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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Cubanizing of America

The long journey to Washington DC is a journey of the mind as well. By pickup it is the images of the nation that inspire the mind to think of the better times when every action did not entail a quick preparatory review of current dictates from Washington. There are but a few reminders of how it is supposed to be on the road, having to figure out which states have buckled to federal pressure and mandated seat belt use as a pathway to federal dollars; which have outlawed hand-held cell phone use; which one of the pukes don't like you throwing your aluminum cans out the window. (take a moment to think through that one) What kind of uncaring society would interpose itself between the direct transfer of wealth from those with aluminum cans to those who would collect and sell them? It is a travesty and a constant reminder of what we are fighting for, the free distribution of aluminum wealth.

As we have seen in every aspect of society, the government comes in and assumes to do good, to be thoughtful and caring and winds up destroying the very organic structure of charity. Perhaps I have been a bit tongue-in-cheek here, but I am not completely incorrect either.

As I have passed through two-thirds of the breadth of this nation, I have seen it change before my eyes and if I should go north instead of south I would have seen it change that much more, not in landscape, but in the landscape of thought and tradition. Art is not created, but recognized. The art of our republic was recognized as such and treated as such and as such it flourished and provided us with all that is visible through a windshield. Were I to take the northern route, I would have seen the industrial might that it has provided, encouraged even, a thought that is quickly growing foreign to ear bud-wearing generation. It is an annihilation of prosperity to which we are unwilling witnesses.

It reminds me of why I am here, why I have used my fortune to come and work to do something about it. Were this to go unchecked we would be able to track our demise through the string of littered machines of profit left to rot in a nation of do-gooders who have destroyed their own means of survival. Production plants would be as obviously insanely abandoned as a '57 Chevy on a Cuban street.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Union Pensions, Taxes and the Implosion

What is the first sign of catastrophic fail? Where is the moment of epiphany? At what point does the general public look up from the television, the sports page, the sly motel rendezvous and realize that they are the targets of a government gone berserk?

For a long time now the readers of this blog and the others where I post have seen it coming. They know it is just around the bend. The squealing iron wheels shattering the silence of night as a prelude to the impending crash has been on their mind. Every light has seemed to be a train rather than an opening in the dark tunnel of despair.

Would the ATF come get their weapons? Would Napolitano declare them "domestic extremists" and follow that pronouncement with armed action against them? Would there be an economic collapse, drawing everyone into the fray at once? Or, would the government be more clever than that? Would the government pick us off piecemeal so that there could be no unified action with which to push back?

The latter assumes that government is smart, or that it is trying to avoid the confrontation. Today, I listened to Senator Coburn from Oklahoma describe the dire cuts that will need to be made in the budget, that everyone knows that Social Security cannot remain as it is, that Medicare cannot remain as it is. Oh, they will protect the elderly and infirm already on the roles. That is a given, but everyone else, they will have to tighten their belts. And then came the coup de grace, the government employee union pensions and what to do about them. What to do about them?

As if the gate swung open and I heard the rider shout "Let 'er buck!" I heard the instantaneous sound of someone's rectum slam shut. That is the rub. Will we starve our children so that public employee unions can be given that which they were promised? They earned it, they worked for it, it was agreed to by our governments to pay them this pension. They are counting on it. Should they not be made whole? Should GM not be made whole? Should Citibank not be made whole? It is, after all, government money to do with as they please, right? RIGHT?

Or, do I dare suggest that it is our money and that the government had no right to allow unions into the public coffers in the first place; that the owners, the management, (US) would not get a seat at the table when those negotiations were taking place? What we have is a broker, who has no skin in the game, bargaining with a group of employees to divide up the spoils of those who make and create and produce. They decide, behind closed doors, what to pay and how and when the plan falls apart and the payments cannot be made, who do they look to? Who must make the payments good? US.

Okay, so I don't go too far off the beam here, keep in mind, these people deserve the pensions they were promised. They deserve the negotiated deal. The question remains: at what cost? There is no money left to pay them. In the coming weeks you will hear a lot more about this than you ever thought possible.

Were this a private situation the company would shut down and the owners would be bankrupted to pay for everything possible. The people who deserved those pensions would be out of luck. This is why it is to the benefit of every employee to do one's best to make the company profitable. The government would look at them and shrug: "Too bad, there is welfare, you know and food stamps." "When do you collect Social Security?"

That is not the way it works with government or its employees. Print money, take from the rich, take from the middle class, if necessary, just get us our money. You promised. Property taxes, sales taxes, ownership taxes, vehicle taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes. It is easy to solve that problem. It is the private sector employee who gets nothing but a shrug.

Tomorrow, they will condition you to understand that they can't throw all of those people out into the cold, it is inhuman. There will be protests from every public sector union in the book, every acronym will be deployed. The government can't have that. It would be unseemly. They will take from our accounts, from our savings, from our grocery account, from our fuel allowance, from our tuition savings, from our heat bill money and we will be told to tighten our belts, that to leave these people without funds would be an injustice. And it would, but they do not see the injustice of the correction of the injustice?

We are not even people to them, we are small little ATMs that they might tap when necessary. Never on a whim, you understand, only when necessary and so little even at that. Surely, all of you wealthy private sector employees wouldn't miss some trivial amount to save these people from destitution would you? Of course not, why that would be insensitive.

Now it is yours to decide what to do about it. Do you starve your family to make good on their promises? Or, do you rise up against it and make these governments pay what they can afford and not a penny more?

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Why Public Charity Doesn't Work And Will Bankrupt Us All

There is a sense, I suppose, that we are not really in danger, that politics is much the same as it has been and will be for a lot longer. Liberals act as if they can pass another package designed to help the poor and unemployed that they will have accomplished something, as if the very act of passage puts people to work and enriches the poor. They feel that if they take credit for it they can stay in power long enough to turn this nation into a socialist utopia.

There is no socialist utopia. All of the examples they have held up as socialist success are bankrupt. Raul Castro acknowledges that their heralded health care system is a disaster by refusing to let the Cuban public view "Sicko" the big lie promulgated by Michael Moore. Castro is afraid that the public will demand the type of health care the movie portrays and civil unrest may result. Recently Castro created a private sector in an attempt to save the state from bankruptcy. Why? What happened to cause all of this? Was it a private corporate plot that could do what even the CIA could not? No, it is because the billion dollar subsidies pumped into Cuba during the cold war have been discontinued by Russia, a nation more concerned with the reality of strengthening their position with China, North Korea and Venezuela.

None of these socialist nations work in the long run. What America has avoided for decades is proving a false formula for success. What little America has bought into the socialist dream is dragging down the economy right now, making it increasingly resistant to stimulus. There is one unequivocal fact that none of these socialist nations can get around. Government is overhead. It provides the necessities of business, i.e., infrastructure to move products; a sense of security so private funds don't have to be spent securing the routes of commerce, though they might do it better; emergency services to protect property and etc.  From there, the private sector is supposed to generate enough money to pay for those things through taxation. In an attempt to increase efficiency and keep valuable workers employed with their companies, employers have increased pay and benefits, even extending those benefits to the whole family to secure loyalty to the company. This is the successful formula. It has been proven successful time and time again. It is the one part of the nation that has saved the nation from bankruptcy in the past.

Where the nation has deviated from that formula, it has gone bankrupt. To the degree that this formula is no longer being followed is the degree to which the nation has become dysfunctional. People are emotional. They want to do good for the less fortunate. There is nothing wrong with that, but when it comes from government rather than private charity, it ultimately destroys the good it seeks to provide. It can be no other way, because it has to take that goodwill by force from another citizen and thereby destroy the "good" it wishes to do by using a "bad" method. Instead of creating incentives for private charity, it has destroyed charity and replaced it with resentment, both for the person who has had their funds raided to provide it and from the person who has had to submit himself to the government for aid. Rather than being thankful to the state, the recipient defends his shame with resentment and hostility. He is owed and the other, the source of the funds, has been robbed.

The more poverty the state subsidizes, the more poverty it creates. Unfortunately, ease of application is a direct multiplier of need. In other words, as it becomes easier to apply for free money, the more applicants it creates. It really is no more complicated than that and yet this is the most ignored fact in all of social programming.

At this point in time, we are at a tipping point. We have created too many dependents and not enough producers to make the payments. Only two things can happen from here: 1) dependents can be removed from the dependency category and forced into the producer category; 2) the amount of producers are reduced to a point where none of the promises to the dependent class can be met. The difference between now and all of the times before is simple, we (the United States and perhaps the world) can no longer borrow enough money to delay the inevitable social upheaval. The fact that we have always been able to borrow ourselves past the tipping point before has left society in the unenviable position of not having the will to do the first, which will result in the second.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Lame Duck Sell Out

Guardians of Liberty came about out of the frustration and knowledge that the Republicans would not be able to hold their ground against the Democrats, Barack Obama, a hostile media bent on cheer leading for their opponents, and the desire to be like and respected by the nation. Never was this futile desire so on display as during the past few weeks of the lame-duck session of congress. To anyone unsure of whether it is really necessary to show up at DC on January 21st, one need only look at the manner in which we were sold out during this period.

Going into the lame-duck session the Republicans held all the cards, cards we, the tax-paying conservative masses out here in the hinterland, did not want played at all. Is there anyone who can explain to me why the Republicans did not simply refuse to pass any legislation until the new congress was seated? What was the rush? The expiring tax rates? Okay, let's look at that event alone.

The Bush-era tax rates were sunsetted by the Democrat-dominant congress that promised not to pass the tax rate cuts unless they were sunsetted, or would simply expire ten years hence. Bush did not have the power, back then, to make the rate-cuts permanent. So, those who held the tax rate cuts hostage the first time, did it again. They tried playing class-warfare politics with them, but found out that the people wanted the rates to remain in effect to a point that they were unable to stick with it. How did our representatives and senators respond to this admission of weakness? They caved in! THEY caved in and gave Obama and the Democrats a class-warfare win by extending unemployment benefits for a third year. I am as sympathetic as anyone to the unemployed, as most know this year my business has been teetering and I might easily have been one of them, but THREE YEARS? And, whose policies have kept them unemployed while Don't Ask, Don't Tell dominated his agenda? When stimulus bills that robbed the small business of relief were used to prop up government worker union pensions?

The message was easy: Ten years ago the Democrats refused to recognize economic facts and sunsetted the Bush-era tax rate cuts, refusing to let them stand as the positive economic move they were and are. Today, the President admits on one hand that they are necessary to the middle-class economic survival and on the other hand claims that they cannot be afforded to stand for longer than two years. It is this type of economic illiteracy which has led to 9.8% unemployment, to 99 weeks on the dole, to claiming that Obamacare would REDUCE the deficit. This administration has ignored the obvious answers before it, choosing instead to impose regulations and restrictions on business and promoting continued reliance on government to solve all problems without proving even once that his policies do anything other than the opposite.

Instead, what did the Republicans actually say? They said: Yes, Mr. President we will work with you to show that we are good people and the media should like us. For personal advantage, they refused to take our side and stand tall, stand strong. It is the constant and recurring demonstration that the Republican leadership will not hold out for our values and our principles that have made Guardians of Liberty necessary and your participation crucial to getting from these representatives actual REPRESENTATION.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Redneck Christmas (A Christmas Tradition)


Was the day before Christmas and me and Bubba was drunk
We’d been drinkin’ beer and whiskey ‘til something stunk
So, we went out to his pickup to go for a ride
Bubba blew cookies before getting’ inside

The shotguns were hung in the back window with care
Bubba looked at me and said: “Let’s go huntin’ for bear!”
So, we drove that pickup up and down the hill
Dreamin’ of all the things we could kill

But there was no bear, nor geese, nor quail
So, we hit the highway unwilling to fail
Up ahead on the blacktop and off to the right
A neon-green cappuccino stand lit up the night

The mugs were all nestled snug on the shelves
With little pink doilies and other crap for sale
With Bubba in his cowboy hat and me in my cap
He slid that pickup to a stop and said: “Look at that!”

Never was a building so destined to die
As we got out and yelled “Yeeeeha” at the sky
Then, out on route seven there rose such a clatter
Me and Bubba shootin’ guns and watchin’ stuff shatter

Then, we jumped in the truck and took off like a flash
Bubba over-corrected and damn near crashed
Then, what to my wonderin’ eyes should appear
But, some drunk fool with a 12-pack of beer

Bubba laid on the brakes and cranked her to the right
The truck slid to a stop and he switched off the lights
We ran over to the drunk to pull the beer from his grasp
But, he held it tight-- like a mouse in a trap

He whistled and shouted and called us some names
“Jerk” and “Idiot” and some that weren’t so tame
He screamed and he fussed and he stomped all about
‘Til Bubba got tired of it and knocked the fool out

As I sipped on the brewski and was turning around
I saw Sergeant Dick just coming from town
He was drivin’ real fast and flashing the lights on top
I guess he was on his way out to the coffee shop

He saw Bubba and me and got on the brakes
The squad car slipped and swerved like it was on skates
Bubba laughed and pointed with cheer
Just as the squad car plowed into a deer

We thought we’d better cover our tracks
So, we got the drunk up and slapped him on the back
Bubba handed the drunk a beer
While Sgt. Dick pulled and wrenched to unstick the deer

We were just getting’ back into the truck
When Sgt. Dick finally got the deer unstuck
“Wait a minute, boys,” he yelled, as he crossed the snow
“I want to talk to you about the holes in the ‘Sip n’ Go’”

He held his flashlight in one chubby hand
The pistol bobbed up and down like on a rubber band
He waddled through the snow like a fat Christmas duck
Staring at us like we weren’t worth a . . . buck

“You boys are in trouble, I’ve got to say
Someone saw you with the shotguns shooting away
Don’t give me no trouble, I won’t take no lip
Just get in the car and save me the trip”

Me and Bubba were just figurin’ our chances
Lookin’ back and forth with innocent glances
Then, as if out of the thin mountain air
Came the sound of jingle bells from way up there

Could it be Santa, by the name of St. Nick
Or, just some freakin’ moron playin’ a trick?
From out of the sky, between us and the cop
Santa pulled his sleigh to a sliding, awkward stop

For me and Bubba, this was a beautiful sight
But, when we counted the reindeer, the number wasn’t right
The sleigh looked lop-sided with one of them gone
And, when we looked at Santa, he had a gun

“This one’s for me and someone has to pay
I can’t go around the world out of balance this way
Sgt. Dick, you ran over Dancer and didn’t even pause
Now, you have to go to work for Santa Claus”

Santa hitched up Sgt. Dick and fed him some grain
And laughed real hard as he slapped the reins
“You boys have been naughty,” he said, with a wink
“One day you’ll mess up and be tossed in the clink”

“Ho, ho, ho,” he exclaimed as he zoomed out of sight
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Bud Light.”

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

But Now Am Found

There is nothing easy about self-government. The ease with which we have been cursed over the past few decades has proven to be our undoing. The world of the founders was one where blood and sacrifice were the price of liberty. It was well known, perhaps more so because slavery was everywhere. They understood the image of shackles and the story they would tell the world. Shame of slavery haunted a majority of those signing the Declaration of Independence, despite what the liberal propagandists would have you believe. If you read about those times you will quickly learn that one of the grievances against King George is that he would not allow the British Colonies in America to abolish slavery. Why? Because shipping was the business of Britain and there was a lot of shipping in the slave trade.

One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard was written by a reformed slave ship captain. That song is Amazing Grace. Think of what he must have gone through and seen by the time he wrote these words:

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me...
I once was lost, but now am found;
Was blind, but now, I see

Twas Grace that taught my heart to fear
And Grace my fears relieved
How precious did that Grace appear
The hour I first believed

Through many dangers, toils and snares
We have already come
Twas Grace that brought us safe thus far
And Grace will lead us home

There is more, of course, but this is the part that I concentrate on when I consider our plight. Here we are, wretched and undeserving of the liberty we have glimpsed in our lives. It grows more distant each second we delay, until it will one day be nothing but a fable, a lie told by old people about their lives and our children will not trust such a frightful thing as freedom.

We might very well be the last witnesses to true freedom, before the government owned and controlled everything and told us freedom was the freedom to demand other people's money. There is a repentance due to the religion of liberty. Were we as dedicated to liberty as others are to placing chains on our potential, we would overwhelm them, obliterate their nonsense in utter, crushing demands for freedom.

I don't hear those voices everywhere, only in a narrow band on the Internet where I stand. But even then, among those who will stand and fight is a curious understanding of what "fight" means. Is it any resistance, or is it violent? I suggest that all manner of resistance is required in its time, but that today we can change the world with those dedicated to it.

I once was lost, but now am found...

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

America In Revolt

What would America look like in revolt? There is a lot of talk out there (especially since the Senate passed S-510 giving government control over the food supply) about resistance. I say we are at that point. It is time for the resistance to begin. It is time to be Americans and reach down and lift up that ingenuity to begin active resistance against the Constitutionally illiterate.

Rights are not things to be meted out by government when it sees fit. They are not prizes to be won by compliance and adherence to random, vague rules. Rights are that which each person has by natural law. The free among us exercise them and maintain them, the serfs have forgotten or never knew they existed. Trust me, the government prefers serfs to free citizens any day.

"Oh, but I don't commit crimes, I really don't need privacy of papers and effects," one might say. "It is for the better good that I allow the police officers to randomly search me and my things." This is a serf mentality. This is the thinking of a subject, not a citizen. Worse, the lack of vigilance in this regard allows that right to soften and grow weak before the courts. This is how the republic was lost, through that mindset. How noble in thought they are to themselves, those serf-minded among us.

For lack of vigilance in the past we have now arrived at the condition of serfs. Our government largely ignores us unless it stands to gain from our outbursts, usually to the detriment of other rights unguarded. We submit ourselves to illegal searches and seizures whenever we run into a DUI checkpoint, or want to fly on an airliner. We have allowed the government access to our savings accounts and checking accounts (all they have to do is claim we are involved in some form of domestic terrorism and their latest classification "Domestic Extremist" is a step in that direction). We have allowed them to claim ownership over our food in the interest of safety. On and on it goes. It is not a short list: they tell us when to buckle our seat belts, what light bulbs to buy, how much water a toilet can use to flush, where to put our trash and in how many containers and more. This is freedom? This is liberty? I'm not saying that none of these things have some good aspects, I am saying that they should not be law in a free country.

The lame duck session of congress shows us that they will not stop. They are considering how to censor the internet, since that is where so much conservative resistance has been fostered and formulated. Al Sharpton wants to shut down Rush Limbaugh. Where is the blowback from all of this? We swallow tyranny one pleasing mouthful at a time until we are gorged with it.

Well, it is time to fight back. I suggest we look at the unconstitutional laws and work as citizens to make sure they cannot be enforced. How? Volunteer for jury duty. I know, no one likes it, but when judges and Supreme Court Justices (like Stephen Breyer) sit atop their perch and cast down snide comments to us, pretending to offer "intelligent, wise counsel" all the while denigrating us simpletons for our presumption to know what the Constitution says, when they believe they are the only ones learned enough to decide that, it is time to take direct action.

Read the Constitution well, understand what it means, what it says, what guidance it gives and even when it hurts, even when, as a citizen one might want to make someone pay for their obvious crimes, hold to the principles of the Constitution. If the Second Amendment does not allow for gun laws, you must find anyone charged with one innocent. "But, what if an armed robber is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm?" You must find the robber innocent of that charge, but you can still find the robber guilty of robbery, of aggravated robbery, of malicious intent, or whatever, just not the charge of unlawful possession of a firearm. This is how the innocent owners of firearms, charged with no other offense, are rightfully set free.

If, in the future, someone is brought to the jury who has committed a "food crime" for selling food under the table to another citizen, you should vote "not guilty."

Jury duty is not the only means of restoring the rights to citizens under the Constitution. To take part in other methods, such as the Siege of DC, I created a "Take Action" page, because we can not wait until 1/21/2011 to start the resistance. I urge anyone who reads this to go to that page and see what you can do right now to start your journey into reclaiming your rights.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tour Of Duty

This is a time of societal upheaval. If I were more poetic I might suggest that it was a time that tries men's souls. It is a time when we define the nation, more spectacularly now than ever before because the last time there was a moment such as this the nation turned to socialism and the New Deal. They abandoned, as George W. Bush suggested we do this time, capitalism to save it. That is impossible and I took Bush's words as the most insulting thing I had ever heard him say. I felt he weakened the nation when it needed strength, the strength to go through the rough times, no matter how dire, and rectify the disaster of the New Deal.

Franklin Roosevelt, instead of calling on the greatness of the people to hold together, to rely on one another, to be giving in all things and to help one's neighbor, he called on the worst of us. It was known in my household that during the depression my family never turned a man away hungry. If you knew the extent of my family's poverty at the time, you would understand that as the soul of America, before it was ripped out by Roosevelt.

To the socialist, every crisis is an opportunity as so clearly laid out by Rahm Emanuel when he said: "Never let a crisis go to waste." Okay, they didn't and now we are faced with Obamacare, a runaway Federal Reserve, chronic unemployment, bailouts and giveaways and purchased votes. We have social programs galore and no way to pay for them. Billions have turned into trillions and they are looking for another, greater means of counting our debt and obligations. All of this based on the idea that one person owes another a living and a retirement.

I have often said that when a person is kind and charitable and giving it is virtue, when a government does it, it is vice. The reason I say that is there is no government money. When a person takes their hard-earned money, the profit from their sweat and gives that to a person or a cause it is virtuous. When the government demands that same amount in taxes from the worker to give to people or causes it deems worthy, it is robbery. This act is the very destruction of charity.

The ultimate price for government largess is not only capitalism, but the republic itself. When representatives and senators go to Washington to divide up the spoils of a welfare state, they are not doing the work of the American people. At that point they have become mere arbiters in the way that the citizen is robbed. Their long-forgotten job is to figure out how to give the citizen the most liberty for the least cost, nothing else. They were sent there to defend our rights and protect the Constitution in its entirety.

In a recent interview on a radio station the host compared Guardians of Liberty with our armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and while I know he did not intend to make the comparison on a heroic level, he did intend for us to consider what we are about as being as much a service to the nation as those brave troops in the field. It is our tour of duty to go to Washington starting on 1/21/2011 and serve our nation, to restore what was great and to demand the rights and liberties every American deserves. If you will give of yourself for your nation in any of the many ways Guardians of Liberty offers, you can consider it your tour of duty.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Anesthetics of Inaction

When confronted with the opportunity to make a stand, to defend one's rights, to go out to the government offices and record one's displeasure, there is always an alternative. Often in America today, there are many seeming alternatives: watching television, shopping, drinking beer, getting a tattoo, dating, sewing, watching sporting events, etc. The trick is, these are not actual alternatives, they are the anesthetics that lead to inaction.

The real alternative to defending one's rights is losing them.

If there is one thing that has become completely apparent by the lame duck session of congress is that the Democratic Party is determined to rule, to govern against the will of the people. The ham-handedness of it all is rebounding to the advantage of the Guardians of Liberty, so one should not complain, but for a demonstration of open and proud middle-finger waving politics, it is on display in congress right now.

These are the actions of a group of politicians who believe themselves above the people, subservient to no one. They are the operators of the trains taking all of us to the gulag. They are the actual alternative to demanding one's rights. The average American has a million reasons not to attend the Siege of DC on 1/21/2011. It is too far. It costs too much. We are in a recession. I could get fired. I just don't think it's worth it. I have heard them all in the past few months. But all of these excuses are for why they don't want to participate in the siege. They don't understand, it is not a choice between the siege and television, of a cold one. It is a choice between finding oneself powerless against the arrogance of the Democratic leadership in congress, or becoming active in the resistance.

Right now communists are coming out the closet. Socialism is no longer their stated goal. They see their opportunity and they recognize that it is either now or they will be denied for another several decades. The communists realize that the whole economic engine is winding down and that in the chaos lies their opportunity. They are moving their pieces into place, then waiting, watching and preparing to make their lunge at the United States. Communists of every stripe is willing to help them. It is a world goal to bring the United States into the grips of the communists. It serves everyone's purpose, but ours.

It is not so important to recognize communists as the problem, they are just confirmation that something is about to happen and they intend to be a part of it. Your real alternative lies with them. So, when you are sitting back in your chair and watching sports with a cold one and feel that chill run up your back, it is the cold hand of the true alternative making your acquaintance.

What Our Forefathers Could Not Have Known

We can't know what it was like to be a British subject considering the traitorous act of declaring our independence from Britain. It would have to rival Alabama considering secession from the United States. It would have to have been a very sobering moment in one's life to recognize that once a person has gone through that door, there is no way to change one's mind and go back to the way it was before. It is a decision that in some people's minds will mark one forever with being a traitor.

Likewise, we can't know what was expected of the new citizens of the United States when the Constitution was drafted, but one thing seems pretty clear in the reading of it: they expected themselves to supervise the representatives sent to congress. Nowhere in the Constitution does it address the responsibilities of the individual citizen. This is not because there are none, it is because the founder simply assumed that the citizen would tend to his own affairs and would not sit by idly while even elected representatives went about the destruction of their protections.

The framers of the Constitution had just fought a bloody war to win the rights that were listed in the design of their government. First was the Articles of Confederation, a first attempt to give themselves the utmost freedom available only to find out that it was too much. Too much freedom can lead to chaos and dysfunction. But, that was their instinct, to leave the person, the state, at utter liberty. I doubt then, as Justice Stephen Breyer alluded in his recent interview on FOX News, that these same people would have been interested in allowing the government the power to do almost anything necessary to maintain control over the people.

It is the flaw of the document that it does not specifically call upon the citizen to go beyond the election and follow up on the promises made and broken. I say that it is a flaw of the document, but really it is a flaw of the individual for when we stopped caring so much about our liberty we began to lose it.

In reading the Constitution it seems apparent that the missing piece is a conscientious citizenry. That was assumed by people who had just laid their lives on the line to secure the blessings of liberty to themselves and their posterity. That was assumed by people so rankled at another tax and at not being listened to or responded to by their distant and arrogant government that they literally took arms and rescued the British Colonies from the oppression.

In doing so, they secured to us the weapons to fight back peacefully against the same naturally-occurring despots who are attracted to public service. They gave us everything necessary to secure liberty and assumed that by being Americans, we would make use of them. They could not have foreseen modern advances such as the Internet, as Breyer so self-satisfactorily pointed out, and therefore could not have foreseen that Americans would be confused and distracted by the swirl of interesting facts that make up consciousness in the modern world. They could not have foreseen that we would not chaff under the master's leash. Otherwise, I feel, they would have spelled out to us our responsibilities, of which, I suspect, holding our representatives accountable for their claims and promises would have been chief among them.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Demonstrate Your Dedication To Liberty

There is one chance that you have to demonstrate your dedication to liberty, to show the effects you can have by participating in a worthy cause. Brian Aitken is the father of a young son and is currently imprisoned without cause in New Jersey. The story with backup documentation is here.

Anyone schooled in the legal system understands that getting on the wrong side of the law is an intimidating and humiliating moment rife with consequences for one's family that go way beyond any reasonable limit. When a loved one is charged with a crime instantly the family finances are threatened, the reputation is sullied, rumors persist long after innocence has been vindicated. Newspapers don't keep track of crimes past the sensational and there is nothing sensational about a quite victory. It is shock and headlines that sell papers and fuel the rumor mill.

That Aitken is from Colorado, my home state, only makes this more prescient for me. But, he should not be in jail for any reason. New Jersey laws be damned. The federal government takes great pride in its role as a leveler of the playing field, of establishing universal rules so that innocent people don't get caught up in this sort of mess, but that doesn't seem to extend to anything truly American like the Second Amendment.

Wednesday December 15, 2010 is the day to call into Governor Chris Christie's office and request a pardon for Brian Aitken, to rectify this misapplication of the law. Give Christie an opportunity to stand on principle, to do something good and righteous.  Demonstrate your dedication to the Bill of Rights that should prevent any such arrest from taking place.

Go to David Codrea's website for details and call: 609-292-6000 and ask Governor Christie to pardon Brian Aitken.

The Power of Percentages

As American lore has it, only 3% of the population of the then British Colonies took part in the American Revolution. Add another 10% who supported the effort in some way and the whole of the world was turned on its head for the next few centuries due to roughly 13% of a small, otherwise insignificant, band of rebels.

As you let that sink in for a moment, consider every other nation on earth. Where else has this taken place? Cuba? Not really, if it weren't for the Soviet Union's paternalistic support the coup would have been short-lived. Even then, Cuba had nowhere near the impact on the world as has the United States. And, while there are rebellions every day, coups and attempted coups every couple of years, where has one been more successful or impactful? I say there is nowhere else.

In these days of constant usurpation of power, of the changing nature of our government, we will have to rely on the understanding of what made America the nation that is was, and I say "was" advisedly, because it is no longer the nation that was able to grow into the superpower status that it enjoyed for the past century. It is today being weighed down by the chains of social burdens. This is not what the purpose of the American government and it wears the cloak of social administrator with poor posture.

The American ideal was one of enabling the citizen to do for themselves and each other. It is not a government designed to be the answer to everyone's problems, it is designed to let people formulate and implement the answer. It is a government that is not meant to be creative, but to enable creativity. Where these lessons were lost is debatable, but not deniable.

We have lost our way in the dreams of socialists. The ripe cherry of American ingenuity and wealth was too great of a fruit to go unplucked by the social planners. We find ourselves now at the crossroads, where deals are being made for our future. Those in Washington have given up on the people, they have lost faith that we have the will to govern ourselves and are quickly ensuring that we will not have the power.

The purpose of the Siege of DC is as much a vindication of the stamina of the American people as it is to repeal any specific legislation. It is as much a statement of will as much as it is a statement of goals and objectives. The Guardians of Liberty will lead the effort but only individual commitment will decide the outcome.

Just as in the birth of the nation when a mere 3% took to the fields, the rebirth of the republic will require only a similarly small percentage of true believers to deliver liberty. Join us at Guardians of Liberty.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Justice Stephen Breyer, The Master's Face

Do we really need any further justification for revolt than the interview on FOX News with Justice Stephen Breyer? The condescension was thick in the air of one who rules, yet denies to rule; one who snarkily suggests that if one wants a weapon to shoot at targets one might go to Maryland on the subway. He did not reveal, in all his brilliance, that by possessing a handgun in Washington DC one was already breaking the law, carrying it on the subway concealed if not now, soon will be against the law and presumably captured by one of Janet Napolitano's porno scanners.

The point I am making is that here is a man who sees himself as the ultimate law, not interpreting the law, which I have always contended was NOT their purpose, but merely reading the law and strictly applying the actual words to the laws in dispute, with prejudice against laws that infringe on the natural liberty of the citizen. Instead, they see the words, each one they might conflate out of proportion to arrive at an end that pleases the majority of them the most. These are the actions of kings, not men and certainly not citizens.

Yet, we are at their mercy. Our rights are theirs to deny or grant with imperious might. "But, what is the scope?" Breyer asked Chris Wallace, when referring to the freedom of speech, indicating that Madison had never considered what role the Internet might play in free speech as if a clever method of placing him then in the role of Madison as the author of the Constitution for today. We are not safe as a people with such men and women as that on the court.

It is an oligarchy that they operate in the Supreme Court. When the peasants are unable to figure out complex issues it rises to these majesties and they will look upon the society and decide what is best for the peasants and their rulers, leaning always toward the rulers and rarely toward the peasant (YOU).

It is time that we band together to guard our own liberties. There is no desire in government to secure these rights for you, there is no willingness to apply the Constitution to our application for security of those rights. One might imagine the arrogance and imperiousness of Breyer from afar, but to witness it so clearly displayed as righteous is alarming.

I am not asking you to join the Guardians of Liberty as much as I am asking whatever group you belong to to stand with us on January 21, 2011 and be there in Washington to demand our rights. For too long this task has been left to people who have no reason to demand them as it works against their cause to do so. What representative gains power from empowering his electors? None. What Judge gains power by empowering those before him? None. What bureaucrat gains power from empowering those who would challenge his authority? None.

This is why we, as citizens, must stand together. Join the Guardians, or meet with us, let us extend our numbers to you as you would extend your numbers to us. We are all citizens against this behemoth that would take our treasure, strip us of our rights and demand of us obedience and labor. Does that not sound like the role of a slave? I implore you to reach out, to join us, to let us know when to join you. It is our lot to do this for posterity, because a few ticks of the clock past now and there will be no other chance.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

When We Stopped Pursuing Greatness

There came a time in the history of Man that he stopped pursuing greatness and sought only survival at the edge of oblivion. It was a backward time, when what was great was scrapped and the broken pieces worshipped for their artistry. All of the important things ground to a halt and began to rust. Those engines of wealth and wonder were no longer marvelled at, but detested for excess in a land of excess that sought meagerness.

Here is the time we have brought upon the earth. Here is the Twenty-first Century.

Every advanced society has begun to devolve. The backward societies have begun to advance into the void. The people of the lands are confused, not knowing what to believe, who to follow, what to pursue. Success is demonized and belittled. What to strive for in this new society? To be less and less is to be more and greater, but with no power or true ability it is an illusion.

All of society is illusion. Lies are told by the honest to avoid ridicule and repudiation. The very truth is detested and reviled as impolitic and crude. And so the lies and fables and dishonest hold power and sway over the masses leading them into contradiction with nature.

We now are poor and ignoble liars and deceivers and say we are happy when we are not; say we are wrong when we are right; say we are honest when that is a lie; say we know when we are ignorant.

In all societies there has been a peak when no further evolution is possible and descent is undeniable. In America, the beginnings were so vibrant, so quick to advance that society evolved at a rapid pace. Liberty fueled speculation, risk and reward. Liberty allowed each to pursue a dream, to go out into the world unrestrained by position, or caste, or birth and build. Sometimes those dreams produced poverty and waste, other times it spawned brilliance and innovation, but each time the magic spark was liberty.

We stand now, as a nation, on the brink of enslavement, teetering precariously between quietly accepting our fate as a people incapable of self-government, or to boldly break free of the societal devolution prescribed for us and to grab hold of liberty and demand our rights from the government so cleverly designed to deny them without saying no.

When now the paths are so clearly defined it is time to choose greatness rather than meager survival. I urge you to guard your liberty with all your efforts and with your last breath. 1/21/2011

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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Only Thing We Really Have To Fear...Is The Fear Of Reality

The only thing we really have to the fear of reality. There are two posts that illustrate this point well. One is Kerodin's post at Momento Mori. The other is not so much a post as it was an interview with Karl Denninger. Both have one thing in common: the growing frustration with the citizenry and/or Tea Party to take matters into their own hands and stand up for themselves. Kerodin's point was more on the social while Denninger attacked the economic.

The Siege on DC is designed to show individuals the way to employ their efforts with greater effectiveness. But, it is designed to empower and embolden those same individuals. The time for sitting back, waiting on others to do the work, is over. That attitude is what has led to the utter literal bankruptcy of the United States economy.

There is a deep fear of recognizing the issues; that by confronting them they become tangible. Guess what? They are already tangible. Just because you have not experienced a significant downturn in your personal salary, or have not been foreclosed on doesn't mean this tragic, slow-motion train wreck isn't going to pull you into the rubble. It already has, but like an atomic bomb, some are incinerated in the explosion and some are poisoned with radiation and it takes decades to die, but die they will.

We saw the flash in July of 2008 and everything else is just the unfolding of the natural physics. Stop, duck and cover. The concussion of the blast is heading toward us, speeding along and leaving devastation in its wake. Those too close to the blast are frozen in time, imprinted on the walls of Manhattan.

People like Kerodin, Denninger, Pete at WRSA, Mike at Sipsey Street have all been screaming to get into the bunker, to survive the blast and avoid the radiation. Most have taken notice and prepared their survival, but the focus seems to be drifting in the other groups.

There is no safe place to hide. A teacher will have neither the salary nor the retirement promised. The patients will not have the doctors they think they will have. The police will not protect the citizens when they are too busy protecting their own. Today, British students protest a rise in tuition, they have no concept of the hell that is theirs to inherit. One might look at them and see the clear effects of radiation poisoning to which they are oblivious, but infected nonetheless.

The siege is designed to draw out the small percentage that will fight back. It is designed to create connections between groups and organizations that will be able to rely on each other when the winds of that long-ago blast wipe out the present landscape and we are all left to fumble around in the darkness seeking order.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why the Unemployed Should Join the Siege of DC

Instead of an angry and frustrated president lashing out at everyone and everything that, like a spoiled brat, he feels has come between him and the lavish affection he thinks he deserves, he might have simply apologized to those he was supposed to help with the $700 billion dollars in stimulus funding, i.e. the unemployed.

The unemployed workers in this nation, who were promised "shovel-ready" jobs that Obama, having made grand and dramatic gestures of "providing" at the taxpayer's expense of hundreds of billions of dollars, now can only look down at their worn shoes with his pathetic admission that, in reality, there were none. It is the few who trusted him with their livelihoods who have been most egregiously harmed.

So now, Obama wants to continue unemployment benefits, as if that were some answer, to take more money from the few who are still working and divert it to the unemployed, rather than to provide other government assistance where it is needed. When all of it could have been avoided had he simply done as he promised and helped the private sector with the stimulus money. There are any number of programs that would have worked, if stimulating the economy was the real goal.

While I am not a government subsidy recipient, nor an advocate of government subsidies in the private sector, if it were the small businesses he wanted to help, he could give tax holidays. He could suspend the need to pay payroll taxes for a period of time, a relief of some sort of government obligations on small business. He could ask states to suspend vehicle registration fees to businesses for one year. There are all sorts of regulatory fees and taxes that could be eliminated without spending $700 billion. None of which were tried, or discussed. Why? Because jobs and the unemployed were never the target of that money.

What the unemployed should really be upset about is that most of the money went to government workers. So, the unemployed may not have a job, but they are assured that the person handing out the benefits will stay employed and may have even gotten a raise. The money went to unions who have been paying workers NOT work, sometimes for years; unions that already protect their workers from becoming unemployed. And, the private unemployed can also be angry that the money that should have been used to create a business environment conducive to restarting the private sector will be used to fully fund the Obama reelection committee funded through AFL/CIO, AFT, NEA and SEIU.

This is why the unemployed should support, with their unemployment checks, the effort of laying siege to DC, to demand that the money entrusted to the government go to restart the private sector, to provide actual jobs, not unending unemployment benefits that starve the soul of value and replace it with dependence.

Now, if you are one of those people who want to be unemployed, who find nothing wrong with living off of basic welfare for the rest of your lives, because there will never be a good time to run out of unemployment benefits, then this economy was made for you. But, if you are different. If you want the pride that comes with being self-sufficient and hate being beholden to a government agency for your daily bread, use the means the state has provided you to come to DC and participate in the siege for liberty, because economic liberty is every bit as much a right as any other.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Guardians of Liberty

There comes a time after TARP, after bailouts of banks and auto manufacturers, after shoe bombers and underwear bombers where every law seems intent on robbing the American citizen of coin, liberty or dignity that one has to fight back, to protest, to deny. For me that was about two years ago, in the run up to Obamacare, when it was all just town halls and protests.

I wrote a book, The Constitutionalist: Rights To Die For, to reach out to my fellow Americans and explain to them that what was going on was wrong, even illegal. I have taken part in the Tea Party Convention in Nashville, the Take The Town Halls to DC event, and 8/28. I have been doing everything I could think of to stem this inexorable outward flow of freedom.

I have been working on a project and have hinted at it a number of times. Today, I unveil that project: Guardians of Liberty. We are all guardians of our own liberty and this organization will help us all to be better guardians, to come together with others and take a stand. A lot of the details are at the website.

Think of this: if you had a small group, say 50 people who wanted to go to DC and protest to demand the override the veto of Obamacare, what would you do? What effect would you have? Would there be anything that would come of it? Probably not. But, what if you could coordinate that effort with 60 other small groups who would like to support the veto? What if all you could do was send a few representatives? Would that do any good? But what if those representatives met up with hundreds more?

Okay, what if you didn't want to protest, but wanted to support one you have seen on TV, or have been following through a blog? How would you donate? How would you be able to support it directly without going through a few different organizations and what if your donation was not used for that protest, but went into the coffers of that organization? We protect your cash and dedicate it to the struggle, because that is all we are accepting donations to do.

What if you didn't have any money to donate, weren't part of an organization, but were really ticked off about illegal immigration? Where would you go? How would you defend your liberty?

See, that's what Guardians of Liberty is all about, that is why you are already a member if you will guard your own liberty. We just want to help.

On January 21, 2011 we will hold a rally on the steps of the capitol and that will kick off the following siege that will last until Obamacare is finally totally repealed. We will keep the heat on the congress until someone overrides the veto, or Obama gives in and lets the thing become law without his signature. From there, there are a number of other issues, all with different goals and trigger points. We will be there to coordinate that, too, because this is all about liberty and those who will guard it against assault.

We will not go anywhere. We will remain in DC to setup and coordinate the people who, even individually, want to come and express their outrage. Here's the best part, do it in conjunction with a vacation. Walk the grounds of your monuments, soak up the liberty that is your birthright and when you get ticked off that there are people in that town who would love to see you denied the gift of your forefathers, come join the siege, we will be waiting.

As you will see on the website, there is no limit to it. It can occur locally, too. All it requires are people willing to take that next step and demand, in some way, their liberty. Is that you?

Most of you recall a post a wrote called Night Sweats of a Small Businessman. That is all true. But, nothing is as important as this moment in time, to which I am willing to sacrifice everything I have. I will pledge $10,000 to this cause from the last bit of money I have been able to save my whole working life. I hope I don't have to use all of that ten grand, but I have set it aside to make sure this thing gets a life, starts to breath on its own, because I don't think that money is going to be worth the paper it is printed on if we don't turn something around NOW.

That is my pledge to you, a guardian of liberty. Join me. Join all of us who will stand and fight for it.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Which One Are You?

The parent company of NBC and MSNBC (Olbermann's domain) is General Electric, which also owns GE Capital, a company that received 139 billion dollars from the bank bailout scheme. Never heard a word from Rachel Maddow, or Keith Olbermann disclosing this fact. Isn't that a violation of SEC rules? Oh, that's right, we have a Democratic president, which means that regulatory rigor is not applicable, it is, rather subjective. I mean, why be a hard-ass about things like bankers and Wall Street types? Especially when you can demagogue them all day long since you BOUGHT THEM OFF with the shades pulled down.

Look, I grew up during Watergate. I watched it all on TV. I was captivated by it at the age of 11. That's how far back I remember corruption in government, so I'm not playing the fool here. I know that high stakes require some level of dirty-dealing and outright corruption. There is nothing about America that makes it above such antics, but there is also a level of corruption that turns one's stomach. Yes, there is corruption in America, but what we are seeing now is different. It is worse than crass corruption typical of Sub-Saharan Africa, or third-world dictatorships.

Everything you see on the news has been paid for by the Obama Administration. This is what it comes down to: the press is pulling out all the stops. They are willing to go broke to push their socialist agenda. They are willing to lie, dissemble, deflect and demonize to get their way. Nothing they say is the truth, because they can smell the finish line and realize that everything they have worked for over the past several decades has led them to this moment in time and they will not be deterred. And, we have now paid them to do it.

Our government has funneled trillions of dollars into the coffers of the socialist media. You wonder why the Republicans haven't stood up to this? Because they have given up, they are fighting over definitions. To be blunt, they are on the train destined for the gulag bargaining for a better seat, a more comfortable corner. They have cast their lot with the socialists, but they won't admit it because they know that while we believe in America there is a chance they can bargain our lives for their comfort.

The politicians in Washington have robbed the treasury to fund a war chest to oppose the very people who put the money into the treasury. Don't you get it? They are literally enslaving you as I write this post. They know that if they can just get Obamacare fully enacted the biggest battle is over, they have made us all cows to be milked at will.

If you are not ready to stand up to this sham, this organized crime because you are afraid of losing your job, you are missing the point. You might never get the point. It doesn't matter if you have a job if your job is nothing more than serving as a pod hanging in the matrix, the lifeblood being drawn to power the machine that enslaves you. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but you don't have any more time. The game is over in the next few months. We either back this socialist monster down and shove it back into the dark cave of despotism right now, or we accept the demise of liberty on earth. There is no other champion to carry the torch.

I don't know what you hold dear, but if you recognize that the decisions you make about your life right now can be the difference between liberty and enslavement and you would turn away, then do so. Call out your name as you walk away. Be proud in your acceptance of your role. Embrace the yoke the socialists have waited so long to hang on your neck. Liberty was never meant for the likes of you.

The script has been written by our politicians and it dictates that we will succumb to the pressure, to the constant machinations of collectivism, and that we will willingly relinquish that last bit of liberty that has kept our hearts alive. To them we are play-acting. They think we have secretly given up as well, but our bravado won't let us go quietly into slavery. They think we need just one more little push.

I will not. I don't know who will stand with me, but I will not live in a world without liberty. There is no place for an American in such a world.

You must by now know how this plays out, right? They wreck the economies until no private enterprise exists. News anchors ignore the horror in the streets while they pump up the brilliance and benevolence of the leaders of the world governments who are coming together to save us all. At the same time these so-called leaders starve most of the people and let the others claw each other to pieces while they hide behind the last lines of defense, the ones established by the traitorous armies. It becomes a world of survival, betrayal and death. The last vestiges of comfort are enjoyed by George Soros and his government cronies in the one world government. Our Constitution is no more than a rag to these people, it is a false flag of truce under which they move their troops into position.

And, that's how it ends. But this script can be all wrong, it can be rewritten by honest-to-God patriots who understand the issues, who will not let them go behind closed doors and commit this crime against humanity. It will take people who mean what they say, a precious commodity in today's world, and who will act selflessly. They must be willing to put everything else in this world aside to secure the blessings of liberty to their posterity. It has to mean less that one survive and more that liberty lives; less that they can breathe and more that there is the breath of freedom on earth.

I don't know which one you are. I know which one I am.

UPDATE: Green Mountains Homesteading has a great post of relevance.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vanishing Web Pages, Rehearsal for Domestic Extremists?

Western Rifle Shooters Association sent me this link and it is something we should all think about. How long before us Domestic Extremists can expect the same treatment as Wikileaks? This is dress rehearsal.

Check it out here.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Is It Worth It?

In this time of turmoil, political and economic, it seems strange to me that the capitol is not besieged by irate citizens of every stripe. I used to believe that the government, while offensive on a number of fronts, was generally doing the will of the people. It was not doing MY will, but then I figured I must be that far out on the fringe that my concerns were not those of most other Americans.

For a long time I think I was right. I mean, I am a radical, right? I don't like seat belt laws that tell me how to protect myself. I don't think the government has a right to tell me to accomplish a task (put the tab into the slot and click it) twenty or thirty times a day for the offhand possibility that sometime in my life I might get into an accident. Well, since the law has gone into effect, I have not had an accident. That was twenty-three years ago in Colorado. Twenty-three years I have been doing the government's bidding (Okay, I haven't, but I was supposed to) without any just cause that I can see. I haven't had an accident, so the seat belt has done me no good whatsoever. But, what if.... Yes, what if! That is a great reason to inhibit liberty.

All right, so the seat belt issue is one where I am alone, I understand that. Everyone else agrees with it, or don't want to fight about it. I appreciate that. They do save lives when used, I have done the research. I agree that one never knows when one will be in an accident. If the time of an accident were known, it would be avoided. I get all of that. But, for me, the passage of seat belt laws is when we accepted ownership by the government. Where the seat belt law is different from all others is that it forces a decision that concerns only the person who makes the decision (oh yeah, their families, too). Even an abortion involves at least one other person and we allow the woman to make that decision, but we cannot be trusted to protect our own lives. How many are dead now because of abortion? No one is going to be killed by a person flying through one windshield and into another windshield and finally, injuring people in the opposing car. If there were an impact that great no one would be left alive to be injured.

But, I don't want to get too hung up on the seat belt issue. For me that was the point at which I began to chaff under the collar of the government. It has only gotten worse since then. By accepting the concept that the government has the right to protect us from our own decisions, we have accepted them as better able to decide what is best for us and our lives. When they got that ball, they ran with it.

So, here we are, twenty-three years later, and my liberty is inhibited in almost every way I can think of. They started deciding everything for me. They know which light bulb is best. They know which toilet is best. They know what sort of energy is best. They know what toys are best. They know what sort of sweetener I need. They know what sort of medical attention I will need and whether I really need it or not. Soon, they will be there to figure out whether I should even have a car. "You would be much safer on the train (where does that train go?)." Thank you, gracious leader, for not choosing to make me walk, that's all I can say. To which the government would respond: "Well, you don't really need to live so far from work do you? Maybe you should move, so you can walk and save resources for the benefit of the planet."

Here's the thing. I know there are a lot of people out there who feel that government is too intrusive and working way past the mandate of the Constitution. Where are they? Why is there not a constant crowd of people surrounding the Capitol, threatening those inside with imprisonment for abuse of power? I don't get it. I know now that I am not the lunatic I once assumed I was, because the Internet has found all of you folks for me. I know you are there now and I feel less a freak. I know that doesn't say much for all of you, so I apologize.

Really, though, why aren't you at the capitol? I have been there several times over the past few years over one issue or another: Obamacare, 8/28, etc. As most know, I will be going back on 1/21 and staying for a while. I feel like a late-comer even at that, because I feel like I should be there today, right now.

Why isn't the damn place surrounded?

Here's what I think. I think if you thought that you wouldn't be standing there all alone with no support and no means of getting your message out and exposing yourself as a radical and perhaps opening yourself up to attack from SEIU thugs who are sent out from the government to harass you, you would be there. I think if you saw some tangible benefit, like an actual change in the law, or a concession that your cause was just, that you would be there. Am I wrong? I think that if you saw that it could really accomplish something and not just be some idle protest or vague message sent out into the wilderness you would show up.

Okay, so let me ask you this: What if you knew that by going to Washington you would return the government to constitutional limitations? Would that be worth it? I'm not saying that it is possible, it is just a hypothetical. Would that be worth it? What if you could take just one thing that is unconstitutional and get rid of it? Would that be worth it?

See, what I am getting at here is you need to define what it is that is worth the sacrifice of a week off from work and the expenditure of maybe $1,000. Everyone has a different point at which that is worth it. I want to know what that would be for you. Actually, I want you to know what that would be for you. In the old days I would be asking you to take up your musket and march with me to DC. In the old days I would be handing out torches and pitchforks. I would be ringing a bell or holding a lantern. I would be asking you to put your life on the line, to take a bullet if necessary and I would stand with you with my chest revealed to the enemy as well.

Today, I am asking for one week of your life and $1,000 of your fortune to make a difference, perhaps the greatest difference to be made in your lifetime, or the start of several such differences each at different levels of government. We have an opportunity to bring not just Tea Parties, or Second Amendment groups together to do something miraculous, but every American citizen who feels like the government has paid off too many banks, bailed out too many companies, assumed too much debt, left too many people unemployed, and charged our children way too much for these excesses of the Constitution.

It always starts with a seat belt law and progresses to the absolute disregard for our founding documents, documents that are the only legitimate source of their power, by the way. If indeed the protections and the limitations of the Constitution mean nothing, then I am afraid that the power and protection it offers our representatives, senators and president mean nothing as well. Without that, they are just men and women who have absconded with our republic and sit now in the chairs of despots.

Think about it. On Monday I will reveal a way for you to do something about it.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lincoln Caplan, Intentional Idiot

A strong H/T to Sipsey Street Irregulars for drawing my attention to this idiot who wrote an Op-ed for the New York Times. This is so obtuse as to be intentional idiocy, or outright lack of a quality education. Does the NYTimes just lift the rugs when they want some cockroach to write an Op-ed, or what?

Maybe I can help to clarify what seems to mystify this bozo about the Constitution. Here he writes:

John Boehner, the next House speaker, expresses the message of constitutional conservatism in calling for every bill to identify the part of the Constitution it rests on. Sarah Palin used the phrase to campaign for limited government. Tea Party members call themselves constitutional conservatives. It is the new mantle in which Republican politicians are wrapping themselves.

The challenge lies in understanding what, if anything, it actually means.

The phrase is used mainly in opposition: against health care reform; against the General Motors bailout; against President Obama’s policies.
Okay, one at a time. "John Boehner, the next House speaker, expresses the message of constitutional conservatism in callin gfor every bill to identify the part of the Constitution it rests on."

Well, Lincoln, that pretty much means that should one decide to raise taxes they should refer to Article 1, Section 8 "...The Congress shall have power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises to pay the Debts, and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States..." A power, I might ad, that it would seem only logical to conclude rests with only funding those other powers listed in Article 1, Section 8. In simpler words for Lincoln, if it isn't in Article 1, Section 8, the government doesn't have the right to raise taxes to pay for it.

After the other snarky remarks, you say this: "The phrase is used mainly in opposition: against health care reform."

Yes, indeed, perhaps, if you could show me in Article 1, Section 8 where it says: "To purchase and provide for the citizens of the United States of America, health care and other necessary and vital services which might further their health and welfare throughout their lives," I would be more willing to listen to your snarky little tribute to "what on earth does constitutional conservatism mean?"

Show me, please, where it says in Article 1, Section 8, that the United States government has any role whatsoever in bailing out any private company for any reason.

You can't, but I can show you where it says, in Article 1, Section 9: "No money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time."

I don't know about you, but there is a lot of money unaccounted for lately, don't ya think?

Now, I don't really blame you for taking Obama's side, I just wish you didn't have to play stupid to do it.

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