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Friday, November 12, 2010

Severing The Manly Parts

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I don't know when it started, somewhere between believing the United States of America was the greatest nation on earth and believing it was full of self-centered, egomaniacal, narcissistic couch potatoes, a change took place. The American people began to buy into the European definition of Americans. My personal belief is that the elite in the U.S., who travel and get Euro-bigotry directed at them, abandoned the pride of being American for the comfort of wagging a finger at their fellow citizens from the French Riviera. They chose the other side in the face of Euro-arrogance and did not respond with patriotism.

What bothers the elite so much about the Tea Party is that it is full of people who believe in the greatness of the nation and, from outside eyes, appear to be unapologetically nationalistic, a sin they had long since denounced. They are embarrassed of their kin. They view American nationalism as a sort of mental retardation, because the Euro-bigots have convinced them of it. Had they the backbone and clarity to argue the merits of Americanism, they would not have severed their manly parts in an effort to fit in.

Where these Americans view themselves as more enlightened than the middle-class working Joe, they invite into the void of estranged nationalism a sort of self-annihilation, a desire to squash Americanism into quasi-European world membership. They view patriotism as a disease and worldliness as a badge. They, who have been across the oceans and mixed with the peoples of other nations, return to America with a desire to remake themselves by remaking the nation. What's worse, they generally have the money and power to make the attempt.

This act of self-annihilation comes with an invitation to others to join the game. It is an invitation to reconquistas, socialists, communists, greenie eco-maniacs and a whole host of other anti-American drum beaters. While the American elite seek inclusion into the world elite (a desire seen best in the frustrations of the nouveau riche as they attempt to break into "old" money institutions), the others seek the destruction of America as we know it.

The others see the advancement of the self-annihilation movement as a chance to bring down the great beast. Reconquistas see a chance to take back the lower half of the United States for Mexico; the socialists see an opportunity to expand socialism; the jihadists see a chance to drive a stake through the heart of the Great Satan; the communists see an opportunity to tag onto all of this snapping at the heels of America to accomplish through proxy what they could not do directly.

It is the lack of patriotism that has put the blood in the water for the rest. This is why you see the likes of La Raza, the International Socialist Organization, the Communist Party USA, even Ex-Offenders Association of Pennsylvania at the upcoming rally in D.C. it is  a veritable list of organizations, especially public sector unions, who would like to see capitalism destroyed and the money and power delivered into their hands.

The only thing standing in the way of all of this "progress" is the middle-class working American who still believes in the rule of law, the Constitution, and America as the greatest nation on earth. This is why the Glenn Beck "Restoring Honor" rally and the 9-12 and 4-15 rallies just tick these people off, because it shows them the lack of progress they have made against the wide center of the nation. It demonstrates in vibrant and alarming images that they are small and insignificant.

The One Nation rally (ironic in its title because it is meant to demonstrate vividly that there are two nations, theirs and ours), is meant to mark the lines in the coming civil war. There are those who intend to fundamentally change America into a Third World power where every dog gets a bite of the dirty hot dog and those who recognize that capitalism, especially where combined with American republicanism, makes every dog a king in his own yard.

The crucial difference between these groups, a thing missed completely by the Tea Party crowd, is that while the Glenn Beck rally and others are meant to demonstrate to the government the power of the people, this One Nation rally is meant to demonstrate to the Tea Party crowd the power these groups have amassed AGAINST them. That is a startling difference and all with the complicity, perhaps encouragement, of Barack Obama, President of the United States.

If you don't think you are in a fight, wait 'til you get smacked in the mouth.

Graciously linked and quoted at The Camp of the Saints.


  1. I had lunch a few days ago with a black African sail boat skipper in Mindelo, Cape Verde. Conversation turned toward politics and economy, and he asked my opinion of Obama. He was not fluent in English, so I could not expect him to have much tolerance for my giving him a lecture on American revolutionary thought, or even a short primer on Austrian economics. There was to be no compare and contrast regarding our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and the stolid response of “The One” to our grievances. I could see though, that he had high hopes for a glowing exchange of favorable comments regarding Obama. I spoke: “The Obama government is monetizing our national debt”. He looked at me a little harder, as if to ask me to put it differently. “We have much national debt, so we are printing a lot of money to pay for it, we’re printing lot’s of money”. That’s all I really had to say, and indeed I had no further opportunity to expound, as the uneasy look on his face showed clearly his realization. He had as I had guessed, seen this before, and there was no further mention of Obama.

  2. Quite interesting. Some things are universal.

  3. I've been all over the world, met all kinds of people, and worked with them for the various employers I've had in my career.
    I've ALWAYS been grateful to get back home to the United States.
    I fully understand about the people that want to "Europeanize" America. All I can do is pass it off as the indoctrination they had during their supposed education at places of "higher learning".
    It saddens me greatly that most of the "Americans" know so little of their country, and the people who made it, other than through the slanted view of "Professors".

  4. Thanks for the link drjim. We have problems in America, but I have seen Europeans who seemed like they had the strive for life sucked out of them somewhere.

  5. Picking up on drhim's comment: when I returned from a two week visit to England in 1983, I felt like kissing the ground at the airport. Here I was returning from a country that was [emphasis on 'was'] back then, perhaps, the closest to us in politics and culture, yet I still was so glad to be back on American soil.

    Quoted from and Linked to at:
    Bonus Exilium

  6. I felt like that coming back from Denmark.

  7. Nationalism is far from dead in Europe. It has been suppressed for many years, but it is rising again. If Europe follows it's historic tendencies, it will be ugly.

    Any bets on where it starts? Ireland? Maybe Germany, though Germans have been subjected to decades of intense multicultural indoctrination designed to squash any thought of German national pride as "Nazism."

    The EU is crumbling. Every bailout shoved down the throats of the people to rescue international bankers will engender more resentment among nations. Each people will [rightly] conclude that they are being forced to pay for the irresponsibility and greed of the very wealthy, while being forced to do with less and less themselves. Since the incestuous relationship between these banks means the people of Ireland are bailing out London, Paris, and Berlin, I would think the Irish may react badly at some point. They don't exactly like the Brits in particular.

    Our entire world is destabilizing. And Neville Chamberlain is in the Oval Office.


  8. "Neville Chamberlain"?
    You're FAR too kind!

  9. drjim,
    Chamberlain is the closest European historic figure I could think of compare to Obama. Plus, he fit the pending-World War meme :-) Appeasement of madmen, weakening his own country, making deals with the dishonorable, etc. Obama is FAR worse, to be sure. The results of his policies will likely be worse, too.

    History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes.

    Cheers! Happy Thanksgiving, all.


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