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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Anesthetics of Inaction

When confronted with the opportunity to make a stand, to defend one's rights, to go out to the government offices and record one's displeasure, there is always an alternative. Often in America today, there are many seeming alternatives: watching television, shopping, drinking beer, getting a tattoo, dating, sewing, watching sporting events, etc. The trick is, these are not actual alternatives, they are the anesthetics that lead to inaction.

The real alternative to defending one's rights is losing them.

If there is one thing that has become completely apparent by the lame duck session of congress is that the Democratic Party is determined to rule, to govern against the will of the people. The ham-handedness of it all is rebounding to the advantage of the Guardians of Liberty, so one should not complain, but for a demonstration of open and proud middle-finger waving politics, it is on display in congress right now.

These are the actions of a group of politicians who believe themselves above the people, subservient to no one. They are the operators of the trains taking all of us to the gulag. They are the actual alternative to demanding one's rights. The average American has a million reasons not to attend the Siege of DC on 1/21/2011. It is too far. It costs too much. We are in a recession. I could get fired. I just don't think it's worth it. I have heard them all in the past few months. But all of these excuses are for why they don't want to participate in the siege. They don't understand, it is not a choice between the siege and television, of a cold one. It is a choice between finding oneself powerless against the arrogance of the Democratic leadership in congress, or becoming active in the resistance.

Right now communists are coming out the closet. Socialism is no longer their stated goal. They see their opportunity and they recognize that it is either now or they will be denied for another several decades. The communists realize that the whole economic engine is winding down and that in the chaos lies their opportunity. They are moving their pieces into place, then waiting, watching and preparing to make their lunge at the United States. Communists of every stripe is willing to help them. It is a world goal to bring the United States into the grips of the communists. It serves everyone's purpose, but ours.

It is not so important to recognize communists as the problem, they are just confirmation that something is about to happen and they intend to be a part of it. Your real alternative lies with them. So, when you are sitting back in your chair and watching sports with a cold one and feel that chill run up your back, it is the cold hand of the true alternative making your acquaintance.

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