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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Backed Into A Corner

 For me, the struggle we are going through is more than just a natural revulsion for Obamacare and a belief in the idea that people ought not be forced to participate in commerce against their wishes. The struggle is for more than the Right over the Left. It is more than conservative and liberal wrangling and tusseling over definitions. I am not as much of an ideologue as some might think.

I have been forced into the corner I find myself in by dirty deals done in Washington and New York. I am a sucker, a fool, a patsy for the powerful and well-born. I have always known this. We are working people, my clan. There is hardly a college education to be found in the whole wide reaches of our families on both sides. We don't aspire to greatness, or notoriety, those are things for the eternally ungrateful. My people are happy with what we have, which has been little more than a job and a home.

From these modest means I grew into a man who asked nothing of others that was not asked of me.  My expectations were to live a life of relative freedom in one of the greatest nations on earth. I see it this way because I grew up far from the reaches of liberal nonsense in Berkeley. We would shake our heads and pick up our lunch box and hope that sort of insanity did not reach our distant burg.

I speak often now of conflict, of being pushed too far, of retaliation, of standing for principle. This is not who I am, this is not what I want. But, it has been a long time since I got what I wanted, which was to be left alone to sit on a bridge and watch the water push thickly over boulders and crash into foam on the other side. I want to raise my children in the tradition in which I was raised, one of minding one's own business and doing to others as I would have done to me.

You see, I am where I am because that is now impossible. My children go to school and hear the most objectionable things about the founders of this nation. They hear unspeakable things about each other's bodies and methods of masturbation. This is the trash that has been brought into my home. MY HOME. I did not go out into the schools and discuss the methods of killing and skinning a rabbit for food. I did not demonstrate how to lead a goose from a blind. I did not send my children into the schools to talk about the horrors perpertrated by Stalin, or Pol Pot.

Freedom is a joke when I think of the instructions I get from my government, federal, state, local. They tell me how to arrange my garbage so they will pick it up. They tell me when to put on a seat belt, when to chain up my car, when to mow my lawn, when to start my car, where to put my grass clippings and branches and what sort of container to use. They tell me where my kids will go to school, what they will think about, what they will think of me if I don't follow the liberal line. It is the Kmher Rouge method of instruction going on in the schools. I recall a video asking the children: "Did you tell your parents to vote for Barack Obama?"

The fact is, there are a million new instructions, a million new ways to think that go against everything I have been taught and have learned through experience. Now, they say if I want to fly on an airplane I have to expose myself to the TSA agents or risk jail for decking one of them who lays a hand on my genitals.

Maybe I am a redneck, but the alternative seems to be someone who would go along with this level of control over their lives. This was once unthinkable. It should be now. So, if you want to know what has changed? My level of expectation that it will do anything other than get worse and more intrusive and we will just get used to a greater participation in our daily lives than we can possibly imagine today.

Okay, that is on the political level. If you want to talk about economics, lets just say this: It doesn't matter what you think of the political system, none of them have ever lasted that have allowed their economic system to devolve into such a horrible state as America is in right now. I don't care where you look, it is not a pretty story. Unemployment benefits have got to end, or they will bankrupt us with a permanently unemployed welfare system we can't sustain. Medicare is going to start paying doctors something less than minimum wage by the time all of the accounting is done. The mortgage crisis is not only not over, it is actually a crime scene with people's homes being foreclosed by banks that didn't even own the property. Property laws are a joke to the same bankers and politicians who helped to rape the people the first time out. GM is now owned 33% by the U.S. government and 16% by China and boldly talks about having "repaid" their loans. BS.

The fact is, the government and the bankers are running a con game on all of us and we're just standing around in disbelief and hoping that they don't come for us for burning an incandescent bulb. Holy crap, are we AMERICANS or RUSSIANS?

Let me set the record straight, I am still playing by the same old rules I have always played by: I just want to be left alone and I believe in doing unto others as they would do unto me. The fact that the federal government has been in my pants for a long time, one way or the other, is a constant source of embarrassment for myself and my once proud nation.

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  1. You're not a "redneck", T.L., just another pi$$ed off American, like many of us.

  2. Hi, I don't see a link to send you an e-mail, but you can reach me at:

    Glad you enjoyed the rant!

  3. Maybe I am a redneck
    Wear it as a badge of honor as they were also the backbone of Lee's ANV. Excellent thoughts.

  4. I've always been proud to be a redneck. I agree; things will get worse on many levels, but I also believe things will get better for those of us who are able to hold fast to what is truly important.


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