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Saturday, November 13, 2010


We might like to think that there is a decision to be made between what we know today and what we knew yesterday. Were it possible to go back to the isolated existence of pre-television America, we would not be able to reverse the events that have taken place. Everything we have now was built into every decision already made by those willing to exploit the advantages of freedom. Action was allowed to become divorced from consequence.

Freedom, prosperity, generosity, kindness have all led us to the point of the spear. These things, which are virtues among men are vices among governments. When we seek to do good through devices other than our own discretion we only place treasures and power in the hands of those who do not deserve it. Governments are incapable of divining the appropriate method of distribution. They merely add layers of bureaucracy and inefficiency to the transaction. Only a person who has earned the national coin is wise enough to disperse it. Even a mistake by the owner of wealth results in a more careful distribution later on. A government has no such self-correcting mechanism.

Today we dump trillions of dollars of value into our social programs and have not corrected the flaws in the regulations, or the methods we use to disperse the funds. There is no mechanism to do so and even if there were, that would be yet another layer of administration and the dollars would get further and further away from their mark.

No, it is the individual who is capable of all of these things intrinsically. So, the question is who does the government serve if not the contributor to the cause or the recipient of the largess? The secret is that government serves only government. It takes on more and more justifications for assessing greater taxes, but it is not a person, it does not feel loss at wasted dollars or chagrin at giving fraudulent assistance. It is a robot mindlessly performing tasks, the results of which cannot be computed through the equation of take and give.

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  1. Excellent post.
    The world sure seems upside-down these days.

  2. Thanks DrJim and thanks for stopping by, good to see you.

  3. Great post T.L. In fact, all of them were good. I only have one complaint, though...You don't have a wordpress icon for sharing. ;)


  4. Hmmmmm, well, I'm not that good with WP.


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