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Saturday, November 27, 2010

GM, Unions and the Obama Administration

If the people were so inclined, impeachment of Barack Obama would not be out of the question. While the Left likes to link Halliburton to any conservative and brand that conservative with the worst the corporation has done, or it has been reported that it has done, there seems to be no interest in the linkage between Obama and labor unions.

Likewise, since dealerships are not unionized, the decisions to shut down certain dealerships for GM and Chrysler for whatever reason the administration offered were actually done along contributor/Democrat lines. I recall a lot of the owners of dealerships that were threatened with being shut down begging for some reason, or some logic to it, when all they had to do was review their donation records and party affiliation. Also, inner city dealerships were maintained while rural dealerships were axed.

Now, the UAW has made out like bandits from the GM IPO while the taxpayers get shafted once again. Here is an article from The Washington Times that will illustrate the degree to which the Obama Administration has done nothing but turn GM into a union cash cow, supposedly a growing trough from which Obama intends to draw from during the 2012 election. That, ladies and gentlemen, is nothing short of money laundering.

There are a few other instances where this method of boosting the coffers of the unions has gone on without even a hint of regulatory or congressional investigation. But, when Toyota had been accused of producing automobiles with a faulty acceleration glitch, they were investigated forthwith.

I would like to give the many members of the Obama Administration a view of the Congressional hearing room from the inside, sitting in the chairs facing our new legislators and explain to us, the American people who are on the hook for all of these wealth transfer payments to unions, where the money came from and where it went.

We all know this already. The stimulus bill went to unions both public and private. The jobs bill went to unions both public and private. The profits from the GM IPO, where they took stock owned by citizens in the Old GM and gave it to the unions, then when GM relaunched itself, the old stock was recognized and about 1/3 held by unions was redeemed to fill their accounts with cash.

If the legislature does nothing else, it should declare any union which accepted these funds during the Obama Administration as holding a conflict of interest and be unable to contribute to the Obama campaign, nor to any entity that has and/or will make donations to the Obama campaign. To the extent that comports with current election law, I have no idea. But, new laws are passed all the time and it often takes years to get it right.

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  1. I think unions have long outlived their usefulness. One of the biggest obstacles we have to overcome is going to be overhauling the unions. When those power whores fear losing their power, they're going to hold on even tighter. Some suggest that money is the culprit but I disagree. I think it is simply the means by which they attain their ultimate goal of power. We can see how power corrupts just with a cursory glance. And again, we have a glaring example of who (or what) O is by the company he keeps. I don't think it's a coincidence that he has to pay people to be his friends, by the way.

  2. Congress has rendered itself toothless by allowing the flock of Czars who can rule by regulation. The one that got me was when the Indiana state retirement fund sued the administration, because Obama's takeover screwed bondholders and gave the favor to unions. They pointed out that their contract gave them highest priority for payback. The Supreme Court sided with the administration! They decided it was ok to throw out settled contract law and allow political payouts to unions.

    Don't forget that one. Not one of the three branches of government believes in the rule of law and liberty.

  3. No sir, and that is exactly why it is time to take another tack with these guys.


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