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Friday, November 19, 2010

Had Enough?

Are you ready for rebellion? I know the readers of this blog are fed up with the actions of the government, but more specifically with their methods. It is one thing to deny a person the common decency of feigning respect for the law, it is quite another to take the "Whadda ya gonna do about it, Bub?" attitude of the TSA, of John Podesta (an oily little snake if I ever saw one) and the Department of Justice.

I did think the elections of November would give them something to think about, a pause of reflection. I gave them too much credit. An administration which has gotten its way through brutal SEIU thugs being sent out to confront peaceful citizens and attack them with epithets disgusting and false is unable to lead with dignity.

Perhaps that is the biggest insult of all, the lack of dignity with which this has been done. It is the gutter politics unleashed on the people that pushes one to the brink of rebellion. Is that what they want? Isn't that the signal John Podesta is sending with his comments (h/t Gateway pundit through Coordinated Illumination) about the methods by which Obama could "rule" and it must be to "rule" because what they have suggested is not governing. Aren't they pushing us toward this result? We don't want it. We want to stay at home, to mind our business, to tend our chores, to grow our crops and raise our brood. The American people are rightfully slow to rouse. They tend to let those in government govern. They generally accept their role as bi-annual supporters or detractors and leave the ugly sausage-making to others. But...

I'm not sure that the administration understands the concept of governing. No one in the administration has ever governed before. They have protested, they have organized, they have black-mailed, they have railroaded, we know they are capable of these approaches, but do they have the slightest idea of governing? No, they do not. Their response to outrage over the TSA dilemma of "Scope or Grope" is to say that it really isn't that bad. "You must be a prude, if you don't want your naked image on the internet!" Their response to the wave of protest through Republican votes was to shrug and say that the people have spoken and they want the Republicans to work with the administration. They are dangerously delusional. When they pass an insanely demanding law like Obamacare, they blithely issue waivers for the very same huge corporations they claim to despise and put on notice for YOU. They openly feed your tax dollars to their union supporters, issuing them the same Obamacare waivers so that none of their cronies have to abide by the laws they write for US.

The question before the readership is this: Do we rebel? If so, how? If so, when? In the next few days I will be unveiling a new organization that will be designed to answer some of these questions. Until then, we need to make preparations.

If you have not felt in your gut that something was coming, that there was a dread in the air, then I'm not sure that we understand each other. But if you have felt that queasiness, you know there is a chore to be done. Preparations need to be made to descend on DC. Money needs to be set aside. Time needs to be taken. Care for the children needs to be attended.

In a few days you will realize that I am pledging my life, my fortune and my sacred honor to this cause, not in the abstract, but in the particular.

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  1. "If you have not felt in your gut that something was coming, that there was a dread in the air, then I'm not sure that we understand each other. But if you have felt that queasiness, you know there is a chore to be done."

    You know, for the longest time, I really thought I was going crazy. It wasn't until others began to share this "unsettling" in the air that I began to think that it wasn't just me. Part of me has been relieved to discover that I'm not crazy; the other part of me finds that it's not just me even more unsettling.

  2. You should perhaps change your moniker to "not just me."

    Thanks for stopping by. Why is it that everyone has felt that? It reminds me of when animals get rambunctious when a storm is brewing.

  3. LOL ~ perhaps I should think about it. The tag came from the fact that I kept asking myself "Is It Just Me?"

    Good analogy. I remember the stories of the animals escaping to higher ground before the Christmas tsunami. During the 2010 Lenten season, I was haunted by images recreating the Noah's Ark story. I'm beginning to sense a theme.

  4. Quoted and linked at

    ...Count me in TL.

    Let's Roll.

  5. "You know, for the longest time, I really thought I was going crazy."
    A 30 year old ex-Marine mentioned the same thing to me the other day after he talked with me for over three hours and said he was relieved.

  6. When Claire McCaskill said she got it following the election, she didn't mean "Oh, I get it. Americans don't want Obamacare" She meant, Mostly Republicans voted and they voted against it. So, it means we have a long way to go to educating them about it. Presumably to change our minds and convince how awwwwwesooooome it is.

    No, T.L. They don't get it. And we have a lot of work to do. Let's get busy.

  7. It was several months ago that my wife quit rolling her eyes at me everytime I purchased more ammo or bags of beans and bags of rice.... She gets it, now. :)


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