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Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Government Against Its People

Here we are toeing the line in the sand we have drawn in our minds. We are at the place where our government has become hostile to its own people, ready to brand them as extremists merely for voicing an unpopular opinion. Criticism and requesting a redress of grievances has become an indicator of probable cause.

In Washington D.C. there are rulers. They have come to the people through regulations and have used them as bludgeons with which to demand compliance. No longer is it a matter of mutual sacrifice for mutual protection; it is a matter of compliance or imprisonment. It is no longer possible to react to government overreach with protest, that protest now brands one with the sign of the radical. You, me, everyone who dislikes and complains about the TSA procedures and advocates a protest has become a “domestic extremist.”

How long before being identified as a “domestic extremist” will allow the government to conduct searches of one’s home? How long before the label will allow the government to be used to deny citizens the right to bear arms? How long before the label will allow the government to confiscate bank accounts? How long before the label will allow the government to deny a person the right to fly on an airplane or ride on a bus or a train? And how long before they use the label to revoke one’s driver’s license? Oh, but you will be free to travel within the confines of the United States, too bad you became a domestic extremist, because now it will be much harder.

There have been so many assaults on the Constitution of late that it is hard to keep track. This is just another one. I urge you to not set it aside and come back to it later. One should look at this action of the federal government as the toe that crossed our line.

We are at the end of a long courtship with socialism, perhaps quasi-communism, wherein the identity and purpose of the individual has been denigrated as selfish and greedy. This has served the long drive toward collectivism perfected and executed under Franklin Delano Roosevelt. We have been promised goods and services and have been delivered debt. We have been promised security and have been delivered weakness. We have been promised accountability and have been delivered rationalizations and equivocations. We have been promised fidelity to our Constitution and have been delivered regulations governing every aspect of our lives and no ability to obtain redress.

We are being told that the economic circumstances we endure are the product of too little regulation, but what action of our economy is NOT regulated by government? Which one? Banks are regulated by the government. Wall Street is regulated by the government. Almost every act of life is regulated in some degree by the government, schools, buses, trains, highways, building codes, professional licenses, employment, minimum wages and on and on. Tell me, then, how is it that there is too little regulation?

Now that the government controls every aspect of our lives from which light bulb to use, to how much water with which to flush our toilets, they now make dissent unlawful, or at least suspicious.

This is the new trend: accept government oversight, nudging, groping and scoping or be defined by the Department of Homeland Security as a domestic extremist. I encouraged the recent “National Opt-Out Day” though I did not participate. That makes me a domestic extremist. I put it on my website. That makes me a domestic extremist. This is a clever way of saying that I need to be monitored, perhaps investigated because if one is willing to make trouble for the government with free speech and protest, who knows what one might be up to.

There is a lot of buzz through the conservative blogosphere about a “tipping point” where actions need to be taken to ensure that the Constitution, largely ignored and derided by the establishment politicians, be adhered to.

There is a lot of buzz through the liberal blogosphere that Communism in America might never have a better chance of success, what with the growing power of public service unions in our government and the ideals raised by the Obama Administration of “spreading the wealth around.”

They are both right. This is a moment of ideological definition for the nation. There are only these two ways to go, because the third, the “do nothing” option is quickly proving itself to be used by the liberals to further socialism and ultimately communism. That is apparent. What lurks behind these events of politics is a greater issue: economics.

We have already tried the socialist model. From FDR on politicians have embraced and supported every socialist idea to come down the pike for several decades. As proof, when has personal liberty been championed over regulation? What bureaucracy has been reduced or eliminated? What proposals have been made to defund any federal department?

All of this has led to an economic crisis spurred on by government regulation. Ill-advised loans were prescribed by government, engaged in by government supported quasi-private corporations like Fannie-Mae and Freddie-Mac, both of which have now become largely owned by the federal government. The government owns banks and finance companies and manufacturing companies and the economy has not gotten better. What little growth there is has been hampered by these facts, not bolstered by them. Other nations not so deeply in debt have already rebounded from the international economic downturn caused primarily by U.S. legislation as the architect of the housing bubble and sub-prime loans.

It is almost inevitable that worse economic times are coming. Cities and states are growing more insolvent every day. Unemployment and lost tax revenues are putting huge pressure on the states. The federal government is intent on spending more and more regardless of consequences giving rise to political unrest.

The stage is now set and soon there will come a time when the police cannot be paid, when hospitals have not been reimbursed and have defaulted on their responsibilities. Doctors will go home. Nurses and others will drift away, unpaid. City workers won’t keep up utilities, or man water supplies. Garbage will pile up. The private sector, what is left of it, will slowly grind to a halt and enterprising people will develop a barter system.

All of this can be laid at the feet of the socialist experiment. The great thing about capitalism is that it is organic. It does not have to be created out of law, or supported by armies. It occurs every day beyond the eyes of a prying government and when the social structure rips itself apart trying to adhere to irrational and unnatural stimulus forced upon the citizenry by government, capitalism will be there to supply the pieces of order.

This is the purpose of the Constitution, to provide a social framework for the restoration of the nation. Having drifted from it so far and those methods now being known, a reverence should now be ingrained in the people and met with much stiffer resistance in the future.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that. You're right, of course. American exceptionalism ended after WWII. Most people today wouldn't even know what I'm talking about. The Socialists have taken it away. They have reduced us to just another bland, cowardly Europe-like state. Sad. I'm almost speechless.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. "They" can only win if we let them. I'm thinking most the lefties will perish in this new world because they are soft and weak.

    As for me - I plan on doing my best to continue to "fly under the radar." Ask any old Mafia don and he will tell you to, "do what ya' gotta do and keep your mouth shut."

  3. ...and, Happy Thanksgiving you cowboy hat wearing hottie

  4. Another excellent post Sir!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Fresh from the Green Mountains. Even thought they are quickening the assault, We the People can be thankful for stout American hearts that will not go quietly into the Marxist goodnight.

    Praise be to God!

  5. And the police will go home if they're worried about their families. A good post this morning on Mises, "A Tale of Two Colonies", which illustrates well the results of Socialism and Capitalism. Another good example would be South Vietnam from 1975 until the early eighties when Hanoi finally gave up trying to change Saigon, since the farmers refused to harvest crops above the amount they were allowed to keep, no matter the level set.

  6. Ok, let's see - so far, I'm considered a racist, a domestic extremist, uninformed idiot, and an enemy. I've certainly been busy according to a bunch of America hating, marxist/socilist elites who would rather destroy than build. You know. sometimes, bad guys are bad guys because being a good guy is a lot more work and success is harder to achieve. But then again, success must be earned. If it can't be taken, manipulated or sold up the river, it has no appeal. Perhaps these cowards are just afraid of failure.

    Great blog...Happy Thanksgiving

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all. It just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?


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