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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

America In Revolt

What would America look like in revolt? There is a lot of talk out there (especially since the Senate passed S-510 giving government control over the food supply) about resistance. I say we are at that point. It is time for the resistance to begin. It is time to be Americans and reach down and lift up that ingenuity to begin active resistance against the Constitutionally illiterate.

Rights are not things to be meted out by government when it sees fit. They are not prizes to be won by compliance and adherence to random, vague rules. Rights are that which each person has by natural law. The free among us exercise them and maintain them, the serfs have forgotten or never knew they existed. Trust me, the government prefers serfs to free citizens any day.

"Oh, but I don't commit crimes, I really don't need privacy of papers and effects," one might say. "It is for the better good that I allow the police officers to randomly search me and my things." This is a serf mentality. This is the thinking of a subject, not a citizen. Worse, the lack of vigilance in this regard allows that right to soften and grow weak before the courts. This is how the republic was lost, through that mindset. How noble in thought they are to themselves, those serf-minded among us.

For lack of vigilance in the past we have now arrived at the condition of serfs. Our government largely ignores us unless it stands to gain from our outbursts, usually to the detriment of other rights unguarded. We submit ourselves to illegal searches and seizures whenever we run into a DUI checkpoint, or want to fly on an airliner. We have allowed the government access to our savings accounts and checking accounts (all they have to do is claim we are involved in some form of domestic terrorism and their latest classification "Domestic Extremist" is a step in that direction). We have allowed them to claim ownership over our food in the interest of safety. On and on it goes. It is not a short list: they tell us when to buckle our seat belts, what light bulbs to buy, how much water a toilet can use to flush, where to put our trash and in how many containers and more. This is freedom? This is liberty? I'm not saying that none of these things have some good aspects, I am saying that they should not be law in a free country.

The lame duck session of congress shows us that they will not stop. They are considering how to censor the internet, since that is where so much conservative resistance has been fostered and formulated. Al Sharpton wants to shut down Rush Limbaugh. Where is the blowback from all of this? We swallow tyranny one pleasing mouthful at a time until we are gorged with it.

Well, it is time to fight back. I suggest we look at the unconstitutional laws and work as citizens to make sure they cannot be enforced. How? Volunteer for jury duty. I know, no one likes it, but when judges and Supreme Court Justices (like Stephen Breyer) sit atop their perch and cast down snide comments to us, pretending to offer "intelligent, wise counsel" all the while denigrating us simpletons for our presumption to know what the Constitution says, when they believe they are the only ones learned enough to decide that, it is time to take direct action.

Read the Constitution well, understand what it means, what it says, what guidance it gives and even when it hurts, even when, as a citizen one might want to make someone pay for their obvious crimes, hold to the principles of the Constitution. If the Second Amendment does not allow for gun laws, you must find anyone charged with one innocent. "But, what if an armed robber is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm?" You must find the robber innocent of that charge, but you can still find the robber guilty of robbery, of aggravated robbery, of malicious intent, or whatever, just not the charge of unlawful possession of a firearm. This is how the innocent owners of firearms, charged with no other offense, are rightfully set free.

If, in the future, someone is brought to the jury who has committed a "food crime" for selling food under the table to another citizen, you should vote "not guilty."

Jury duty is not the only means of restoring the rights to citizens under the Constitution. To take part in other methods, such as the Siege of DC, I created a "Take Action" page, because we can not wait until 1/21/2011 to start the resistance. I urge anyone who reads this to go to that page and see what you can do right now to start your journey into reclaiming your rights.

Graciously linked and quoted at Free North Carolina.

Cross-posted at WASHINGTON REBEL  and Guardians of Liberty.


  1. I see your points.

    Jury duty and letters are something, at least.

    So is the 21st.

    These things are good.

    But it will take more.


  2. Justin, I agree. Look at all we have done up to this point. If even a personal presence isn't enough to get through to these representatives, perhaps it is enough to get through to those they are supposed to represent.

  3. I'm reposting it at my blog, with your permission, TL.


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