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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Real Target of the Terrorists

In 1993 there came word, breaking news, of an explosion in the basement garage of the World Trade Center. It was February 26th and it was the first terrorist attack on American soil. It was more significant than the press it received. The blast excavated a 100 foot hole several stories deep and several stories high. Six people were killed and over one thousand injured.

That is not the way it was portrayed in the media. It was just a bombing. The FBI would handle it and get to the bottom of the attack. It was a criminal act with a political bent. It was a curiosity like the kidnapping of Patty Hearst with the same apparent ramifications. Only in hindsight is it given the true importance it deserved.

The terrorist attack on 9-11 would bring to the fore the real target of the 1993 attack and reveal it as the Western economy. The seeming vague purpose of the first bombing becomes a glaring red flag of hatred with the second attack.

Why the World Trade Center? It is all in a name. The World Trade Center was full of organizations and corporations focused on worldwide trade, the sort of commerce that had made the Western world wealthy while leaving the Middle-Eastern nations poor and oppressed. To whatever degree this was true was irrelevant to the terrorist who had claimed this injustice to be the cause for which he would die.

Such attacks are shocking, stupefying punctuation marks to the greater, silent effort being undertaken every day in Western nations across the globe. There is a movement to infiltrate these societies and carve out “no go” boundaries where neither Western citizens nor even police might enter. These safe-havens are exclusively Muslim, with Sharia Law being practiced and enforced to the exclusion of native laws and courts. Where the police cannot go, the law cannot be upheld.

The greater danger of Islamist separatism, one might suggest, is the overt and aggressive nature of it. The purpose of Islamist separatism is to undermine American law, to establish an independent society within the nation. It is designed to wage another attack on Western economic principles by overloading the social programs that will lead to governmental insolvency and economic chaos.

At the Gates of Vienna there is a post that is the text of a speech given by Michael Mannheimer in Amsterdam. A portion of that speech relevant to this topic is this:

In Norway, more than 50% of all social benefits go to Muslims. In Sweden €6.7 billion in social costs for Muslims. And their high [inaudible] rates like never before in the history of Sweden, the incidence of rape is now four times bigger than twenty years ago. Parallel to a four times higher Muslim population. In Oslo, in the year 2009, 100% of all rapists were non-indigenous people of Norway — they were Muslims.

The number of no-go areas in Europe is dramatically increasing, with over 1,000 no-go areas already. Imams in all mosques invite their believers not to pay tax anymore to the system, because this will bring the breakdown of Europe, will push it forward. They also pray: kill all homosexuals. They also pray: make as many kids as you can, you can make them and go to the social system. In mosques all over Europe they hold courses on how to get social money.
What is happening in Europe is only slightly more pronounced than what is and will be happening in America. There is no way or reason to think differently. Our weakness as a nation becomes obvious, it is our social programs. Social programs are causing the destabilization of the economy as it is. These programs already struggle to accommodate the influx of illegal aliens from south of the border. The Islamist insurgency only complicates this, allowing them to be used as a weapon against the people, the taxpayers.

The use of social programs to destabilize the political system is not a new tactic. This was the strategy articulated by Cloward and Piven, and embraced by much of the left.

The Islamists have a better chance of success in this vein than the Weather Underground because the American people are now ripe for tolerating radical elements in society such as: Earth First, the Animal Liberation Front, PETA, and other environmental groups with extreme viewpoints and violent methods.

A few additional circumstances will aid the Islamist’s attempts. First, any objection to the Islamic separatism will be denounced by the Left as racism. Second, by denying the police entrance to Muslim dominated areas is to prevent discovery of illegal activity such as bomb-making classes and the stores of such materials as might be required to build such bombs. Third, as these groups grow in political power through the vote, they can assist in passing laws which deter the government from pursuing immigration enforcement strengthening their ability to import extremists. Finally, as the economic crisis looms, these groups can protest their injustice when economic assistance is denied, joining with the rest of the moochers in causing societal havoc, perhaps with some incendiary complications.

There is now the opportunity, cause and justification to address the issues of social programs long engrained in American society. It is crucial to seek reform now, to choose between which programs which are necessary and which are merely bloated bureaucracies duplicating state responsibilities.

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