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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Demonstrate Your Dedication To Liberty

There is one chance that you have to demonstrate your dedication to liberty, to show the effects you can have by participating in a worthy cause. Brian Aitken is the father of a young son and is currently imprisoned without cause in New Jersey. The story with backup documentation is here.

Anyone schooled in the legal system understands that getting on the wrong side of the law is an intimidating and humiliating moment rife with consequences for one's family that go way beyond any reasonable limit. When a loved one is charged with a crime instantly the family finances are threatened, the reputation is sullied, rumors persist long after innocence has been vindicated. Newspapers don't keep track of crimes past the sensational and there is nothing sensational about a quite victory. It is shock and headlines that sell papers and fuel the rumor mill.

That Aitken is from Colorado, my home state, only makes this more prescient for me. But, he should not be in jail for any reason. New Jersey laws be damned. The federal government takes great pride in its role as a leveler of the playing field, of establishing universal rules so that innocent people don't get caught up in this sort of mess, but that doesn't seem to extend to anything truly American like the Second Amendment.

Wednesday December 15, 2010 is the day to call into Governor Chris Christie's office and request a pardon for Brian Aitken, to rectify this misapplication of the law. Give Christie an opportunity to stand on principle, to do something good and righteous.  Demonstrate your dedication to the Bill of Rights that should prevent any such arrest from taking place.

Go to David Codrea's website for details and call: 609-292-6000 and ask Governor Christie to pardon Brian Aitken.


  1. We, unfortunately, have "those people" infiltrating here.

    The New Jersey Incident--What Motivates Bureaucrats

  2. "...innocent...level the playing field..."

    Perhaps I can explain this...I understand your confusion. Here's the thing, you obviously use Merriam/Webster. WA uses politispeak. In their vernacular, "innocent" means anyone on state assistance who either a) doesn't NEED it or B) cheated to get it, minorities - excluding those who actually abide by the law and earn their own living, and anyone whose vote is for sale. "level the playing field" refers to taking from the earners and giving to the aforementioned moochers.

    See how easy it is to get confused and turned around? They aren't talking about or to law abiding citizens who recognize the value of earning their keep, patriotism, the greatness and potential of America, or something so archaic as the Constitution.

    This is a perfect example of your comment regarding spoiled children who simply take what they want. I'll guarandamntee ya' we wouldn't be having this discussion if Mr. Aitken came from a different demographic.

    Washington, and New Jersey it would appear, need an enema.

  3. Bob, from what I can tell, they charged him with possession of hollow point ammunition and transporting arms, none of which is illegal under the terms they discovered them.

  4. Called a day late but called. Might I suggest every Wednesday until he is pardoned?

  5. I think everyday is a good idea. I forgot to call today, though so I'm glad you picked up my slack.


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