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Monday, December 6, 2010

Guardians of Liberty

There comes a time after TARP, after bailouts of banks and auto manufacturers, after shoe bombers and underwear bombers where every law seems intent on robbing the American citizen of coin, liberty or dignity that one has to fight back, to protest, to deny. For me that was about two years ago, in the run up to Obamacare, when it was all just town halls and protests.

I wrote a book, The Constitutionalist: Rights To Die For, to reach out to my fellow Americans and explain to them that what was going on was wrong, even illegal. I have taken part in the Tea Party Convention in Nashville, the Take The Town Halls to DC event, and 8/28. I have been doing everything I could think of to stem this inexorable outward flow of freedom.

I have been working on a project and have hinted at it a number of times. Today, I unveil that project: Guardians of Liberty. We are all guardians of our own liberty and this organization will help us all to be better guardians, to come together with others and take a stand. A lot of the details are at the website.

Think of this: if you had a small group, say 50 people who wanted to go to DC and protest to demand the override the veto of Obamacare, what would you do? What effect would you have? Would there be anything that would come of it? Probably not. But, what if you could coordinate that effort with 60 other small groups who would like to support the veto? What if all you could do was send a few representatives? Would that do any good? But what if those representatives met up with hundreds more?

Okay, what if you didn't want to protest, but wanted to support one you have seen on TV, or have been following through a blog? How would you donate? How would you be able to support it directly without going through a few different organizations and what if your donation was not used for that protest, but went into the coffers of that organization? We protect your cash and dedicate it to the struggle, because that is all we are accepting donations to do.

What if you didn't have any money to donate, weren't part of an organization, but were really ticked off about illegal immigration? Where would you go? How would you defend your liberty?

See, that's what Guardians of Liberty is all about, that is why you are already a member if you will guard your own liberty. We just want to help.

On January 21, 2011 we will hold a rally on the steps of the capitol and that will kick off the following siege that will last until Obamacare is finally totally repealed. We will keep the heat on the congress until someone overrides the veto, or Obama gives in and lets the thing become law without his signature. From there, there are a number of other issues, all with different goals and trigger points. We will be there to coordinate that, too, because this is all about liberty and those who will guard it against assault.

We will not go anywhere. We will remain in DC to setup and coordinate the people who, even individually, want to come and express their outrage. Here's the best part, do it in conjunction with a vacation. Walk the grounds of your monuments, soak up the liberty that is your birthright and when you get ticked off that there are people in that town who would love to see you denied the gift of your forefathers, come join the siege, we will be waiting.

As you will see on the website, there is no limit to it. It can occur locally, too. All it requires are people willing to take that next step and demand, in some way, their liberty. Is that you?

Most of you recall a post a wrote called Night Sweats of a Small Businessman. That is all true. But, nothing is as important as this moment in time, to which I am willing to sacrifice everything I have. I will pledge $10,000 to this cause from the last bit of money I have been able to save my whole working life. I hope I don't have to use all of that ten grand, but I have set it aside to make sure this thing gets a life, starts to breath on its own, because I don't think that money is going to be worth the paper it is printed on if we don't turn something around NOW.

That is my pledge to you, a guardian of liberty. Join me. Join all of us who will stand and fight for it.

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  1. So, how to bring this out of the realm of protest, and into that of a proper 4G occasion? A melding of economics, communications and technology suggest that an e-book guide to local action may help fund the Washington event. Donations are fine, but an e-book dedicated toward prepping simultaneous local protests for those who cannot attend Washington could be distributed for a $5 donation. Readers may then be urged to send an e-copy to their Congressmen and Senators so as to explain to them what they are witnessing on their doorstep. A one shot dedicated publication provides an opportunity for the media to pick up the story, even if only to simply debunk Patriots, but I believe this would backfire with the publicity ultimately assisting our cause. Essentially, as long as intentions are to be announced, and the powers that be are to be alerted, it may be prudent to have some control of the story line by pre-seeding the information turf in such (or some other) manner.

  2. why does obama eligibilty always get lost in these discussions? Free Terrence Lakin?

  3. Hey TL:

    Great idea here, thanks for your hard fought efforts.
    I'll be checking out your guardians of liberty site !

    Our whole clan is with you 'in exile'.

    Our native California caved into tyranny, so we were forced to take refuge near East Texas.

    Glad to be here, but wish it were even more on fire for Liberty - the wood is a bit damper than I'd prefer.

    On a related note:

    In addition to protesting in DC, how about doing it at our respective state capitols - instructing them to nullify ObamaCare, the TSA porno scanners, etc ?

    It seems our state legislatures - in many states, [not all, sadly] - are the place to begin, as they are much closer to the people, and the right 'sphere' (jurisdiction, if you prefer) to use to oppose the Federal assault on our Liberties.

    There is already a bill proposed in Texas state legislature to 'outlaw ObamaCare' in the entire State.

    BRAVO !

    Just think of the effect of Patriots nationwide going to their respective state capitols with a similar message of "defend the Liberty of this state & 'we the people' or else....and I think many, many state legislatures are already primed for this move, even now - before we show up in persuasive numbers.

    What we're talking about here is using the Principles of 'government governs by the consent of the governed' in the Declaration, plus the 9th & 10 Amendments limiting Federal power to 'enumerated powers' only.

    This is our job as citizens, and our local & state legislatures, as well.

    Here is the WND article on the Texas bill:

    The best site I've found for an in-depth look at this strategy:

    TL, love to hear your input....

    Samuel Adams, Jr.
    Sons of Liberty - Texas

    TL, you're in Texas, too ?

  4. Target one is to kill Obamacare dead, that is the greatest offense and while going through state legislatures is okay, it is a little too slow for this round. However, that is a good simultaneous action. I like it.

    I like the book idea too. We need to discuss and plan on that score. E-mail me through the website as I am only answering guardian mail for the next few days as I am away on business.

  5. Both Radiowave and Sam Adams Jr have very good points.

    A printed program with a plan of action, talking points, lists of US Representatives and their staff members (who are often the go-to hotshot), DC map, et cetera - a play-by-play textbook can be generated inexpensively. My wife is a publisher, we can get it done to retail at about $5-7 each.

    State Houses: If you have folks who can not get to DC, they can at least get to their state houses and pummel them about the heads and shoulders. This has two immediate benefits for the cause: First, your State Rep takes your case and starts a ruckus with his associates. What that translates to is: 5 Legislator from East Eqypt have banded together. They have their coalition fired up! They call their guy in Washington (the Congressman) and they rip him a new one. The value? Your Congressman gets to say to his collegues "Hey, folks, I have sharks biting at my feet about this issue, my constituents want it done! I have to propose it in the house...

    State level Legislators are the fire. US Congressmen feel the fire...and gets to use the fire as cover for his actions. It makes his play much stronger in session. It's a grass-roots uprising, Madame Secretary, my people are HOT!


    Get it?

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  7. Dennis308 said...
    T.L. I will be able to make a trip to D.C. in February in order to fit into my work schedule while I'm there I will visit both my Senators Cornyn and Hutchison as well as our new Congressman Farenholt. To remind them all that we are watching and expect,No Demand that they do ALL that is Possible to Kill Oboma-Care and return to the Constitutionally Limited Government Promised to the Republic at any cost.


    Look up my profile and contact me if you have other Ideas that I can be helpful with.

  8. Quoted and linked at

    Sorry a little late on the pickup. I had a mass escape of Narragansetts from the Stalag and just finished the round up. It is no fun being Col. Klink to a bunch of poultry.

    While myself most likely cannot make the trip to Barad-dûr, er Washington, I am involved with people who will be turning the oversight heat up on the statehouse frauds this year. We are going to have to, with a naked neo Marxist as the new governor.

    We are with you, even if we are not there with you...

    God Bless Mr. Davis. Now forward, to victory!

  9. Toaster and Dennis, thanks, there will always be a way to do something locally as well. I will get in touch with everyone later, as I get some time, probably tomorrow.

  10. I sent you my email address to your regular email, so as not to labor the website with such a long posting.

  11. Any thought about approaching Glenn Beck with help in getting the word out about this? I would think that this endeavor dovetails nicely with his message and organization. You're gonna need numbers, big numbers to have even the slightest chance of effect. He certainly has the audience. He's demonstrated his ability to bring a large number of folks to D.C. What have you got to lose?

  12. Check out for the state by state Nullificatio of ObamaCommieCare - tell your state reps your God given rights are under Federal assault....we must stand together !

  13. Allen, I will certainly give Glenn a shot, I think we are talking with his producers right now. More developments to come.

    Anonymous, I will do it.

  14. “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”
    Winston Churchill

  15. Brilliant! I love that quote, and I believe that is where we are today.

  16. "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
    George Washington

    Our forefathers were obviously much smarter than we are :)

    Best wishes, Mr. Davis


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