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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How America Has Changed

We are told to believe that nothing will change. This is the rally cry of the intimidated politicos who have recently witnessed the struggle for power between the GOP and the Tea Party, between the Republicans and Democrats. The sweeping change to state houses and the federal government has been a startling example of what power the people have and can use to effect change. They are panicked and screaming: "But, smart people know that nothing will change. It is too big, too complicated, too ingrained. You have shuffled the deck is all."

It is time to press the advantage, to go further than elections. Government is too big and too intrusive and every example of it should be exposed, exploited and protested. It is on the brink of toppling to the death panels and tax collectors. Even though only a few have come to understand the lessons of 2010, they are obvious if one cares to evaluate it properly. Here is the lesson: there is nothing more intimidating, more infuriating and more difficult to control than a mass of leaderless Americans. This polite, considerate mob strikes fear into the hearts of the Washington politician, because they are accustomed to a lazy electorate, one who pays their way and stands back and takes the insults. They are not accustomed to a demanding, rowdy public who expect results.

If the American public can get a repeal of Obamacare, there is nothing that cannot be done. This is the most sweeping legislation of our time, taking over 1/6 of the U.S. economy, instituting bureaucracy after bureaucracy, requiring the submission of the most personal of liberties to government oversight.

The first and most difficult phase has been completed, i.e. a sweeping electoral victory for those politicians who would implement such legislation as a repeal. The second phase must be undertaken and that is to offer those politicians the weight and heft of the public with a sustained occupation of Washington DC from January 21st, a few weeks after those new representatives take their seats, until repeal is achieved.

There is a difference, you understand, between a politician and a representative. A politician is one who seeks office for personal gain and stature. It doesn't even matter if they achieve office, the title is in the seeking of office. The other, the representative, is the politician who, for selfish reasons or not, seeks office to represent the people of their state, or district. The representatives are the ones to be seated on January 4th or 5th and it is our duty to support them in the mission they have been sent to accomplish.

Think of yourself as a part of government that is mostly silent, having a voice only on election day, but taking that role more seriously this time, at this time. Think of yourself as a part of the government, the traditionally non-functioning part of government. If government is not working correctly, it is because this part, your part, has been missing from the equation. You have been there to vote, but not to follow up that vote with support for your representatives. You have sent them into the clutches of lobbyists and senior statesmen and wonder why their focus changes when you are not there to have their back.

On January 21st, you need to be there, in Washington, as support or in protest. This is how America has changed. It cannot survive without the support of the people. We have tried the old way, the non-interventionist model, and it has turned the federal government into a voracious beast munching hungrily on our rights and freedoms, casting off our suggestions, ignoring our pleas. It has been left alone, isolated in a land of moochers and manipulators. Left to them, it has ceased to function for us. Hmmmmmm, I wonder why?

Strap up! It is time to roll out and take your part seriously, for once. Be there to hammer home the message that in America, things have changed. Being an American has changed. The government will change. Society will change. The only route back to a truly Constitutional republic is through this hyperactive citizenship.

When the befuddled politicians look out on the crowd of citizens swarming the capitol, they will ask: "My God, what do they want?" At that moment, they will understand the enormous power of the individual. Let them shudder at the sight of it.

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  1. Quoted and linked at

    As always, timely, succinct, and true.

    Strike while the iron is hot!

  2. "Liberalism occurs when man begins to believe that he is smarter than God" ~~ Paul Buchanan

  3. True. I would only amend that it occurs when men think they ARE God.


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