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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Eve of Conflict

We now have what we have been waiting for. In the words of Barack Obama, "we are the ones we've been waiting for." We, the patriotic masses who find comfort in the stars and stripes, who know what it means to be an American have arrived at the precipice of history. It is a dangerous and deep chasm we see from above that separates us from them.

We are embroiled in a tug of war for the future of the nation. It is an ideological gulf that separates the sides. If one truly believes that America should be a socialist/communist country, that cannot be reconciled with the sentiment that it should not. This is not a new conflict where the sides are ill-defined and yet to be set. This is an old battle taken to a new terrain. Rather than being fought by one government to another, it is being fought right now in the minds of the populace.

The socialist/communist faction in America is largely made up of media personalities: of them are Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell, Oprah Winfrey, PBS, television, movies and labor unions. Their forces have infiltrated the government (yes, even the Republican side) in Washington and state houses all over the nation. Socialism/communism can be found in the courtrooms, the classrooms and even the boardrooms of those seeking one last chance at profit before they sign away their rights with ours.

This conflict has been an underground stream of discontent between the sides for one-hundred years. Think of it. This is not new, only the open declaration of the socialist/communist faction has the twinkle of novelty about it. They wear union insignia and boast of their connection to the highest offices in the land. Under every SEIU T-shirt is a hammer and sickle, if not, let them deny it, let them denounce it. Pull the mask from their faces and make them reveal their intent. Their willing violence in the streets in defense of the political class says all a patriot needs to know. But, they will probably admit it if pushed, if coerced, if brought out of their routine of denial.

I believe that we are at the starting point of a long and arduous journey toward a Restoration of the Constitution. It is our duty to breathe new life into the ancient document, to make words mean things again. As Orrin Hatch appropriately stated this morning on FOX News, "if Obamacare is allowed to stand, it means that the government can make us do literally anything."

Repeal is more than symbolic, it is the central actionable cause left to the patriot. If we cannot rally all of the patriotic people of the land to stand in defiance of this bill, to demand a passage and a presidential signature, or the override of the veto, then we shall stand for nothing else again. If you are looking for that peaceful moment to make your voice heard, to drive home your demand for republican government and the rule of law, this is it.

January 21st, we should meet on the steps of the capitol and demand the vote in the House and the vote in the Senate. On January 28th a new set of patriots should take up the rotation and let the others go home. Week after week there should be a changing of the guard. Take your valuable vacation and make it count. Take your unemployment and put it to use. Take your leave from war and contribute to the home front. Take your slowed business cycle and come to Washington for a week. Use whatever funds you can. Identify with others who cannot possibly go and ask for a donation to help you go. Who in the D.C. area can put some people up? These are the thoughts of a patriot, of a dedicated American. Plan your trip now. Do not let them breathe. If we fail at this, there will only be one outcome: civil war.

If not now, when? If not us, who?

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    Way to launch the new flagship! Freedom ahoy!

  2. Thanks Toaster for all you have done.

  3. Posted:

    See ya in Berlin.

    Let's roll.

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    Cannot agree with this more!

  5. See you There,

    Miguel De La Flores

  6. time to peer into the rabbit hole.

  7. And then what?

    How is this different than the Glen Beck, Sara Palin, etc. rallies? Gatherings and rallies and talk won't do the job.

    The members of congress, the administration and the media all KNOW exactly what we think and want. THEY DON'T CARE.

    Where are the teeth? What and where is the "or else?"

    When we figure that out, maybe we can get somewhere.

  8. MamaLiberty, I think the purpose is different. This is not a rally, per se, it is a show of force. They don't want to be harassed at their offices, on the street. They are accustomed to being protected, walking down the street to get their shoes shined, to go to some of the restaurants there.

    You put that many people on the streets and they will hate coming to work, to having to hear questions shouted at them.

    The point is to demand they pass and sign the repeal of Obamacare.

    And, we ain't going home until you do. For now, that is a lot bigger threat than you might think.

  9. I'm with MamaLiberty on this one... Kinda. I really don't think a tactic such as this will have much effect. The Senators and congresscritters who work in the Capitol building only walk down those steps on special occasions such as to meet with an approving throng. The rest of the time they arrive and depart through secure facilities. Still, I think we have to go the extra mile in a peaceful attempt to change their votes and actions before we can take that last final, fateful (fatal?) step we all dread.


  10. I do agree, especially during winter. The tactics need to be worked out. Right now, if we can take a shot at getting some people there, we will have time to sort out the strategy. Sometimes it is just a matter of media coverage and what you plan to do about their actions, or inaction.

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  12. Actually, the socialist strain goes back further than 100 years in the US. Lincoln had many supporters both before and during the war against the South who were '48 German socialists/communists. They were known as "red republicans."

  13. "Lincoln had many supporters both before and during the war against the South who were '48 German socialists/communists."

    The Lincoln Putsch: America's Bolshevik Revolution

  14. Another point:

    Everybody in this struggle knows the end game. Billy Beck put it quite succinctly less than six months ago.

    Free men and women are always free to act at any time in any manner, in accordance with their ethical codes and their long-term interests.

    They're free, ya know?

    Just remember: the spear is not the point, and the point is not the spear.

    Some folks see an attempt at mass civil disobedience as a necessary step along the force continuum; others do not.

    So long as those others who disagree with the Second Bonus Army are doing something to defy the ruling class and their apparatus, there's no reason that parallel tracks can't be run.

    Sounds like basic non-technical project management to me....aided by the fact that there is no chain of command and no "structure" to be disrupted.

    Talking time's about done....

  15. I think it needs to be bigger than even what I have proposed here, worked on numerous angles. As you suggest, there needs to be numerous avenues to reistance that even the typically law-abiding would not object to.

  16. What's needed is some intelligence, both the kind that covers who the enemy is and what they are doing and the kind that makes a viable plan to achieve the goal.
    All you have so far is intention. My suggested first step would be to examine the notion that the 535 people in Congress are the ones who need to be your focus. Or perhaps I should say the "only ones" who should be your focus.
    You might consider the top Civil Service ranks in each Executive branch department, the partners in the top lobbying firms, and the hairdressers of the Congressional wives, just to offer three suggestions.
    DC business as usual needs to be keenly and continuously aware that people are fed up.

  17. Agreed. Initially, I would say the 100 senators, or even just the 37 up for election in 2012. What sort of extraordinary pressure can be put on them?

  18. You ask for the wrong thing. You will get what you ask for and you will continue to be disappointed.

    It is not simply Obamacare that must be repealed. It is a host of laws flagrantly defying the Constitution.

    One house of Congress has the power to stop the madness. Simply refuse to pass a budget resolution.

    No budget resolution; no authority to collect taxes; no salaries for bureaucrats; no more anti-constitutional law enforcement.

    You won't get that, either, of course. You insisted on voting for Republicans or Democrats, and now when the rubber has finally met the road, you see the folly of that failed policy.

    Too late. Too late. Too late.

  19. Rex, I am trying to make a last ditch effort to avoid what you seem to think is the only recourse. No budget resolution would mean no social programs, no unemployment benefits, no mediacare and while I think we need to work around those crutches, the firestorm caused would end our fledgling, smoldering spark of liberty. We must coax it back into a blaze, not drown it with gasoline.

    I recognize that we might be too late. I will not die if I try, but I will die if I do not.

  20. Hey, when we "restore the Constitution" to the intent of the Founders, should we put slavery back together too?

  21. Well, I see that anonymous is typical of the courage displayed by the LEFT.

  22. Count me in. Unable to be in the first wave as I just finished leave, but I'll be available again a few weeks after. Someone going to get some more info out on this soon. Sounds like an excellent idea and I was loooking for something to do with vacation time I have coming next year. John Penrose III

  23. John, a lot more information and details will be coming out. Put us on your favorite list and visit often. We will be asking a lot of our citizens, but not more than we will ask of ourselves.

  24. Everyone should be holding a hammer at the capital steps. Ball-peen, framing, sledge, drill, blacksmith or whatever. That picture of the witch with the oversize gavel made me sick. Congress needs to understand hammers are made for work and that success in repealing might be the only thing that prevents other hammers from getting dropped.

  25. Hmmmm, that is a very interesting idea.

  26. The symbolism of a simple hammer. It can build things up or tear them down.

  27. Linked here too.

  28. Even a little bit of "in your face" is going to get pushback from the "let's all get along" crowd.

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  30. Remember too folks that all politics are local.

    Don't know the right ratio yet, but the allocation of resources to the DC front versus those at every local Senate and Congresscritter office needs to be considered.

    Think global, act local -- if you will.

    I am thinking that the bulk of the resources need to be directed at the local fronts.

    It will also greatly complicate the OpFor's solution(s), while maximizing traditional media coverage opportunities.

    Need I mention that there needs to be a sustained full-court press in as much of the Blogosphere as we can influence?

  31. If we fail at this, there will only be one outcome: civil war.

    Too true. We shall be forced to 'take up arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing, end them'.

    Quoted from and Linked to at:
    Bonus Exilium

  32. Carrying hammers on the Capital steps will probably get one arrested but create no martyrs. We already know that peaceful protest will have no effect on the Social Democrats as the health care protests amply demonstrated. That does not mean they were not effective. On the contrary those protests kept temperatures high and the pot boiling. Street protests will not force Dem congressmen or Senators to vote to override an Obama veto unless they are convinced this means the end of their party. The goal will be to force the Social Democrats or even better yet the non-Govt. left to over react and do something stupid. At the same time reminding the pubs in general and the new legislators in particular that we are paying attention is important.

  33. Adobe, that is exactly the point. Thanks. Just because something doesn't stop another doesn't mean that it didn't achieve a goal.

  34. Good points T.L. Linked.

  35. Just posted it at FreeRepublic:

    America! It's about
    ★ FREEDOM! ★

    ★ Estimated Value – PRICELESS! ★

  36. Thank you Neil, I had noticed that you posted another article of mine Do We Need A New Word For Treason as well, thank you for all that you are doing!

  37. I see since I posted it that it has been moved to "Breaking" and has been tweeted from there .... Hopefully it will go viral over the next day or so and we'll see if we still live in a Republic or if the civil war will commence.
    America! It's about

    ★ FREEDOM! ★

    ★ Estimated Value – PRICELESS! ★

  38. Neil, do me a favor and email me through my profile on the right. I have some things to discuss with you. A personal thanks, if you will.

  39. I can't help it: because what concerns me is the truth, I am with Anonymous @ November 12, 2010 10:15 PM.

    That's a very deeply serious and important question, to which I never hear an answer. Anyone dismissing it as from "the LEFT" must also relegate Lysander Spooner, William Lloyd Garrison, and Henry David Thoreau as leftists, and that simply isn't reality.

  40. I took "Anonymous Nov. 12" to be taking a "shot" and felt anyone, such as yourself, wanting a real discussion would reveal themselves and make the case.

    My answer would be that from earlier than the Constitution the same men who wrote it, the founders, had wanted to end slavery, but the Crown would have none of it. They were making too much money off of the slave trade. That is a sorely missed point when the Brits take us to task over slavery. So, it was not an integral part of the Constitution to begin with.

    For nearly 100 years factions within who thought that slavery never should have been allowed under a nation designed around individual freedom struggled against other factions who clung to the idea that slavery was de facto a state's rights, property rights issue.

    Those factions are still alive today and though no longer pointed at each other, they are pointed at the federal government which has abused both sides of that ancient fence.

    So, for you, Mr. Beck, since you had the decency and honor to present yourself and your arguments, I gladly respond with more than a flippant answer.

    No. It has taken us longer than the nation has been established to come to grips with slavery and the very concept of it. A restoration of the Constitution, naturally includes all lawfully considered and passed amendments thereto, of which the 13th Amendment outlawing slavery definitively qualifies. And, I suggest that we seek ways in which to, at the same time, guard against other less obvious instances of "involuntary servitude".

  41. Very well, then. I could stipulate to an argument like this. I must emphasize, however, that it is a very guarded stipulation, and it really doesn't address my principal arguments against the constitution.

    What if I extend my logic just a bit, though?

    How can any reasonable person interested in freedom abide the interstate commerce clause?

  42. They cannot. That clause has been widely and terribly interpreted to mean much, much more than intended.

    Consider the wording: "To regulate (in those days, to make regular, known, certain) Commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian Tribes;"

    These relationships are external to the federal government, as in dealing with external entities, not as in the collective. In other words, it was to make regular commerce between these different entities, a role only the federal government could serve, but nowhere does it suggest that commerce internal to the state could be the role of the federal government, or the federal government would be claiming a similar role in foreign nations and the Indian Tribes, which is not the argument ever made to justify the Commerce clause.

    Part of everything I am focused on has to do with restraining the commerce clause because of its abuse, not because it is properly applied.


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