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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lies, BS and Politics

Politics is the art of lying. When done properly, it is done to assure one group of your followers while not alienating the independents and hopefully, infuriating your opponents. The reasons for this desireable outcome should be obvious, but if not, let me expound. Of course telling the truth to one's followers would be the best and that can be done under the right circumstances without worry of electronic recording. Since the advent of the tape recorder, however, it is necessary to assume that the walls have ears and that even in private a politician can convey the message without being overt enough to alienate the middle.

The true middle, the true indpendent doesn't really listen to any politician, but they do tune in whenever a gaff is made. This is where the Republicans are at a distinct disadvantage, since they have to rely on radio listeners and blog readers to get their side of the story out. Democrats, on the other hand, can have their grievance aired on every television station between here and Nome in a nanosecond, increasing the probablility that the moderate will only get liberal messages.

The purpose of infuriating your opposition, is to get the word out to the moderates. Everytime an ad goes out excoriating the Right for a thing it believes in, like the abolishment of partial birth abortion, that exposes the issue to the otherwise hapless, thoughtless independents in the crowd who actually agree with the conservative position, but have not tuned in long enough to find out what the conservatives believe.

Having said that, let me explain that we are not in that world anymore. Today, it is an all-out battle for the minds and hearts of the American citizen and the future depends on the outcome. This is the third in my recent series (though I hadn't thought of it as such until recently) of why we should rebel against the powers that be, both Democrat and Republican and pursue a strictly Constitutional Republic with Capitalistic tendencies with all our hearts and objecting to anything else with all our breath.

The current administration has gone completely beyond the pale in pursuing a radical, socialist agenda with the tactics and strategy of an Alinsky-inspired coup. Having lost Congress and enough Senate seats to ensure gridlock, Obama has decided to rule by decree and regulation as John Podesta recently suggested.

We, the Conservative majority, can do nothing legislatively to stop him. It is not within our power, other than the ability to defund these programs, to which I say: Do so now! But aside from that, we are forced to wait through another election cycle if we plan to handle this the normal way. I suggest that we do not. I suggest that we draw a line in the sand, a line that requires Barack Obama to sign the bill to be delivered to his desk and if he should refuse, we should rally in the streets until he does. For the first time in my life I will say that I don't care if we do look like a bunch of Frenchies, let's prove that we are here to stay and demand, not ask, demand a repeal of that offensive legislation.

What's that I hear? There is no way the Senate will get cloture? Who gives a rat's ass? Were they going to wait for cloture on the healthcare bill? Did they care? Isn't that where all of this talk of getting rid of the filibuster came from? Turn their words around on them and pass it with a simple majority. They would have done it to us on the same issue, so it is fair to do it to them. I don't think that will be necessary, I think there will be enough of the Democratic senators looking for a place to hide on this issue, who will vote for cloture to get it off their backs, feeling safe in the idea that Obama will veto it. Put it to the test and protest like mad if he refuses. Perhaps, with the greatest of luck, enough pressure can be brought to bear that he will refuse to sign it, nor veto it and let it become law without his signature.

If we can create enough heat we can force it, but it won't be pretty. It will, however, be necessary. The process starts for me on January 21, 2011 when I have pledged my life, my fortune and my sacred honor to do this for my nation and attend the rally on the mall called the Siege of DC!

Kerodin has a wonderful post on just this sort of thing.

Join me and let me know if you can and will stand beside me: email me.

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