to Maryland on the subway. He did not reveal, in all his brilliance, that by possessing a handgun in Washington DC one was already breaking the law, carrying it on the subway concealed if not now, soon will be against the law and presumably captured by one of Janet Napolitano's porno scanners.

The point I am making is that here is a man who sees himself as the ultimate law, not interpreting the law, which I have always contended was NOT their purpose, but merely reading the law and strictly applying the actual words to the laws in dispute, with prejudice against laws that infringe on the natural liberty of the citizen. Instead, they see the words, each one they might conflate out of proportion to arrive at an end that pleases the majority of them the most. These are the actions of kings, not men and certainly not citizens.

Yet, we are at their mercy. Our rights are theirs to deny or grant with imperious might. "But, what is the scope?" Breyer asked Chris Wallace, when referring to the freedom of speech, indicating that Madison had never considered what role the Internet might play in free speech as if a clever method of placing him then in the role of Madison as the author of the Constitution for today. We are not safe as a people with such men and women as that on the court.

It is an oligarchy that they operate in the Supreme Court. When the peasants are unable to figure out complex issues it rises to these majesties and they will look upon the society and decide what is best for the peasants and their rulers, leaning always toward the rulers and rarely toward the peasant (YOU).

It is time that we band together to guard our own liberties. There is no desire in government to secure these rights for you, there is no willingness to apply the Constitution to our application for security of those rights. One might imagine the arrogance and imperiousness of Breyer from afar, but to witness it so clearly displayed as righteous is alarming.

I am not asking you to join the Guardians of Liberty as much as I am asking whatever group you belong to to stand with us on January 21, 2011 and be there in Washington to demand our rights. For too long this task has been left to people who have no reason to demand them as it works against their cause to do so. What representative gains power from empowering his electors? None. What Judge gains power by empowering those before him? None. What bureaucrat gains power from empowering those who would challenge his authority? None.

This is why we, as citizens, must stand together. Join the Guardians, or meet with us, let us extend our numbers to you as you would extend your numbers to us. We are all citizens against this behemoth that would take our treasure, strip us of our rights and demand of us obedience and labor. Does that not sound like the role of a slave? I implore you to reach out, to join us, to let us know when to join you. It is our lot to do this for posterity, because a few ticks of the clock past now and there will be no other chance.

Graciously linked and quoted at Green Mountains Homesteading.

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  1. Quoted and linked at

    Make sure you count me in my friend. I don't know if I can get to Washington, but will do everything I can to support that mission. I am involved with the Vermont Campaign for liberty, and will present your material to the group. They are a great bunch folks.

    Let's roll...

  2. Thank you so much, we really do need to make this statement.

  3. Breyer has an arrogant look about him.


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