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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Communist In The Mirror Is Closer Than You Think

If there is any doubt that Communism is alive and well in the United States, one should take a trip to The Blaze, Glenn Beck's news site, and scroll down a bit. There are videos of your neighbors saying "Yo soy un communista" They are coming out of the closet. But, why now?

The obvious answer is because they did not get the change they voted for. Their understanding of the change Barack Obama represented was socialism leading to communism. With hopes fading that Obama will make good on his pledge to "fundamentally transform America," they intend to take what little momentum is left and call on the moochers and looters to make good on their stated ideology of overthrowing the capitalist society of America.

They had waited since 1917 for the moment that Barack Obama represented. Through all of the other times, the Great Depression and the 1960's enlightenment, they had not progressed as far as they would have liked, but all of that changed in November of 2008 with the election of one of their own. He was a Marxist, a labor union sympathizer, an ACORN lawyer and a follower of the Black Evolution Theology leader Jeremiah Wright. What more could a communist look for in a president? They were assured that soon the United States would be delivered into their hands. They would drown the dreaded capitalist in their own soup!

It looked good at first. Obama came to power at time when corporations and banks were suspect, when huge companies teetered on the edge of collapse, giving the excuse to "nationalize" these corporations under the guise of "saving" them. It was perfect.

And then, on the brink of victory, the Tea Party rose up out of the masses and dashed their hopes. The Tea Party made passing Obamacare, the key to the socialist puzzle, problematic. It would take force and SEIU, the soviet muscle behind the president would have to mobilize. This was good from a communist's point of view: it would show the Tea Partyists the strength built into the labor unions. "If you can't change their minds, break their heads." The communists looked forward to the idea of inciting these Tea Party fools into a conflict, to brand them as radical and allow for the real muscle, the cops and FBI to do the dirty work of clearing out the rabble delaying their 100 year dream from coming true.

The Tea Party didn't take the bait, but used the ubiquitous video camera to their advantage and captured the brutal tactics of the labor unions on film to be quickly transferred to a waiting and curious public. Ah ha! Leftist violence on camera, and the tables started to turn. It was harder for politicians to support their own supporters. It all got difficult for the media to spin the Tea Partyists as violent racists. The narrative was being lost.

While the president held onto the reins of congress they managed to push the dreaded legislation through, giving the communists a brief sigh of relief and a positive gleaming of sunshine before the dark clouds of the November 2010 election rose up to smite them back into the closet, back under the rock. They see the possibilities dimming as conservatives surge to the fore.

Collectively (appropriately so) they have decided they cannot give up the gains made by Barack Obama. They cannot let their supporters go back under cover for another decade. They have decided that now is the time to make the push. Just as many Constitutionalists realize that now is the best time to push for an opportunity to roll back the socialist agenda, the communists see now as the best time to strike while they have a defined enemy: the Tea Party. They have the support of the Islamists, the labor unions, the illegal aliens, the socialists and the vast sea of government employees and dependent classes to aid their struggle.

As one of their minions said in the Blaze videos "Bring It On!"

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  1. Be careful what you ask for; I suspect the war will greatly intensify before any of us will have the chance to breathe a little easier.

    Well thought out & explained; will definitely link this one.

  2. Their supporters are a laundry list if who not to invite to the Christmas party. I've thought all along that if you want to know what kind of person O is, look at his friends and associations. Someone recently made a comment about the naughty Tea Partiers and their vile ways. I pulled out the smart phone with Internet that I bought by saving my own, hard earned money, and yes, I said that and suggested we take a look at all the despicable behavior. After showing her side by side comparisons, I may not have converted to the good guys yet, but I did shut her up. Great blog. I'm in.

  3. As I watch the dynamic that is forming in the Dem Leadership, I grow interested. The Leadershp represents the wider frustration among large sections of the Left.

    They are hot! They expexted much more from President Obama. As confident as our side is about ruining his plans until 2012 - the Hard Left is getting wound up rather tight about the window of opportunity closing.

    Anyone taking bets about how long it takes before the first public Left riot/march??

    I'd say before New Years...there will be some violent, rowdy ruckus generated by the Left.

    Let the fun times begin..

    Good article, TL.

  4. Thanks Kerodin. It is growing quite curious.


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